Shakugan no Shana III (Final) – 01

Shakugan no Shana III (Final) - 01

As for the Shana S1 and S2 BDs… we’ve decided to cancel them for now due to the horrible detail-destroying upscaling that was used in the mastering process.

Will complete season 3 as a BD project.

HD: [Doki] Shakugan no Shana III (Final) – 01 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [EB8F5FF8].mkv


SD: [Doki] Shakugan no Shana III (Final) – 01 (848×480 h264 AAC) [EFBF5BE6].mkv


138 comments to Shakugan no Shana III (Final) – 01

  • Turbo

    After checking the file sizes from both doki and ss-eclipse, I decided to go with ss because 321MB for a 480 8-bit video is just ridiculous! SS-Eclipse’s 720p 10-bit version has a smaller file size than doki’s 480p. crf-16 is just to over the top for 480p, crf-18 is more than enough. luckily I can play 10-bit video’s.

    • CMIIW, but isn’t it recommended to use -lower- CRFs for SD material than for 720p/1080p? Since artifacts in SD video will be more visible when upscaled for playback, lower CRFs are needed to reduce those artifacts and retain comparable quality.

      • Turbo

        I did do encoding test and the only difference between crf-16 and crf-18 is that the crf-16 version of the videos have a much larger file size. the quality is the same.
        My test:
        encoding a 58.1MB 1080p(anime ova BDRip) video to a 480p(848×480) video.
        no quality difference.
        crf-16(8-bit) file size: 36.2MB
        crf-18(8-bit) file size: 26.3MB
        crf-18(10-bit) file size: 25.2MB
        conclusion: crf-16 is not worth the file size when it has the same quality as crf-18 even when watching fullscreen on my 1080p 23 inch monitor.

  • Rokudaime

    Hmm…too bad about the Blurays, but if they’re that bad anyway, I guess it doesn’t matter. Glad I kept my old SS-Eclipse releases. I AM curious about one thing though…didn’t you guys say you never drop anything? :-/ Will this be the first time? Also, really interesting that Eclipse are stiring up from their hibernation to team up with SS again and finish Shana. I hate to say this, but they’re releasing in 10bit, you guys are not; They have smaller filesize, and alot of experience within the series. I’m gonna have to go with SS-Eclipse on this one. Well, I have huge faith in them anyway. Doki are really awesome, but SS-Eclipse are legends when it comes to fansubbing. I still hate the way they translated Biribiri in Toaru though… .-_.-

    • Zdm321

      How can we drop something that we haven’t even started on yet?

    • Index

      have u seen eps 1 ever release in here?

      • Leon-Gun

        Well you know, technically cancelled and dropped isn’t the same. If you go search for posts about SnS BD, Doki already flat out said “BD looks like eye-cancer, we don’t know if we’ll do it”. The only think they were debating was whether to just not do them at all or to do a 480/720p release whih they have finally said “no, we won’t”.

        Some people might call it dropping but technically it isn’t. Now, if things proceed as they have with baka test and mayo chiki who knows if we might actually see a drop.

        • Me

          Well said, although you could sum it up as.

          Cancelled = Something that was originally planned but later cancelled.

          Dropped = Something that was started but never finished.

        • Rokudaime

          Ah, right, ops, sorry, I forgot you didn’t start on it yet. My bad. ^^’ I think mixed it up because I still had it in the back of my head that you were going to start on Shana before Lucky Star, and Lucky Star started a long time ago. ^^’

  • skyjedi

    I have no idea what is going on in the story because Funimation has not released their promised season 2 DVD set.

    Supposedly Geneon Universal of Japan still has not even sent them the materials.

    • Me

      That’s why I hope someone like Sentai Filmworks gets Season 3 of Shana, they seem to license and release things quite quickly, even when something has a dub. Funimation however seem to be getting slower and slower lately.

    • jmaeshawn

      If you’re watching fansubs of S3 (at least I assume you are, being on a fansubbing site about it), why are you waiting for an official release of S2, rather than watching the fansubs of that as well?

  • jtcrow

    thnx for both doing this serie + doing it in 8-bit.
    Keep up the good work Doki 🙂

  • Shana is back!!!!
    And is a 720p 8-bit release!!!
    Great day to watch anime.

    Thanks allot!!!

  • “As for the Shana S1 and S2 BDs… we’ve decided to cancel them for now due to the horrible detail-destroying upscaling that was used in the mastering process.”

    If I may make a suggestion: If .isos are obtainable, why not do R2DVD-rips of those seasons instead? For S1, it seems the existing DVD-rips aren’t satisfactory to a lot of people for whatever reason:

    Moo-shi — too many added mistakes to the Eclipse scripts.
    E-D and the like — translatable terms are actually translated, so not enough “~de arimasu,” “Guze no Tomogara,” or “Reiji Maigo” for some tastes. And the English audio (889 MB at maximum, as untouched AC3) requires not one, but two CD-Rs, or a whopping .02% of a 3 TB HDD.

    And for S2, Geneon Universal Japan and Funi have been dragging their feet, and no R1 release is in sight. So the only options are the share-raw-encoded TV-rips in maybe-upscaled 720p h264 and 400p XviD. The only DVD raws out there are some 720placebo upscales.

