Tari Tari – 09

Tari Tari – 09

Okay, after a four day delay, here it is. I really can’t apologise enough for the delays this week. As some of you may have read, Mimori was down with some serious flu and one hell of a fever. I myself have been dealing with some searing headaches since Monday, so I apologise personally if the quality of English isn’t what you’d usually expect either.

We’re only human, anyway. I just hope those of you that waited enjoy the episode.

A couple of notes this week as well. We’re really not very sure of the name of the ranger group that Vienna is obsessed with, but Mimori has chosen to switch to “Burning Hero Ganbarider”. She did this last week, but I kept a previous version for continuity. I am now switching to the new version, and noting it here. It will be standardised for the blu-ray release, whenever that comes.

A second is the clusterfuck of TL notes this week, there was even one that we couldn’t fit on screen due to the usual tendency of all the characters to talk over one another. So here it is, with a time stamp:

10:31 – TL Note: A makunouchi box is type of bento box with quite a diverse range of ingredients, often sold at train stations. Generally they’re more expensive than others.

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30 comments to Tari Tari – 09

  • The delay’s fine. I’m really thankful that you guys still push through despite all that! Thanks so much!

  • Zdm321

    No screenshot of Sawa’s sawas? I AM DISAPPOINT

  • Meneldal

    Delays are fine but what is this release pic? No sawas two times in a row?

  • Hope you guys are doing fine now! D=

    And thanks lots for the release =3

  • Elvin21

    Yahoo! Thanks for the release! I hope Mimori-san is now ok.

  • Jay-kun

    Thanks for the release! 😀

  • Rinoa Heartilly

    I’m behind on Tari Tari anyways, so obviously I don’t mind if you get behind. You guys release quality, so even if I weren’t behind I’d wait patiently. Not much you can do when someone is sick, since they need to rest to get better.

    Thanks for the release!

    • Rawr

      I agree. I doubt it’d be much fun for anyone to translate something with killer headaches, or a headcold. Infact in most cases that’d be the last thing you’d wanna do, unless you’re really super dedicated.

      Not following this show, but just saying in general. If any staff member is unwell, they’re better off just laying back a bit and getting better instead of prolonging any illness with undue stress or overworking themselves.

  • Rokudaime

    “I really can’t apologise enough for the delays this week”. I don’t think you should have to apologise at all to begin with. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌ People get sick, stuff happens. We’re getting stuff from you for free, we’re not gonna die from waiting a couple of days. I don’t watch shows as they are airing on TV anyway, but later, so I’m not affetced. Now, when stuff is delayed several months, or half a year, or a whole year, or god forbid, even longer (which have been the case some very few times), that’s when it starts to get annoying, and I feel like complaining. I’m quite used to waiting for a long time for stuff at this point…Not just from you guys, but from other groups as well…

  • Mimori

    The group’s name change was caused by my mishearing the word in question as a different word that is only a long vowel’s difference away. And then promptly realising my (rather obvious) mistake this week. I know, I know. You’re wondering how the heck I managed to pass the N1. I wonder the same thing myself every week we do this wonderful fansubbing dance. 😀

    Sorry from me for the delays as well. I know I can’t really do much about getting ill, but it’s never nice to not be able to release to a good schedule. In any case, I’m feeling much, much better now, so with any luck we’ll be back to normal this Sunday. Thank you all for your patience and well wishings~! ^^

  • Mimori

    I also noticed that Vienna’s friend “Yang” probably ought to be “Jan”. Which makes sense being that the kid is Austrian and not… you know… Chinese. Oops. :/

    • Ryu Infiniti

      It could also be Yann instead of Jan, both are forms of the name John. The problem is both are nearly pronounced the same; only Yann is male oriented, where as Jan is unisex.

      <_< Also screen shots need more Wakana anyways.

      • Mimori

        Oh, good catch! Actually, that’s why I went with “Yang” to begin with, as it looked like that was what Vienna was writing on one of his letters in an earlier episode. I chalked it up to a mistake I made reading his fancy handwriting when his friend popped up in this episode and looked… er… very European, but it’s pretty clear to see there. 🙂 I wonder if it’s just bad romanisation, or if they actually wanted to give a young Austrian boy a Chinese name for some bizarre reason? :’D

        Ryu: Interesting. 🙂 Possibly they were trying to go with “Yann”, and messed up the romanisation to end up with “Yang”? Who knows.

      • Stefl1504

        Hehe… fun fact, I really live near Sandleitengasse in Vienna~, in fact, it is the northern extension of the Street I live in, also I wouldn’t be surprised to find a Family Yang living somewhere there.

        • Aru

          I watched the raw first and again I have to say: I probably understood more of the japanese parts than of the german parts. As a german native speaker I wasn’t able to get the whole dialogue between them.

          “Gehst du wirklich?” (doesn’t get it until I saw the english subtitle)
          “Es ist einsam.” (easy)
          “Keine Sorge” (that was easy, too)
          And I still don’t get the next one. What does he say?
          “Ganbared wird dich verteidigen.” ? Though it sounds more like “Ganbared will ya verteidigen” lol.
          “Kannst du mir ein Brief aus Japan schicken?” (horrible xD)
          “Ich möchte auch über Japan wissen” (or?)
          “Ja, gerne.”

          • Stefl1504

            I have only watched to 7 so far~ being lazy with a lot of stuff just now, to much DotA 2 to play and to much the International to watch…

  • kai

    thx Doki this was worth waiting for

  • DaemonMage

    can someone give me a dll. my torrent and irc clients are on the fritz. and thanks to doki for all the anime subs.

  • Kit-Tsukasa

    10:38-10:45: Timing error
    17:18: appartment

  • darkpaladin

    Thanks for this episode..
    I thought that with that pic, you’ve finally noticed Wakana’s tits.

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