Tomoyo After - English Patch v1

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Hello everyone! Approximately 17 months ago, I decided to expand into the area of Visual Novels, and take on Tomoyo After as our first project. Finally, we are able to present the completed patch to you. Thank you all for your patience! Many people have been involved in this project, and I would like to thank Clannad_Man for his leadership. If it wasn’t for him, who knows when we would have finished this project. I’d also like to thank Delwack for his role in leading after Clannad_Man became occupied with RL. Special mention to the translators Kuzu, NeWbY and egshady for persevering with this project. A full list of credits will be included with the readme.

Delwack has a few words to say on this release.

Greetings everyone! I’m Delwack, a relatively new addition to the Doki VN team. Before I get into some of the other details, just a few quick note on the patch itself. This patch executable is rather simplistic and it uses the default director TA is normally installed to. If you chose to install TA to a directory other than the default one, be sure to point the patcher to the right directory! Note that if you’ve played the game before in Japanese, the save games are not compatable with the English version. Please delete any files found in C:\KEY\智代アフター\SAVEDATA (default directory again) before installing this patch.

With that out of the way…
I joined when Doki absorbed the Clannad project, and offered to lend a hand with Tomoyo After. As with many projects, Doki’s first attempt at translation a visual novel with Tomoyo After has not gone as smoothly as we would have liked. A lot of work went not only into the text, but into getting all the things around it working properly. While we have worked hard to solve many issues, there are still outstanding issues both major and minor that we are looking to resolve. I’m here today to give you a flavor for some of the known issues and challenges that we are still looking to overcome.

Major issues:
Font selection: The default font used is MS Gothic (MS ゴシック) with bolding and shadows enabled. The font options are not currently functioning properly. Attempts to change the font will result in using the lowest quality, no-shadow, no bolding version of the selected font. It is not possible to revert back to the default font as set up without reinstalling the patch.

Line Overruns: Luckily the game doesn’t crash when a large chunk of text runs over the 3-lines allocated to it. It does, however, cause some odd corruption of the name tag box. This is likely an issue inside of rlbable, as this behavior doesn’t appear on other VNs that share the same resources.

Known Crash Issues: From the start-up screen, attempting to load a save on the first line of July 14th will crash the game.

Minor issues:
D&T line-overruns: The auto-line breaking used throughout the game doesn’t work properly for D&T. We are working on either fixing it or adding in manual line breaks.

D&T skill cut-ins: Minor display issues with 2 cut-in skills (uses an incorrect older style for the cutins.)

D&T item name inconsistency: There are a handful of item and skill images that are inconsistent with the text. Some of this is intentional, due to space limits, but we are still working on fixing all the inconsistencies.

D&T item puns: The bane of translation effort, there are a frightful number of puns with the item names and descriptions. Figuring them all out of half the battle, trying to properly convey them the other half.

Some system message titles still in JP: We’ve tried to catch everything, but there are some occasional system messages (like if you try to close the program through alt+f4) that are still in JP. These should not adversely affect your play experience.

Despite these issues, I hope you enjoy this patch, and look forward to the day when we release a final version.

And a few words from Clannad_Man.

Greetings Doki Legion, from your brother in arms, the Clannad Man.

What a journey this has been, eh? I don’t know about you, but from my perspective, it’s been a wild ride. With rapids. Several class five rapids. But, we got through them, together.
The release of this translation patch is something I think we’ve all been looking forward to for a long time. Sure, the patch isn’t entirely polished (yet), but to have even arrived at this stage is something I’ve had a difficult time wrapping my head around. We did it! And that, ladies and gents, means I have some heartfelt confessions to make.

I cannot begin to properly express my gratitude to the fine men and women who have worked on this project as members of the Doki Visual Novel Department. It has been a true joy to work with each and every one of you. I know better than anyone the extremes it took to co-ordinate everyone’s busy schedules together, but you stuck with it, even though I’m certain my many demands placed a burden on your shoulders. For your persistence, passion, and for the great service you have provided to the Key Kazoku as well as to Clannad Fans worldwide:

Thank you!

