Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! (BD) – Vol 1

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! - Vol 1

Have no fear, Miu-chan is here.

Had to mux the 720 script to the 480 and 1080 versions, let me know if any issues arise due to this.

1080p: [Doki] Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! – Vol 1 (1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC)

  • [Doki] Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! – 01 (1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC) [8695894A].mkv
  • [Doki] Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! – NCOP (1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC) [E8B07601].mkv

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720p: [Doki] Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! – Vol 1 (1280×720 h264 BD AAC)

  • [Doki] Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! – 01 (1280×720 h264 BD AAC) [AA62ACB6].mkv
  • [Doki] Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! – NCOP (1280×720 h264 BD AAC) [3FDB8661].mkv

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480p: [Doki] Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! – Vol 1 (848×480 h264 BD AAC)

  • [Doki] Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! – 01 (848×480 h264 BD AAC) [02374CFB].mkv
  • [Doki] Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! – NCOP (848×480 h264 BD AAC) [05DB60A6].mkv

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96 comments to Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! (BD) – Vol 1

  • Suraii

    First time for anything, I’ve never made a comment on a fansub site before about their releases, never felt a need to do so. (Well Dattebayo, was most likely the first but everyone complained about their oh so boring trolling).

    So just to make one fact clear, I’m not here to bash, troll or make hateful comments.

    So you’ve just released Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! (BD) – Vol 1, which contains only 1 episode… What’s the purpose of only releasing 1 episode when a volume usually contain 2 or more? (NCOP is not accounted for).
    And it’s not like you don’t have episodes 2-9 already, which makes the question legitimate, how lazy can you get? Adding 2 video files + an NCOP to x3 torrent files(480, 720 and 1080) does not take much time and is not complicated in any reasonable way at all.

    • dylan05

      The first BD Volume for this series has only 1 episode.
      You can’t release something you don’t have.

      • Suraii

        Oh, so it was an release of an official volume? I thought it was an unofficial release.That’s why I reacted as I did, my mistake. But hey it’s not like anyone here actually makes mistakes now day’s, right?

        • Rokudaime

          Being sincere here: Your mistake and ignorance would have flown by quite fine if it wasn’t for the “how lazy can you get” part. That’s what really made your comment look so dumb and ironic, since, like Ix says, you should have used Google to get the facts right before posting. Index does indeed tend to react a bit more agressively to silly posts than most people, which I think is a bit of a character flaw on his part (no offense Index), but that your post made you look like an idiot is, unfortunately, undeniably true.

          • Index

            You know, Rokudaime, it’s fun to see kinds of people that doesn’t realize how dumb they are.

          • Rokudaime

            You’re right about that. ; )

          • Suraii

            Just because a comment made me look like an idiot, doesn’t mean that I am an idiot.

            But if you actually read the post you replied to you would understand that “That’s what really made your comment look so dumb and ironic, since, like Ix says, you should have used Google to get the facts right before posting.” only show that you didn’t get my message.

            So I guess that repeating “Oh, so it was an release of an official volume? I thought it was an unofficial release.” might make you understand that I thought it to be a custom BD volume release by Dokifansubs, that differed from the official one.

          • Index

            Do we need to continue this shit?

            It’s getting lame now.

          • Rokudaime

            Sigh…You really need to learn when to stop. There’s an expression we use for stuff like this. We say “keep digging”. You keep making the hole of your own grave bigger and bigger, if you know what I’m getting at…And like Index, I do not feel like carrying on any longer either…I don’t know how you can come to the conclusion that me pointing out that the “how lazy can you get” part made your post look dumb and ironic, suggests I didn’t get the main point and part of your message. And the part of the other post you made, which explains, as you say, that you “thought it to be a custom BD volume release by Dokifansubs, that differed from the official one”, and which you are now so kindly repeating for me (Again, I got that just fine the first time), was an explanation you added afterwards, and before I made that reply to your first post, so that is besides the point, ok? And it’s true, just because your post makes you look like an idiot, doesn’t mean you are one. But…for the love of god, please stop continuing to make yourself look like one, seriously…

    • Might want to google the BD on CDJapan or something before coming here and making yourself look a total ass.

      • Suraii

        Well that was an educational reply, sure being part of a fanusub where people commonly whines must be kinda stressful, right?

        And besides I made a mistake (partly), but hey it’s not like I was prepared to be bashed and flammed or so. It’s just that when communicating with other people online now day’s, everyone acts like they’re perfect and never makes mistakes, never really caring about what kind of comments they post. Or more precisely no one cares about what everyone else might think or feel, it’s just your own emotions and thoughts that matters.

        Food for thought; If I where to get angry at every single person I meet that acts hostile in any way against me, I would be at constant war against the whole world.


          Use it to get facts right before posting.

          “how lazy can you get?” – indeed.

          • Suraii

            Well I also later wrote in a reply:
            “Oh, so it was an release of an official volume? I thought it was an unofficial release.”

