Tomoyo After - English Patch v1

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Hello everyone! Approximately 17 months ago, I decided to expand into the area of Visual Novels, and take on Tomoyo After as our first project. Finally, we are able to present the completed patch to you. Thank you all for your patience! Many people have been involved in this project, and I would like to thank Clannad_Man for his leadership. If it wasn’t for him, who knows when we would have finished this project. I’d also like to thank Delwack for his role in leading after Clannad_Man became occupied with RL. Special mention to the translators Kuzu, NeWbY and egshady for persevering with this project. A full list of credits will be included with the readme.

Delwack has a few words to say on this release.

Greetings everyone! I’m Delwack, a relatively new addition to the Doki VN team. Before I get into some of the other details, just a few quick note on the patch itself. This patch executable is rather simplistic and it uses the default director TA is normally installed to. If you chose to install TA to a directory other than the default one, be sure to point the patcher to the right directory! Note that if you’ve played the game before in Japanese, the save games are not compatable with the English version. Please delete any files found in C:\KEY\智代アフター\SAVEDATA (default directory again) before installing this patch.

With that out of the way…
I joined when Doki absorbed the Clannad project, and offered to lend a hand with Tomoyo After. As with many projects, Doki’s first attempt at translation a visual novel with Tomoyo After has not gone as smoothly as we would have liked. A lot of work went not only into the text, but into getting all the things around it working properly. While we have worked hard to solve many issues, there are still outstanding issues both major and minor that we are looking to resolve. I’m here today to give you a flavor for some of the known issues and challenges that we are still looking to overcome.

Major issues:
Font selection: The default font used is MS Gothic (MS ゴシック) with bolding and shadows enabled. The font options are not currently functioning properly. Attempts to change the font will result in using the lowest quality, no-shadow, no bolding version of the selected font. It is not possible to revert back to the default font as set up without reinstalling the patch.

Line Overruns: Luckily the game doesn’t crash when a large chunk of text runs over the 3-lines allocated to it. It does, however, cause some odd corruption of the name tag box. This is likely an issue inside of rlbable, as this behavior doesn’t appear on other VNs that share the same resources.

Known Crash Issues: From the start-up screen, attempting to load a save on the first line of July 14th will crash the game.

Minor issues:
D&T line-overruns: The auto-line breaking used throughout the game doesn’t work properly for D&T. We are working on either fixing it or adding in manual line breaks.

D&T skill cut-ins: Minor display issues with 2 cut-in skills (uses an incorrect older style for the cutins.)

D&T item name inconsistency: There are a handful of item and skill images that are inconsistent with the text. Some of this is intentional, due to space limits, but we are still working on fixing all the inconsistencies.

D&T item puns: The bane of translation effort, there are a frightful number of puns with the item names and descriptions. Figuring them all out of half the battle, trying to properly convey them the other half.

Some system message titles still in JP: We’ve tried to catch everything, but there are some occasional system messages (like if you try to close the program through alt+f4) that are still in JP. These should not adversely affect your play experience.

Despite these issues, I hope you enjoy this patch, and look forward to the day when we release a final version.

And a few words from Clannad_Man.

Greetings Doki Legion, from your brother in arms, the Clannad Man.

What a journey this has been, eh? I don’t know about you, but from my perspective, it’s been a wild ride. With rapids. Several class five rapids. But, we got through them, together.
The release of this translation patch is something I think we’ve all been looking forward to for a long time. Sure, the patch isn’t entirely polished (yet), but to have even arrived at this stage is something I’ve had a difficult time wrapping my head around. We did it! And that, ladies and gents, means I have some heartfelt confessions to make.

I cannot begin to properly express my gratitude to the fine men and women who have worked on this project as members of the Doki Visual Novel Department. It has been a true joy to work with each and every one of you. I know better than anyone the extremes it took to co-ordinate everyone’s busy schedules together, but you stuck with it, even though I’m certain my many demands placed a burden on your shoulders. For your persistence, passion, and for the great service you have provided to the Key Kazoku as well as to Clannad Fans worldwide:

Thank you!

To the many people who worked on this project from its Baka-Tsuki days, kudos for setting the foundation and getting the ball rolling. Though I’m sure progress was not as forthcoming as you would have liked, my hope for you is that when you play through the patch, you’ll be able to relive your experiences volunteering at B-T, and gain a sense of pride from knowing your contributions will live on. For your ambition and vision:

Thank you!

I must give a mention to Holo and Dys for initially reaching out to me to assist with the project. Even though I resisted, you kept at it, and as a result I have been able to experience something I will cherish for the rest of my days. You have been respectful of my conditions and wishes, and have always been open to suggestions. For your service as diplomats:

Thank you!