To the many people who worked on this project from its Baka-Tsuki days, kudos for setting the foundation and getting the ball rolling. Though I’m sure progress was not as forthcoming as you would have liked, my hope for you is that when you play through the patch, you’ll be able to relive your experiences volunteering at B-T, and gain a sense of pride from knowing your contributions will live on. For your ambition and vision:

Thank you!

I must give a mention to Holo and Dys for initially reaching out to me to assist with the project. Even though I resisted, you kept at it, and as a result I have been able to experience something I will cherish for the rest of my days. You have been respectful of my conditions and wishes, and have always been open to suggestions. For your service as diplomats:

Thank you!

Finally, to everyone who has supported the project since its inception… As the VN Team can attest, you’ve made the entire experience worthwhile. Sometimes all the motivation it took for the team to get going was a quick look at the main TA post to see all of the appreciation you showered upon them. Though not directly involved, the fans of the Tomoyo After Translation Project have played as large a role in the scheme of things as anyone. Even those from traditionally hostile groups have been cordial, and I respect them for that. It is due to the Doki Legion and Clannad Fans from around the world that this project was resurrected from its neglected state and raised to the position it’s at today. For everyone who has ever shown any interest in the project, the VN Team, or works from Key/Visual Art’s:


It is my sincere desire that everyone enjoys the patch and supports the great people over at Key/Visual Art’s by purchasing a version of the game. While of course I cannot force you to do so, providing some sort of financial support to Key will allow them to continue making great games for everyone to enjoy. I won’t preach, since many of you likely don’t want to hear it; just consider respecting their efforts in some way.
To conclude, here are the plans for the VN Division in the immediate future: work to polish the TA patch will continue, succeeded by efforts to translate the new portions found in the Memorial edition of the game, and finally followed by the final translations / edits for CLANNAD. Though my own role in this process is drawing to a close, I ask that you continue to show the amazing support to the people at Doki as you have done for me and the rest of the Visual Novel Division. Exciting times lie ahead, in each of our unique paths. Forging onward is where the fun really beings!

Be careful out there, folks. I’ll catch ya’ on the flip side.

Happy trails!

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Windows: Tomoyo_After_English_v1.00_[Doki].exe

Torrent | XDCC

Linux/Mac: TomoyoPatchv1b_[Doki].tar.gz

Torrent | XDCC

(Note: An official English release of Tomoyo After will be published by VisualArt’s. Please look forward to their release.)

Readme: Click here

843 comments to Tomoyo After – English Patch v1

  • Kaze

    The torrent link for the Window’s version seems to be broken.

  • Halcyon

    Orichalcum gloves’ item description is broken.
    Also, the frequent usages of sweetheart feels overly awkward in a lot of moments, personally.

    Personally, the Tomoyo After was a bit of a letdown. Story can be expressed as typical KEY style, but simply isn’t up to par with what I’m expecting of them. I suppose I’ve set too high a standard for them ever since Clannad, but oh well.

    The most painful aspect though, in my opinion, was the characterization of Tomoya. He becomes an unbearably bland protagonist in Tomoya After. He seems to exist more as a spectator and plot device, to be honest.

    Of course, it’s still above average and good, so would deserve around 7.5 (+/- 1)

    The art was fine. It was very pretty, although not great. Some errors, like body ratios could be noted though, although I’m assuming that’s just style.

    The ending was nice. I felt similar feelings from when I finished narcissu – simple acceptance. Although, with a spike of despair that you can’t really get free of.

    Overall, it was enjoyable, and I thank doki subs, BT, and all the numerous other people who worked on this project.


    Thanks for your hard work to this patch.
    But I have an problem with the patch.
    Okay, I got the game worked all and fine and patched it, and the game text (System menu,opening text) are in english. But the text in the game are in kanji fx when someone is talking… how can I solve that?
    Where should I patch the english patch?

    • Rokudaime

      This question has been asked dozens of times already, and has been answered just as many times. Read the previous comments.

