Kokoro Connect – 04

Kokoro Connect – 04


720p: [Doki-Chihiro] Kokoro Connect - 04 (1280x720 Hi10P AAC) [9D758B0E].mkv

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480p: [Doki-Chihiro] Kokoro Connect - 04 (848x480 h264 AAC) [42887286].mkv

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28 comments to Kokoro Connect – 04

  • Jay-kun

    Thanks for the release! 😀

  • warrof

    Just saying isn;t the alien/sorta bad guy’s name supposed to be heartseed, thats the english translation of his name at least

  • Marcel

    Thanks Doki, and a very nice weekend wished to you all from NL!

  • Rawr

    Well, thanks from me 🙂

    Sad news on TV today, turned on Sky News and didn’t expect that..

    • Tornado15550

      Expect what?

      • Rawr

        Basically for the past 6-7 days the news were talking about a 12 year old girl who went missing, which of course is a very sad story. They then talk about a body being found at the house of the grandparents.

        I find these stories quite sad, literally everyone in the UK was following the story/discussing on forums.

        If anything It’s shocking that this stuff happens in this day and age.

        Thankfully they caught the scumbag that did it.

        • Rokudaime

          Hmm, the same thing happened here in Norway recently…A young girl went missing. It was in the news. It’s an evil world we live in…

          • Rawr

            Yeah, the girls stepfather(Aged 37 no less lol), was the one who did it.

            What an evil man he is for what he did, and also because he appeared on tv all upset prior with her grandmother/mother pleading for her to come home, when all along he had killed her.

            The whole thing is shocking. Basically the Police found the girls body after dogs?(Forgot what type) found her in the house, then forensics went in.

            Next thing there’s a manhunt that lasts a few hours, with the police saying not to approach the man if found but to call them.

            A 11 year old girl spotted him on her way home, told her dad and he called the police, within 5 minutes the place was swarmed with cops and he was arrested.

            He was lucky that it was a young girl that spotted him, after news broke about what he did, the whole of England was in an uproar and a lot of people wanted him dead, infact according to the news lots of abuse was shouted at the evil man whilst he was arrested and carted away by police.

            The case gained a lot of attention, not only because of the extensive news coverage but because lots of famous people with millions of twitter followers retweeted the news/pleas for her to come home prior.

          • Biribiri

            Happens all the time over here in the states. Seems like every week the national news stations are jumping on a new missing persons case and bring the parents on their show and they beg for their childs return. Then like a week later they find the body and half the time it was one of the parents that killed the child. Really fucked up world.

          • Rawr

            I agree, its really depressing stuff.

            Literally turned on the TV hoping for some good news and saw that. And was like OMG..

            Made a slight error in the above comment, meant to say it was her ‘Stepgrandfather’.

          • Irie Naoki

            Should we really be talking about something so depressing, dont get me wrong this is very sad… but… This is supposed to be a happy time, doki releases something that has been delayed and we should rejoice and smile about what will most likely be a very sad… anime… yeah this is a sad world we live in.

          • Rokudaime

            Dammit…now Im depressed…

          • Rawr

            Cheer up, justice will be done, if not in the courts, than in Prison.

            British people, male or female won’t tolerate child killers. They’re walking targets when they’re inside.

        • Tornado15550

          But there is very little that ordinary citizens can do. We can’t just go shouting “You killed your son, didn’t you?”. There is no way to prevent these murders unless the children themselves speak up about any abuse going on before it elevates to such a level. And I agree, some people are completely messed up. Disciplining your kids, and beating them to death are two completely different things.

          • Rawr

            I guess, if anything it sounds like these things happen out of nowhere? You see stories where the family life is normal and bamn someone dies because the mother or father has snapped.

            Regardless, they’re reporting that the guy who killed Tia Sharp(Story above^), is now in police protection in prison because everyone wants to kill him literally. As said, people in England won’t stand for people like that.

            Shame that the police protect people like that, better if they face the music for their actions from the public.

          • Rokudaime

            Right, now I’m getting involved, as this is a political topic I burn for…Be warned this will be a ranting wall of text, so don’t read if you don’t care: While I am one of the people who wouldn’t bat an eye if a guy like that died, even if he’s guilty, and at the moment I believe he is, I can’t say I agree on the “shame that the police protect people like that” statement. Apart from the fact that the police are just doing their job, more importantly, if we just let the people of England kill the guy without a fair trial resulting in convinction and jail, it’d conflict with everything a democratic society like England is. By law he’s innocent until proven otherwise. We only know he’s likely the culprit because the news and police told us so. We don’t really know shit. If every time someone was believed to have done something, random civilians would punish them instead of the federal justice system, there would be anarchy instead of order, and there would be a whole bunch of innocent victims. There have been plenty of cases where people have been believed to be the culprits of henious crimes, and everyone wanted to kill them, but then it was proven beyond doubt in court that they were innocent. Sadly, the damage have often already been done to their lives at this point, but at least they have been cleared in court. Now imagine if instead said innocent person was killed by some random angry father before he/she was even trialed? I don’t believe in public justice. It’s way too unreliable. Since it’s related I might mention in the same stroke that I’m firmly against the death penalty in any country (thankfully England doesn’t have that anymore, while unfortunately, our beloved Japan do, although they barely ever use it), in any form, regardless of how henious the defendant’s crime, simply because there always have been, and always will be, people who are innocently convicted and put to death, only to be found innocent later. It doesn’t matter to me if these cases are few and far between, you can never guarantee that they won’t happen, and they do still happen from time to time, such as in the US. Some people will then argue that we shouldn’t do that, because then more of the taxes society pays will go to keeping the scumbags alive, well, to that I say: the value of money is nothing compared to the lives of those who are innocently convicted. Stop being selfish. I could never understand this weird mentality in the US where everybody only cares about themselves; “We don’t care what happens to poor people, drug addicts, the disabled etc, why should we pay healthcare to help them, it’s not our problem, everyone should fend for themselves, no matter what conditions they are unfortunate enough to be born into”. Really selfish thinking. That health reform Obama got through is just a weaker form of what the rest of the western democratic world has had for ages, and which we all take for granted. I was shocked to see how much opposition there was to that in the US when he proposed it. End rant.

    • Pawprint

      Way to threadjack. TWO THUMBS UP!

      • Rawr

        Excuse me?

        It wasn’t intentional, people talk to me and I them, people I know and some I don’t know. If conversations happen it’s not exactly my fault.

        As I’ve been coming here over 2 years now I’ve got to know some people lol.

        Sorry anyway, just obviously offtopic conversations happen here all the time. And with the lack of people commenting here specifically my conversation with a few people looked like it dominated discussion here.

  • Spincast

    i can already say this is the season favorite to me, darn it since ep3 i cant freaking wait to watch a new ep, and this considering that there are big ones like Dog Days also.
    Thanks Doki for subbing this one!!!!, looking forward to the other eps darn it! xD

  • palladium

    I expect lots of drama next ep

  • Tornado15550

    Anyway, thanks for the episode Doki! Will you guys be releasing any future blu-rays in 1080p?

    • Rokudaime

      As far as I know Doki always do Blurays of the shows they do if they can aquire the discs. Whether 1080p will be offered though depends on whether or not they judge the video quality of the discs worthy of a 1080p release. If not, you’ll have to settle for 720p.

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