Finally, to everyone who has supported the project since its inception… As the VN Team can attest, you’ve made the entire experience worthwhile. Sometimes all the motivation it took for the team to get going was a quick look at the main TA post to see all of the appreciation you showered upon them. Though not directly involved, the fans of the Tomoyo After Translation Project have played as large a role in the scheme of things as anyone. Even those from traditionally hostile groups have been cordial, and I respect them for that. It is due to the Doki Legion and Clannad Fans from around the world that this project was resurrected from its neglected state and raised to the position it’s at today. For everyone who has ever shown any interest in the project, the VN Team, or works from Key/Visual Art’s:


It is my sincere desire that everyone enjoys the patch and supports the great people over at Key/Visual Art’s by purchasing a version of the game. While of course I cannot force you to do so, providing some sort of financial support to Key will allow them to continue making great games for everyone to enjoy. I won’t preach, since many of you likely don’t want to hear it; just consider respecting their efforts in some way.
To conclude, here are the plans for the VN Division in the immediate future: work to polish the TA patch will continue, succeeded by efforts to translate the new portions found in the Memorial edition of the game, and finally followed by the final translations / edits for CLANNAD. Though my own role in this process is drawing to a close, I ask that you continue to show the amazing support to the people at Doki as you have done for me and the rest of the Visual Novel Division. Exciting times lie ahead, in each of our unique paths. Forging onward is where the fun really beings!

Be careful out there, folks. I’ll catch ya’ on the flip side.

Happy trails!

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Windows: Tomoyo_After_English_v1.00_[Doki].exe

Torrent | XDCC

Linux/Mac: TomoyoPatchv1b_[Doki].tar.gz

Torrent | XDCC

(Note: An official English release of Tomoyo After will be published by VisualArt’s. Please look forward to their release.)

Readme: Click here

843 comments to Tomoyo After – English Patch v1

  • wuk0n

    Hi, great patch! I recently finished playing through the entire game, and it ran beautifully until I went to unlock the Dungeons and Takufumis mini game. When I try to play it, none of the characters or enemies or anything are visible on the battlefield, and when I hit “Start Battle,” it automatically says I beat the floor. I get no experience or anything after either. Everyone’s text shows up fine, but everything else is very slow and buggy…I was wondering if you could help me sort this out?

    Thanks in advance,
    p.s. I have a mac and am playing the game through the software “rlvm”.

    • Rokudaime

      Your problem is quite simple. RLVM simply does not support D&T I’m afraid. That’s all there is to it. Sorry. :-/

      • I believe some progress has been made on that end via swiss. I know he mentioned he was able to improve upon the last build awhile back.

        • Rokudaime

          That’s good news. Here’s hoping he is able to figure it out so RLVM will work with D&T in a future patch. 😉 *fingers crossed*

  • wuk0n

    Ah, what a shame! But thank you for the quick reply. I hope he figures something out! *fingers also crossed*

  • DreamerAr

    hey it’s been while so i was wondering how the polishing patch progres?

    Sorry for asking too much

    • Rokudaime

      Only 3,5 weeks since the last time I answered that (on the previous page). I suppose you guys are hell bent on checking again every month huh? 😛 Can’t say I blame you I guess, I want the game too. But, well, just keep in mind that things won’t go any faster because you ask more often, and I won’t always have anything new to report. Anyway, we’re hoping it won’t be long now. Just need to finish up the remaining work on D&T for the most part. I think all the text has been translated and checked now, so I believe what’s left is QC’ing, editing, and compiling the remaining images, and then doing testing, and finally making the actual installer. I won’t hand out any dates though, as things can always come up. 😉

  • Julio

    Does the patch works with Memorial edition?

  • Julio

    Nevermind, I read the other comments xD, guess I’ll have to wait :(, I hope you can release it soon

  • LoveyDovey

    any chance on a translation of the android version?


    and thanks sooo much for the translation of the original game 🙂

  • Hmm. I wonder if there will be an update soon. That sure would be swell, wouldn’t it, Rokudaime?

    • Rokudaime

      Indeed. 😉 I’m pretty sure one should be around the corner pretty soon actually, if everything goes as planned with our internal dates. But I bet you already knew that. 😛 Maybe that’s what you’re hinting at.

  • Bugy

    So you guys are making the Memorial Edition too? Thats great, because i heard that the ME is much better than the Original. Hmm, did the Poject already startet? And is this the ME?