  • Halcyon

    Speaking of which, does anyone know if finishing D&T really does unlock new scenes? I’ve finished with a S rank (a truly grueling experience, I assure you.), yet I have not noticed any new scenes in the game, but I believe I heard it does somewhere and would like to check.

    Another thing that yet leads me to believe this is true is the lack of scenes #1, #3, and #9 from the scenes gallery. I believe I’ve gone through the choices more than once but I have yet to find them… Hmm…

    I’ve gone through the following bad ends:
    – Giving up on searching for Mishima.
    – No Tomoyo when meeting Mishima.
    – Takafumi Failure #1 (Asking him directly)
    – Takafumi Failure #2 / Giving up on Fight (Ignoring Letter / Not fighting / Deoending on Kanako) or Giving up
    – Village/Mishima failure – (No Kanako / Ignoring school / Having Sex)

    Is there something I’m missing? Hmm?

    • Tenbatsu

      scene 1 and 3 is easily obtained by cumming before dear tomoyo reveals her beautiful breasts. scene 9 is the one where tomoyo has her back againt the tree. it is scene 10 that i am missing. scene 11 is tomoyo against a tree but this time with her back facing you.

  • James

    First off, thanks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much Doki team. Clannad is so great and Tomoyo is my favorite girl (possibly mai waifu :P) and I’ve been wanting to play this ever since I’ve heard about Tomoyo After. Second, I’ve read through all pages of comments and more things as well, but I can’t seem to get it working. Everything is in English except for when I start playing. The words are still in Japanese. I’ve changed my locale, manually copied all the GOO files from the patch to the original, changed the name of all foreign named folders. I can’t find or think of anything else to do. ANY help will be much appreciated. Also, if this exact problem has been answered, I’m sorry for bringing it back up. Thanks again everyone! I can’t wait to play this game!

    • James

      I forgot to mention. I downloaded the patch first thinking it was the actual game and patch. I quickly realized this wasn’t the case and I then acquired the game. Should I now uninstall one or both of these, reinstall the game, and then reinstall the patch?

      • Rokudaime

        It’s just a possibility, but it could be that the version of the game that you’ve downloaded and installed is one that comes already pre-patched with Baka-Tsuki’s old translation patch, in which case it will not work with this patch. Make sure that’s not the case, and then do a clean install of both the game and the patch just to be safe.

  • Halcyon

    … What? I’m assuming you’re a PC user, in which case I have no idea what you are doing,

    Simply have Japanese locale, install Tomoyo After, install patch in same directory. The patch is an executable file so there’s no copying or whatever, and I have no idea why you’re changing folder names.

    Also, what affects the script is seen.txt; if you’re set on copying, make sure you also copy that.

    • Rokudaime

      He’s changing folder names because sometimes if the name of the game directory is something unreadable the patch will not work. This is something that has been discovered and discussed. So please don’t discourage people from re-naming their folder like that.

  • Halcyon

    Also, the patch is nothing more than a simple decompression from what I see, so you need only to install the patch on an existing copy of the original game. You can simply delete other existing opies of the patch, while if you have the original installed, just install it there.

  • Tornado15550

    First off, I would like to thank all the translators and Doki for completing and releasing this patch. I’m looking forward to updates to this!

    Secondly, whenever I start Tomoyo After, the opening movie doesn’t load. I have located the movie to be in: “C:\KEY\’q‘ãƒAƒtƒ^[\MOV\op00.mpg” but it will not play when I open the game (I assume it is supposed to play as soon as the game starts?).
    I have installed DirectX runtime components and C++ 2005 redistributable. I am running the game as an administrator and am also running it under Windows XP compatibility mode SP3.
    Please let me know if there is any way to fix this.

    • Hi Tornado! Thanks for mentioning this; the game’s OP actually does not play at the start of a new game. You need to play through about 10-15 minutes to see it.

      I hope you enjoy the patch!

