Bungaku Shoujo (Blu-Ray)

Bungaku Shoujo (BD)

Updated to BD Hi10P version. Some consistency fixes, typsetting updates and fuckload of timing errors fixed.

Where there’s a loli, there’s a screenshot.

Thanks to frenchie-kun meneldal for updating the ts.

HD: [Doki] Bungaku Shoujo (1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC) [9D0A8DFA].mkv

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HD: [Doki] Bungaku Shoujo (1280×720 Hi10P BD FLAC) [35F4F6CE].mkv

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41 comments to Bungaku Shoujo (BD)

  • Alex

    This looks good, i will give it a chance.

  • miracles

    I will download this movie, finally complete all collections “bungaku shoujo”.

    Thanks Doki …. : D

  • Wally

    What’s the recommended play order for this? I’m looking on wiki and I’m guessing it’s Book Girl Memoir, then Bungaku Shōjo Kyō no Oyatsu: Hatsukoi, then Bungaku Shoujo?

  • Aw, the loli is a minor character.

  • Elvin21

    Oh my! I’ll update the archive… Thanks! 🙂

  • FishyDoki

    ”Where there’s a loli, there’s a screenshot.”

    This needs to be the new motto of this site

  • Rawr

    Never heard of this show before, unsure if I should watch, but thanks!

    • Rokudaime

      Give it a shot Rawr, it’s nice/pleasant/soothing if nothing else. 😉 The movie (this release) is by far the best entry in the series though.

  • I like this movie because of Kana. ^^

  • Relgoshan

    Why did I believe? This movie is foul, artificial and mechanical. That yandere is among the worst ever to flow from a pen, but so many other small conveniences make the story feel cramped and broken. It is about 2/10 and the OVA’s bitter pill is chased down with burnt coffee.

    • Holo

      I don’t remember the movie being that bad, lol

      • Relgoshan

        Maybe it just bothers me more. From the scraps of OVA and movie I am actually interested in the novel. And it feels to me like it could have fit the pacing of a single cour TV series (as a whole). But with the compressed timeline and the 1D Miu this whole affair just offended me. She just marathoned through so many moods and behaviors, it was like a game of charades gone dreadfully wrong. 🙁

        I would like to think you folks are just nice people trying to share for the benefit of few, like with the Zetman BDs. And perhaps that is to be commended.

        • Rokudaime

          All I can say is…I have no idea what you’re talking about. ┐( ̄_ ̄)┌ Also, what yandere? I don’t remember there being any yanderes in this show. The main girl ( ) is anything but a yandere, and other than that, I know there’s a tsundere ( ), but I don’t remember any yandere. :-/

          • Relgoshan

   The huge raving bitch with a million problems, mainly due to bad writing. Selective memory is awesome but do I really need to force you to remember the shit they tried to pull with this character? In consideration of how much time was wasted on it. Almost everything involving her (and there’s a lot) was trash, in the OVA and movie. I have some other problems related to how compressed everything felt, but no way could you forget robot monster bitch.

          • That is Miu. Well, I don’t like her but hate her much.

          • Rokudaime

            Granted it’s been a long time since I watched any of the Bungaku Shoujo stuff, and the only characters I really remember are the main dude, book-girl herself, and the tsundere, I guess since I don’t remember her, maybe I didn’t like her either, so I suppose there’s a good chance you’re right, and she really is a sucky character. Not going to watch the movie again in order to recall who she was though. She must just not have stood out to me. That also means she probably didn’t have had that big an impact on the movie either though, and I also don’t think she could possibly be enough on her own to make it bad. But, meh, whatever. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌ All I know is I remember that I didn’t think any of the OVA’s (there’s more than just one you know) were all that great, but I liked the movie.

          • I always remember Touko and Nanase but didn’t remember Konoha and Miu… Don’t know why.

          • Relgoshan

            Well the movie is *about* her. It follows on the threads from 2nd episode of OVA 2. She is the reason the main character wrote a prize-winning story, the pen name “Inoue Miu” was HER idea, and she is the reason he tried to completely stop writing.

            And she’s such a BAD character that you *forgot* she was one of the biggest characters in a movie you otherwise liked. That personality type is so….so very delicate to write. I mean sure she harbored darkness in her heart, clung to him because he found her interesting, killed his pet and tried to destroy everything he loved…..tried to kill herself, tried to kill him, lied to her parents about everything, lied to everyone else about everything. And magically they save her personality with a pretty light show, she’s perky and safe to leave around children, everybody’s happy. Maybe the light novels didn’t completely fuck things up like the anime, but Miu is one of the crappiest yanderes ever as depicted in OVA 2 and the movie. 0_0#

          • Relgoshan

            I mean if you’ve seen Denpa teki na Kanojo you don’t forget Satsuki Miya, in Mirai Nikki that Gasai Yuno is memorable at least for being so hammy.

            But that Miu girl…she was the MC’s LIFE and she nearly ruined him forever…and she is a mind bendingly horrible character that viewers neither like nor remember. So bad she self-censored out of your mind. It would be like forgetting that Summer Wars had an antagonist, and just fondly remember those silly kids and their video games.

            So nobody tried to make him kill himself and nobody needed to be saved, and nobody was the reason Touka tried to duck out then left him on the train platform. Without those events all you take home from the movie is a cute face hungry for some Dickens. And a screenshot of imouto-chan.

          • Rokudaime

            Ah, crap…Ye…Now it’s coming back to me (wish it hadn’t)…You’re right, and ye…I really hated her. >_<

          • Relgoshan

            Sigh,…guess I should apologize for making you re-live that. She’s got a 3/10 on anidb while Touka is like 8.5/10 so Miu’s not a popular childhood friend/ex-girlfriend type of character. Satsuki Miya’s like a 6 and Gasai Yuno almost 8.5 ?? Ochibana Ame borderline yandere(?) personality and like 9.5/10…

  • 1onew01f

    Requesting seeds for the 1080p, please and thanks in advance.

  • 1onew01f

    Cancel that will be getting the Version 2. Sorry.

  • 1onew01f

    Alright, I’ll download this too then. Asking for a seed on 1080p. Thanks alot.

  • Amur

    please seed the 1080p version..
    and thanks 😀

  • Baber

    The XDCC Download for the 1080p Version is not the Hi10P.
    It,s the h264 Version with 8bit.

    Is there a chance do get the correct Download for XDCC.

  • LiteAgent

    Absolutely fantastic movie, thank you so much for subbing this. Story, characters, animation, music, voice acting… fantastic stuff.

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