  • Situ

    Thank you for not using retarded HI10p.


    This will be not even 1 cent more in storage cost than Eclipse-ss

  • abit

    That really sucks that season 2 BD is just as bad as season 1 since the movie on BD wasn’t terrible at all.

    For anyone who wants to own season 2 on DVD, Geneon did re-release it as cheaper 2-part DVD boxsets earlier this year. For US people, it’ll probably cost you around $100ish or so.

  • Nintendork

    I guess Shana S1/S2 480p BD looks better than the DVD version. Im i right?

  • KrazyKaiju

    If anyone wants to use the SS-Eclipse subs with Doki’s encodes, you can get them here.

    The srt files work well as external subs if you don’t want to remux the mkv.

    • nINJAkECIL

      Do you mind uploading it to mediafire or someplace else beside fileserve?
      Somehow, Fileserve doesn’t work in here. Always got errors.
      Thanks b4.

  • Takeshi

    what the? 300mb above for each episode? That was crazy man~~ >.<

  • Nuble


  • daTenshi

    I haven’t watch second season, so I was kinda waiting for the bd’s … so my question is..can I watch season 3, or are the stories related >_<

    • FireFish5000

      If I am correct on the meaning of the question, yes, the stories are related. Season 3 starts off where season 2 left off with a small recap.

  • ZeroYuki

    You guys have to be careful with the translation.

  • Lymus

    Now i can’t decide whose fansubs to watch D:
    Yours or SS-Eclipse’ :/
    Decisions, secisions. 😐

  • Goko

    I understand why you guys dont wanna release BD for S1 and 2. But you gys plan to release the BD for season 3, right?

    • Zdm321

      Yes, unless the studio goes full-on baka and applies the same upscaling and filtering methods that they used on S1 and S2. (S3 is HD, so they shouldn’t need to… but I wouldn’t put it past them >_>)


    Do you mind uploading it to mediafire or someplace else beside fileserve?
    Somehow, Fileserve doesn’t work in here. Always got errors.
    Thanks b4.

  • Moog

    22:47 – Why does her foot disappear…

    Yay @ pussy Yuji finally looking/acting like a male protagonist in an action anime should.

    • Ixlone

      Some fansub review wannabe? No thanks. No one cares.

      • Gentleman

        That site listed a lot of the mistakes in Doki’s release, are there any plans for a v2?

      • nINJAkECIL

        Maybe you should posted on that site.
        I believe TLC-er (Nanakoto) for this show said in that site, that the reviewer (8th-sin) caught something he/she didn’t.

      • Rokudaime

        Ixlone, I don’t know if you’re dismissing 8th’s review because you don’t know who he is, or if you’re just going in defense mode and dismissing all complaints without giving it a moment’s thought. I love Doki, but the fact of the matter is: you failed hard this time. The translation is awful. I don’t know who you used as a translator this time around, but he didn’t do a good job. 8th’s japanese skills are some of the better out there, and I know that there are other members of your staff (such as Nanakoto and Pawprint) that consider his input viable. I’m gonna have to throw in the towel and go with SS-Eclipse this time around.

        • Ixlone

          No. That was me just not caring about about some review, whether he had something good or bad to say.

          Mistakes are made all the time, shit happens. As always we will fix what we can fix.

    • osiris5cm

      don’t worry you guys doing a great job as a trollsub

  • martinez

    Do I have to say something here?


  • Broken Oath

    Any news on why the second episode hasn’t been released yet? I’m guessing something along the lines of “the TLC hasn’t done his/her job yet”, based off of the comments above.

  • ECF

    hey, i’m not very good when it comes to technical stuff so i’ll put this as simply as possible, i was wondering why the shakugan no shana III and guilty crown episodes i’ve been downloading from varius websites (atleast 5 different sites and subbers) were of bad picture quality, yes it said 720p and the filesize was of the avarage file size a normal guy who doesn’t understand that stuff like me would expect, but there was blockz of colour kinda, meshing, not sure how to explain it, like playing a glitched NES game at some points. not had any problems with Doki yet though.

    • Ixlone

      You prob downloaded 10bit versions and your player isn’t compatable.

      • Index

        ix, it’s not probably, but

        it must be and 100%

        >here was blockz of colour kinda, meshing, not sure how to explain it, like playing a glitched NES game at some points. not had any problems with Doki yet though.

        (* ̄▽ ̄*)

        • noobzor

          then it’s 10bit.

          uninstall all codecs, download CCCP,

          install, smile,enjoy.

          • ECF

            hey, as i said i’m not very good at technical stuff, but i downloaded the CCCP and no idea what a codec is, but what i’m wondering is how will this CCCP thing effect my video’s?

          • ECF

            ok so that cccp thing tottally screwed up my computer, and when i tried playing some video’s they wouldn’t load properly,

          • Ixlone

            Uninstall any other media players and CCCP, so you have no conflicting issues. Reboot, and install CCCP again, leave all settings as default.

  • rittyC

    man i hate when i have to switch in between fansubs. i have to download from episode 1 again which is a bitch

  • Akira

    When episode 02 will release it subbed ?

    Thank you

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