Team Fluffy Merges into Doki VN and Recruiting VN Translators!

It’s been a while since we released the Tomoyo After patch, and after a short break, things are moving again. Today, I have a few announcements to make.

  1. Team Fluffy (Little Busters! VN Team) will merge into the Doki VN Department. This will allow coders on both teams to collaborate to improve the hacking tools for the key visual novels. In addition, the merge should mean that projects will get finished quicker than originally planned. Clannad_Man has more details below.
  2. Delwack will succeed Clannad_Man as the head of the VN Department. I am sure Del will do a great job, so please give him your support!
  3. In order to ensure that future VN projects run smoothly, it will be necessary to recruit another dedicated VN translator.

Greetings, Doki Legion!

Thought you were rid of me? Ready to read another ‘brief’ wall of text? No? Alrighty then. I’ll make this brief. I have temporarily returned with the sole purpose of providing you with an important update.

Team Fluffy has agreed to merge into the Doki Visual Novel Department effective immediately. As part of the merger, the Little Busters! VN Translation Project has also been transferred to the Doki VN Dept. Any future updates & patches involving ‘Little Busters!’ & Little Busters! Ex’ will be released through Doki.

The rationale behind the merger is as follows: both groups have capabilities and resources which could be utilized by the other to enhance the quality and efficiency of their works. Members from both teams will collaborate to work on enhancing tools for use in the Memorial/CE/Ex translation patches of Tomoyo After, Little Busters!, and potentially Clannad as well. For the most part, those working on Tomoyo After (Orig. or ME) will continue doing so, as will those who have been working on Little Busters! Ex. As each VN being worked on is at a different stage of progress, there will be some crossover between group members who otherwise wouldn’t have much to do, including image editors, translation checkers, etc. As work on TA and LB! comes to a close, work will be redirected to Clannad. In this way, those involved feel the translation patches for Tomoyo After ME and Little Busters! Ex will be checked & released quicker than otherwise possible, in turn allowing Clannad’s final translation patch to be prepared quicker than otherwise possible. What happens beyond then… well, it’s too far in the future for anyone to tell, especially me.

One more time, on behalf of Doki Fansubs and the most passionate VN team in existence, I thank you for your continued support. Look forward to all the great things yet to come from the VN team, and be sure to give the new VN Division Head, Delwack, a proper show of support.


– The Clannad Man

Translator Recruitment:
If you are interested, please send me an email at We’ll have a chat on IRC and I can give you more details and answer any questions that you may have.

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