            “how lazy can you get?” sounded a bit nicer then “besides don’t you have like 5 episodes left to release before even thinking of releasing 27 days old official releases?”, at least I thought it sounded a bit nicer that way.

          • So moral to the story is your thinking lets you down.

            K, got it.

          • Suraii

            (Since I was unable to reply to your answer I’ll give this one another reply).

            That kind of reply wasn’t more then I expected from you, only thing missing was a “fuck you” in the end of it, still I understand that you and the rest of the Team are just doing this as a hobby.

            Which makes my whining not helpful at all, which I apologies for. However acting all high and mighty doesn’t make you look any better either.

            But It’s not like arguing about it will make the situation any better, right?

        • Index

          >constant war against the whole world

          ohhh so sweet….

    • Holo

      …when a volume usually contain 2 or more…

      Have you considered when a volume only has 1 episode on it?

    • Rokudaime

      Oh god…talk about digging your own grave…

    • Index

      seriously, ur post makes u like a total idiot.

      go fuck Japan by urself

  • Azunyan

    Just wondering if I was the only one getting some lag at the title part of the ED in the 1080?
    Running latest CCCP, i5, 4GB RAM and GT420M. Never had a problem of the sort before.

  • Alex0714

    Miu in 1080p, Fuck Yeah! Thanks Doki 🙂

  • someone

    y’all haven’t finished the TV series. you should finish the TV episodes (and Idolm@ster!!) before you start on the BDs.

    • You should shut the fuck up.

      • Emmy

        He has a point Ixlone, no amount of internet nerdrage from you can hide the fact without these Blu Ray releases you’d have nothing to release lol

        I suggest instead of acting the internet tough guy on here, you sort out your groups problems first.

        Clearly getting upset at people who have waited many many many many months for stuff long since finished in Japan on TV that you seem unable to produce anymore seems stupid.

        I suggest not starting shows that you can’t finish, it’l reduce the amount of people asking where something is, months after its aired in Japan!

        • Shows will get done. Don’t want to wait? Don’t wait. Don’t visit the site.

          See how easy that works? No amount of whining from little kids such as yourself will change the speed we are prepared to work at, or the time that staff members give up for free to get things done.


          Shut the fuck up.

          • Emmy

            You clearly don’t understand that I’m not asking for anything or complaining. I’m pointing out that your outbursts at people asking for shows you haven’t touched in months are ridiculus.

            You want people to follow your shows but when you can’t finish them you get angry and use pointless insults.

            Seriously now. Kid? You’re the one using TLDR and other insults at me now that verge on stupidity.

            Pot Kettle Black. I’m surprised Holo even keeps you on the staff when you clearly have no tolerance for complaints.

            Ignorant much.

          • You clearly know very little.

            Run along now kiddy, past your bed time.

            And that’s now five whiny little bitch posts out of five.

          • Index

            I’m surprised Holo even keeps ur posting on this thread when you clearly have no brain for bitching.

            Ignorant fool.

          • Emmy


            Shocking how much ignorance and fallacy I’m displaying in all my posts.

          • Emmy

            I need to l2type.

          • Emmy

            I have no social life. Whining is all i can do. Well that and my mum.

          • Index

            Don’t worry. We already know about that. 😉

        • Me

          I don’t think Ixlone does fansubs, just BD rips. Therefore this release doesn’t slow down or delay the regular eps being released any.

          • I do one airing show a season.

            This season the TL disappeared qUcyy.

          • altazure

            But Me’s right in a way, and that’s what most people don’t seem to understand. At the moment, TV releases are largely being delayed by TLs. Even stopping all BD releases would not help release TV episodes any faster since BDs don’t need to be translated because we already have the TV scripts.

          • guest1

            unfortunately people dont understand that

        • Rokudaime

          For crying out loud! When are you stupid little shits going to get it!? Some TL’s have dissapeared, and there are different staff for different shows! Stopping all the BD releases and prioritizing the TV releases wouldn’t do shit to the release speed! It wouldn’t matter, since it has nothing to do with that! God! ಠ_ಠ

          • Rokudaime

            Lol, didn’t see altazure’s post there…Looks like I ended up just repeating his point, only in a more angry way…sigh…

          • Emmy

            Sorry, I just like to come on here and post retarded stuff. I have nothing better to do. There’s only so much I can do in my parents basement after all. Attempting to troll and offering nothing of interest in return is the highlight of my day. Anyway, off to go touch my sister now!

          • Rokudaime

            I am angry because I’ve just about had enough of the simply ridicilous amounts of dumbasses like you who can’t understand such a simple concept, and keep complaining! The only one who is looking like an idiot here is you, and you brought those responses upon yourself, they’re not uncalled for. You’re calling Ixlone’s post ignorant and a fallacy? Why don’t you take a good look in the mirror yeah? You’re a huge case of the pot calling the kettle black here.