    • Hello Bugy! Yes, there are currently plans to work on the Memorial Edition. Right now, the VN Division is focused on three things:

      1) The completion of the final, revised patch for the Original Tomoyo After

      2) Finalization of the Clannad translation and review/edit the lines that still need to be checked

      3) Complete the translation & editing for Little Busters! EX

      The work on Memorial will fit in, but likely not until these three tasks are completed. As for your question, that does appear to be the Memorial Edition. The original edition just so happened to be a limited edition. Copies of that version are hard to come by, and are often expensive; I’ve seen them sold for about $200 each on sites like eBay, though it’s not always that pricey.

      I hope this answers your questions! Stick around, enjoy the wait… it’s more fun that way!

  • Rokudaime

    Alright, so everyone, a status update on Tomoyo After (yey!) 😉 :

    Most things are done now, but we’re working on testing and fixing known bugs and problems, especially in the Dungeon’s and Takafumi’s minigame. We’re getting in a few more testers in order to speed up this process, and we’re hoping to have the patch out before the end of the month. That said, as usual, the release time is subject to change, as things can always come up. So no guarantees or promises.

    • NEW_2_VN

      as long its a stable working patch, im willing to wait, im just glad you guys even want to make it for pure fan sake ^~^.

    • MarMar

      That’s awesome! Hopefully that means work on Memorial Edition can start soon. The ending for this left a hole in my heart and I need the ME edition to fill it back up with hope!

      • Rokudaime

        Actually, no. As Clannad Man said above, once the final version of the patch for the regular version of TA is out, the next order of priority will be the Clannad patch, and the LB EX/ME patch (this one has been actively worked on alongside TA though, and still is). The TA ME patch will only be worked on after that. Sorry.

  • 3od

    Waiting on the TA ME patch. I played Clannad when the patch came out. Didn’t have any problems with it, except dialog over runs etc. Did I miss something because of the old patch? LB EX/ME, how much difference from original? Just curious if I should get newer version. Anything else in the future lineup? Really appreciate the people that have done and are doing these translations.3od

    • Random

      After story was really rough around a lot of parts. Some parts in the “regular” stories could have used some polish, but you didn’t miss anything in the sense that you missed out on specific content.

      LB EX/ME has 3 extra routes and some extra common route dialogue. EX has the h-scenes and ME doesn’t. If you want to play it right NOW, then you should get the all-ages version as it contains the most polish (also has the word-wrap patch available) If you download the EX/ME version, you’ll have to use the EX/ME patch, but that will only make you be able to read the all age routes. If you can wait, I’d say wait for the EX/ME version to come out.

  • 3od

    Did Little Busters last year. Just wondered if EX or ME was worth doing. Thanks.

    • Random

      If you liked it, why not? 3 extra routes and you don’t have to read everything again if you don’t want to. You’ll get an option that will ask you if you know the “secrets of the world”, and if you do, that means you can go straight to those extra routes instead of doing everything over again. Or you can start it all over again and see some of the changes if you want.

      • So if the universe exists in a state of entropy, what were the odds of a Random comment being so helpful?

        ( ¬‿¬)

        Don’t mind me, I’m just giving ya a hard time! =P

  • Ruuko kirei na sora

    hmm how the progress tomoyo after people?, 😀 i cant wait ehehehe

    • Before I answer that question… Do you like surprises, Ruuko? I’m rather fond of them myself, if the outcome is good, anyways.

      Just curious!

    • Rokudaime

      Lol. It’s only been 19 days since I gave you a status update, just a few posts above. 😛 You really need to learn to have more patience. 😛 Also, what I said there still stands btw, and we haven’t reached the end of the month yet. I think…Yes, I’m not going to say any more than that for the time being. 😉 Stop for a moment and consider Clannad Man’s reply, and what he is really trying to tell you. 😉

  • JbstormburstADV

    Geez, I seem to come here just near the right time. Nice to see all you folks again.

    But as for the actuality of why I’m here, are you in the final beta tests for the final patch yet for the Special Edition patch? Also, how is progress with Clannad.

    And unrelatedly, any word on whether Doki is picking up Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 2nd A’s?

    • Hello again JbstormburstADV. We never left! ( ¬‿¬)
      To answer your questions…

      1) I think that would be a fair assessment… ^_^

      2) Clannad is currently being reviewed for additional TLC and editing work. It is a long VN! The consensus was we wanted all work on the original TA finalized before the team’s resources were allocated to Clannad. The progress of the the guys working on Little Busters! EX will help determine how quickly Clannad and TA:ME are prepared.

      3) You’re asking me a question about an anime release? You know the anime side and VN side are largely separate! No matter though – I checked with the anime guys and verified it is being worked on. Lucky you!

      I would highly suggest sticking around over the net few days… =P

  • Rokudaime


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