      • Tornado15550

        Got it! I can confirm that the game Tomoyo After and the patch both work well on Windows 8 without applying any compatibility settings. Only DirectX runtime components and C++ 2005 redistributable are required. (You don’t even need to run it as an administrator).
        Also, when exiting the game, I encountered an untranslated message:
        (I know there is a discussion forum, but I was too lazy to create an account :P)

  • clannad dude

    hey guys, can you paste the link for the patch download?, pleae 🙁

  • clannad dude

    guys i managed to patch it, but in the 28th of june (the begining), no letter where found and my screen got frozen

  • alenus

    guys it seems to be installed and patched, but when i run it at the begining a fatal error frame pops saying that it was not possible to find a suitable fount, and then it closes

    • Rokudaime

      You need to download and install the latest version of the C++ redistributable from Microsoft’s pages. The version you need depends on your system specs, but basically, x86 is for 32-bit systems, and x64 is for 64-bit systems. Personally I have the 2005 and 2008 ones installed, but not the 2010 one. I’m using Windows 7 64-bit.

  • Tenbatsu

    i sincerely thank all of those who contributed to this wonderful patch which i have been waiting for since its bakatsuki days.

    It has been years of waiting but worth it. Although the story was a tad disappointing, as i have high expectations of it, thinking it comparable to clannad after story and little busters.

    I wish to enquire about a certain missing scene #10. I am able to unlock every single scene except for that one. Most frustrating.

  • Réboy

    Hey guys,cheking in!
    How’s the ME progress going?

    Really great game too. 100% complete,well except for D&T but i just wanted to read the amazing story. Very sad,but oh so good!

    Take care!

  • alenus

    roku ikr you may be pissed off because we kinda bomb you with dumb questions but i really want to play this game and i have no knowledge on computers, so i will post my system features so you can tell me what and where should i download it if youre that kind 🙁

    i got a windows 7 ultimate and a 32bits sistem 🙂

    • Rokudaime

      I’m not annoyed with you, don’t worry. 😉 I think you should be alright if you grab the latest versions of “Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable (x86)”: , and “Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable (x86)”:

      Make sure you grab these two versions, and not the ones that don’t have “SP1” in them, as they aren’t designed for Windows 7, and also don’t grab the ones that have “(x64)” in them as opposed to “(x86)”, as these are meant for 64-bit systems as opposed to 32-bit systems like yours. I don’t think you need the 2010 version. I don’t have it myself, and I’ve heard rumours about people encountering problems with that one, so I don’t recommend it.

      Also, you probably already know this, but just in case: make sure you have Windows Updates switched on to automatically download updates and ask you to install them, that way you’ll get many of these kinds of things automatically in the future. 😉

    • Rokudaime

      alenus, did you solve your problem?

  • jimkricket

    This is a follow up of what i wrote prior. Here’s the recap.

    “First time I start the game it is fine, but then after it creates the save data, I always get a black screen on start up. Particularly, I can’t seem to start up the game every time it creates save999.sav.”

    It is really weird but, it seemed to go from failing every single time to working every single time now, without me having to do anything.

  • zura_zurako666

    uummm.. can i get some help.. well.. uhh.. i’ve been playing the game since yesterday.. but i always end up in july 2.. and been stuck in july 2… well an error window pops up.. saying “Runtime Error!



    • Rokudaime

      You should post that error in the forum, I don’t think this one has actually been mentioned before yet. Maybe Delwack, Polarem, or one of the others can help you.

  • Shinobu Asano

    I always wonder how people get so many crashs…I played through with never encountering even one problem (maybe wrong spelling once or twice)…

    • I think most people didn’t have any problems, but people who had previously installed Baka-Tsuki’s partial patch or modified the game in some way probably had more problems. Another reason could be general inexperience working with Visual Novels for some people. Hard to fault them for that.

  • james

    ……… there are no words to express my gratitude =::) thanks a lot!

    • You’re quite welcome, James. The Doki VN Team hopes you enjoy the translation! Don’t forget, there is a polished version of this patch in the works along with one for the H-Free Memorial Edition. Look forward to it!

  • Random Passerby

    Hi ClannadMan
    Have you finish cleaning up the bu-
    *Sees English Patch*
    Becomes M.Bison
    I still remembet dat 20th july date

  • ElcartVorador

    Thank you, Clannad-Man and your team for the translation patch. I’m only a few days into the VN, but the patch it working perfectly so far. I appreciate all the time and work you folks put into it, and look forward to finally playing through the story-paths. Since I don’t yet speak or read fluent Japanese this patch was a must. So again, my thanks to everyone involved.

