Mashiro-Iro Symphony ~The Color of Lovers~ – 01

Mashiro-Iro Symphony - 01

Here’s our joint with Chihiro for this season. You may be able to tell from that rather out of place Hi10P file there.

HD Hi10P: [Doki-Chihiro]_Mashiroiro_Symphony_-_01_[1280x720_Hi10P_AAC][067D9A9B].mkv


HD: [Doki-Chihiro]_Mashiroiro_Symphony_-_01_[1280x720_H.264_AAC][DA03AA11].mkv


SD: [Doki-Chihiro]_Mashiroiro_Symphony_-_01_[848x480_H.264_AAC][F412BE43].mkv


96 comments to Mashiro-Iro Symphony ~The Color of Lovers~ – 01

  • A. Crush

    720p in 10-bit and 8-bit, plus the 480p should keep everyone happy. Might be the way to go for all releases during the transition.

    Thanks for the releases!

  • Reiko

    The K-Lite codec pack has had the 10-bit codecs since v7.6.0 (in the Mega one). I think the current version is v7.8.0 now.

    With both MPC-HC and Zoom Player Max I’ve had no issues playing hi10p. I just personally use Zoom Player Max because 1920×1080 hi10p videos run slowly on MPC-HC on my computer, where Zoom Player Max has no issues, and it doesn’t suffer the flickering subtitles issues that MPC-HC has when there are multiple subtitles on the screen while animated subtitles are enabled in DirectVobSub.

  • BuzzCat

    i dont know about the rest of you. but every main group that uses hi10p is a bunch of idiots who think that just because something is shiny, they automatically are attracted to it, just like a fly is to light, AND JUST LIKE HI10P IS TO SUB GROUPS’ EYES. i haven’t tried watching anything in hi10p, and i’m sure i will, since i am downloading something that is in hi10p right now, but i better not be disappointed at the ability to watch something in hi10p cuz i have cccp’s most recent version and i realiZe that people still think that if something is new, it must work immediately. IT DOESN’T. THERE’S STILL KINKS, PEOPLE.


    unrelated point, related point to post: this better not be ordered chapters…>.>

    • Leon-Gun

      It’s not even new, it’s been in existence for as long as the rest of the formats. While it is true that there’s still “kinks” to fix if we never moved forward because of that we’d be stuck in the past. Maybe we should tell Microsoft to not start selling Windows 8 because it may (or rather will) have plenty of bugs to fix.

      Anyway, can we stop with the crying over Hi10P already when Doki is ALWAYS offering an 8 bit version?

      • Rokudaime

        Indeed. I’m getting really tired of all this bitching and whining about 10 bit from people who have sucky hardware and/or software, and don’t want to move forward. -_- If you don’t like it people, then don’t download it! ;-/

        On the unrelated note, I’m also worried about there potensially being ordered chapters (which sucks monkey balls) in this, due to this being a joint with Chihiro (who seem to like ordered chapters, for reasons beyond my understanding). :-/

    • Assasin_Cross

      plz upgrade your PC……… πŸ˜€

    • Dys

      lol, I’m sure I’d “better” start caring then, since obviously I’m going to suffer some kind of punishment if it doesn’t work for you? At least that’s why I infer from all your managerial style demands of “it better” or “it better not”.

      Also, there’s an 8-bit version right there.

      • Brakenjan

        In spite of people like the first poster of this chain, why don’t we all use 10 bit on all releases, since it’s obviously better?

        And the guy talking of Windows 8: Yes, please do tell them to not sell it. In fact, stop selling any thing Windows.

        I also agree about the ordered chapters. It makes transcoding or streaming from a different source very difficult. It’s a nice idea since it gives a nice, clean, ordered release but it doesn’t work so well. Anyway, in some shows it’s still much better to leave the OP and ED in place since they change quite often.

  • Jason-kun


  • ~kanda~

    go download the new codec for windows media player for 10-bit.

  • Rwar

    Thanks for the Release!

    Also, Minor error at 15:01 I think, You put “cchan” instead of “chan”

  • Crim

    Thanks for the 720p 8-bit version. And screw you whoever says that we should upgrade the computer. You think everyone here can easily earn money? Try living in a crappy country with no stuff that 90% of the world have and then say that in my face.

    • Dys

      My PC is 8 years old and plays 720p 10-bit fine.

    • Index

      u mean my country? :/
      c’mon…my crappy dualcore can play it fine 😐

    • noone

      Usualy if 8bit works fine 10bit should also work fine …
      If your 8bit is barely working and laging on high action scences then of course 10bit wont work …
      but cmon I tested it on my fathers pc … a pentium 4 (2,8ghz) from 2002 still plays 720p 10bit (bit not 1080p) …
      if you have a pentium 3 or slower you really should consider upgrading

    • Brakenjan

      I bet my country is worse or at least close to yours in those terms. Anyway, as the good Dys pointed out, you needn’t that great a computer to play them..just to look after it. My laptop is pretty old. When I try to copy a 1GB file it will turn off because it overheats (seriously) yet playing a video is no problem, then I reach only about 90degC.

  • It work fine when I try to play and watch Kanon in Hi10p but it doesn’t play for Mashiro-Iro Symphony Hi10p. Weird…

  • A. Crush

    I have to say, the subs for this were especially pretty. The color changes for the ED were a nice touch. Chihiro and Doki releases are great anyway, but it’s that kind of detail that makes such fansubs better than any commercial release will ever be.

    Looking forward to more of this.

  • nagato

    Thanks for keeping the 8-bit.

    I tried Hi10P out of curiosity – clean updated CCCP install and mplayer2 SMPlayer – and it played without lag but a **** ton of artifacts everywhere. Reminded me of the old days watching on realplayer lol.

  • Austin

    Thanks. Are you going to do the BD version of this show ?

  • Kaji

    what’s with the Sakuno-cchan? someone got epileptic fingers when typing the subs?if it was meant to be a stutter it should be c-chan ne? but Sakuno-c-chan would look silly right? so leave it as -chan instead of looking silly right?

  • Kaji

    ignore me.. re:page 1.. it makes sense, i guess, but damn alot of ppl are complaining about 10bit these days.. and pc parts are cheap as sh*t so theres no reason they shouldnt be able tp upgrade.. lazy phuqers..

    but still -cchan looks silly

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