          • Emmy

            I was complaining, but I’m just an ignorant faggot. All I know how to do.

  • As usual, everyone appears to be in an excellent mood today. Splendid!

    • Emmy

      Besides angry staff members, unable to understand people have waited months for something they’ve started, everyone seems just fine.

      Drop your unfinished shows, you’l never complete them.

      Infact I doubt you’l complete many new shows now lol

      • Aah, but Emmy, that’s not my decision, nor is it how things work around here. It will get done, whether you doubt or not.

      • guest1

        “Drop your unfinished shows, you’l never complete them.” U STFU b4re stuff getz hawt

      • Rokudaime

        Read some of the posts above, paying particular attention to Me’s post and altazure’s post. I’m really tired of your type of idiot comments…

        • Emmy

          I would like to explain what part of my comments are idiotic: all of it.

          • Rokudaime

            Okay. I’m dead serious now, so pay attention:
            1. If you read Me’s (that’s his name. I’m not talking about myself) and altazure’s posts, and you still don’t understand what is stupid about your post in response to Clannad Man, then there’s not much more I can do to help you, and in that case I must say I genuinely do wonder if not you are perhaps lacking a bit in intelligence…

            2. People like me, Index, and Ixlone don’t respond kindly to your whining because we’re sick of it (hearing the same shit from many people), and because it’s uncalled for. If you want to ask about the status of a show, that’s fine, but if you complain, nobody likes that…read auriga’s post below, he sums it up nicely. There’s no need for me to repeat here why you, or all the other whiners, have no right to complain. You did not simply ask where something was, like you claim. You were complaining. There’s a difference.

            3. You’ve waited 4 months? Hahaha, so fucking what!? I’ve waited over a year for one specific release, and you know what? If I don’t get to see a certain show right away, it doesn’t matter, I’m getting it for free, and I could always get it from someone else in the worst case, and I have a bazillion shows on my to-watch list anyway. Why do you need to watch a show as it airing? If the fansubs are taking a long time, watch it later dammit! Again, refer to auriga’s post.

            Did any of that get through to you this time? ‘Cause this is getting boring.

          • Emmy

            Yeah, Steven is my hero. You win roku, I’m just another small cock whiny faggot. Sorry.

  • someon1

    if you want idolm@ster, just move on to a different sub group. should get coalgirls or utw’s release

    • Me

      I had to give up on Denpa Onna and get it from coalgirls. Coalgirls isn’t a very good group (their stuff seems to be massively bloated filesize) but I take what I can get.

      • someon1

        its just their encoding that seems to have problems. other than that theyre top notch. the fonts are good and quality is of bluray quality. they usually use popular subs in their releases too

  • Julio

    I can’t believe people are still waiting for the iDOLM@STER episodes. Just give it up. Are there really people that won’t finish watching a show if their preferred sub group takes months to release it?

  • auriga

    Well, I waited for Frostii to finish K-ON!!… But I didn’t bitch and rant over at their site while waiting. I am waiting for Doki to finish Guilty Crown, PapaKiki and the other BD series, and it’s not like I’m going to die if I don’t get to watch them ASAP.

    That said, it’s really fun watching delusional “fans” whine and whine about something which is actually self-inflicted. No one’s forcing anyone to watch a certain group’s releases (not to mention that late releases won’t hurt anyone). I wonder when they will realize this, though…

    Anyways, thanks guys for the BD release! I will wait for the batch, though, whenever that becomes available. 😀

  • Tylrgamster14

    If there is a series im watching and its taking awhile for the new episode to come out i usually wait but if i have to i will go get it from someone else and then when my sub group release there version i get it and i re-watch it(sometimes).

    You guys do realize that there doing this for free and giving up there free time for us just so we can enjoy some anime.

    Stop being assholes and be thankful!

  • TheOiulkj


    Anime is srsbsns huh guis?

  • iBeam

    is there going to be 720p 10-bit version of this?

  • K1r4

    Only one episode in volume 1, talk about ripping off the costumers xD

  • Rokudaime

    Ok, someone has edited a few of Emmy’s posts here (I like them. Funny shit. ; p) Having watched this thread since it was first posted, I noticed it pretty quickly. ; )

  • Haven’t the other fansub groups released the remaining episodes though (re. the release date “discussions” above).

    Also, wow is doki fansub groups so normally full of drama and flaming and drama? It’s like I’m on /b/ again…..(i.e. calling people “niggers”)

  • bob

    Wheres the love~. Thanks for this, i love this show!

  • Rokudaime

    So anyways, have you guys seen this?:
    So cuuute! X3

  • Emmy

    Thanks for showing me I’m an idiot, I need to know these things!

  • Onii-chan

    Group Doki,

    Thank you for your time.

    Many more of us appreciate than whine. That last poll showed something like 4,500 votes, so, please reallize that it’s probably greater than 4,500 to 2, fans vs. whiners.

    Best Regards,

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