    • ElcartVorador

      Just finished the VN, including the After Story…
      I won’t give any spoilers, however I have mixed feeling about it…
      Can’t help but think Key is punishing Tomoyo fans with this one, however well done this VN is.

  • yo, i found new VN might H one too but seem the game has good story since this is new game :
    an also you could see on youtube for tailer:

  • Rokudaime

    Ahem…So, Clannad Man, I’m still waiting for you to reply to all the remaining comments, especially mine. 😛

  • Dragonpancake

    I was looking foward this, thanks again for your efforts!

  • mouse

    um. can someone help me? im new to this and er.. i downloaded the game from the fakku link via torrent. i patched it already. what am i gonna do nowwww -_____-

    • Rokudaime

      A little more details about what you’ve actually done so far would be nice (like, you know, did you INSTALL the game before patching? Have you tried actually running it after patching?), and anyway, you’ll find all the answers you need if you just read through the other posts in this topic. After installing the game and patching it, usually, unless you’re missing the required stuff, or encounter an error, all you would have to do after that if you’re using Windows 7 is run the game, or if you’re using Windows XP, change your locale first before running it (or use Applocale).

  • NanayaEmiya

    Hello everyone,

    eto, it may not be the appropriate place but I’m a little bit desperate here, so here is my noob question:
    How to resize (custom) window mode of the program?

    As everyone may have known, Tomoyo After’s default resolution is 4:3. But in my case (and others, I believe) the display was stretched in widescreen (eg. 16:9) when fullscreened.

    I’ve tried the ’right-click-properties-compatibilities’ method to manually change the resolution but it didn’t help. What I am trying to achieve is to run the game under a larger 4:3 window mode resolution while my monitor’s settings are untouched.
    Please, any suggestion, recommendation, how-to or whatnot are deeply appreciated.

    * minnasan gomeiwaku suimasen, soshite arigato gozaimas!

    • Rokudaime

      As far as I know there’s nothing you can do about it. I gave up trying to play VN’s on my widescreen portable computer when I was out of the country, due to this. I stick to my standard size computer screen on my stationary computer only now.

    • blahmoomoo

      There is no way you can fix this in the game without playing it in a window (look in the options for this). The ME version of the game can fix it, but of course this patch doesn’t work with that.

      However, you might be able to fix it in your video driver settings (or maybe monitor settings if you’re on a desktop?). Many laptop video drivers let you choose how to handle non-native resolutions: stretch, stretch and keep aspect ratio, or no resizing. You would want the second option. Look around your video driver settings or take a look online to see if you can change this.

    • NanayaEmiya

      OK, based from your responses, it seems that I can’t change the resolution of TA at will without making a drastic move.
      Of course, I’ve done a quick googling but I find it hard as it seems that my searches were being confused with ‘Screen Resolution’ ‘Image Resolution’ ‘Paint-Scaling’ and even ‘Disk Partition’.
      The relevant options I found out of that jumble were only 2, and those were: ‘editing .ini file’ and ‘window resizer freeware’. I am willing to do the first one or something similar (eg. command prompt) provided with succinct instruction. The latter will be my last resort should everything fails me because I would like to refrain myself from installing an unknown 3rd party program that might pose a risk of harming my system (except if somebody tested the program and recommends it).

      Btw, I am using a laptop connected to an external monitor (which is currently my primary display). I might be a stickler when it comes to this kind of small issue but please if you could lend me a hand on this, much obliged!

    • Delwack

      As blahmoomoo said, depending on your video card drivers, you should able to direct the drivers to maintain the aspect ratio at 4:3 in fullscreen mode. If you are using an ATI or NVIDIA card, you can find instructions to so here:

      If you are using some other video card, you’ll need to do a google search on ‘maintain aspect ratio in fullscreen [insert name of video accelerator here].’ or similar search.