Kanon (2006) – Vol 2

Kanon - Vol 2

Kanon in Hi10P continues.

1080p (Hi10P): [Doki] Kanon – Vol 2 (1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC)

  • [Doki] Kanon – 06 (1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC) [6C25CC58].mkv
  • [Doki] Kanon – 07 (1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC) [4903D7A7].mkv
  • [Doki] Kanon – 08 (1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC) [7449C095].mkv
  • [Doki] Kanon – 09 (1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC) [14185173].mkv
  • [Doki] Kanon – 10 (1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC) [3A4EDB5F].mkv

Batch | XDCC

720p (Hi10P): [Doki] Kanon – Vol 2 (1280×720 Hi10P BD AAC)

  • [Doki] Kanon – 06 (1280×720 Hi10P BD AAC) [724CAE67].mkv
  • [Doki] Kanon – 07 (1280×720 Hi10P BD AAC) [C5E8592C].mkv
  • [Doki] Kanon – 08 (1280×720 Hi10P BD AAC) [3D0D5772].mkv
  • [Doki] Kanon – 09 (1280×720 Hi10P BD AAC) [342737C9].mkv
  • [Doki] Kanon – 10 (1280×720 Hi10P BD AAC) [1E46F854].mkv

Batch | XDCC

480p (h264): [Doki] Kanon – Vol 2 (848×480 h264 BD AAC)

  • [Doki] Kanon – 06 (848×480 h264 BD AAC) [ED7B49E3].mkv
  • [Doki] Kanon – 07 (848×480 h264 BD AAC) [757D8356].mkv
  • [Doki] Kanon – 08 (848×480 h264 BD AAC) [E9F5A3A4].mkv
  • [Doki] Kanon – 09 (848×480 h264 BD AAC) [21D0DAC2].mkv
  • [Doki] Kanon – 10 (848×480 h264 BD AAC) [20CB2979].mkv

Batch | XDCC

61 comments to Kanon (2006) – Vol 2

  • martinez

    looks like NCED and NCOP are in the final vol 😮
    Makoto-chaaaannnnnnnn (。◕‿‿◕。) ❤

  • Ah, good ol Kanon. I really don’t think I’ll ever get tired of Kanon. It was honestly the first non adult-swim or Toonami anime that I have ever watched.

  • sam

    Just curious why do the re encodes take so long to be released? i mean all you have to do is wait for the computer to encode the files as you already got the subs.

    Not trying to complain or anything

    • Rokudaime

      I think it’s going plenty fast enough…

    • Holo

      1080p is a 6 hour encode. 720p 2 hours. 480p 1 hour. You do the maths…

      • sam

        Damn what computer specs is that with

        • Me

          I remember Holo saying on the comments section/cbox, his specs are godly, like a million times better than mine 😛

        • Holo

          i7 920 @ 4.0 GHz.

          Buy me a dual Xeon motherboard and I’ll do it even faster.

          • sam

            I got a 920 also i read about some people getting over 4.0 though it is pretty hard to keep it stable great cpu. wouldn’t a EVGA SR-2 with 2 990Xs be the best? Imagine that overclocked… shit, anyway does the encoding use much (if any) gpu power?

      • Himmelia

        288 hours (or 12 full days) for the entire 1080 series…? Looks like you needs an Intel Extreme series processor than I ever do.

        • Holo

          Who said I encode 1 at a time? I can encode 3 things simultaneously in the summer and 4 things in the winter lol.

          • sam

            Yeah my temps suck when i OC because i aint got a cpu cooler might get one when i get a new case. just bought a vertex 3 120gb and audio engine a5s amazing gear ;d im waiting for intels new X79 chipset because its got good sata 3 controller not shitty marvel ones which are limited and its going to be on 1366 and 1155 sockets. so i wont have to buy a new cpu to get intel sata 3 controller 😀

          • Holo

            I’d rather upgrade my CPU, rather than the board… i7 975 hexa core sounds good.

    • Me


      Holo and co are busy guys, they likely have a dozen more things to release before getting back to another show, give them time. You have a ton of stuff to watch everyday if you follow Doki stuff, that should be enough.

      • sam

        I am not even downloading this, i just wanted to know why the re encodes weren’t uploaded faster.

        Like i said i wasn’t complaining i was just wondering.

  • Mati

    Holo, are you planning on re-encoding other Key releases as well in HI10P? Thanks for Kanon! World wouldn’t be the same without Doki releases.

  • Jossie

    umm .. I’m sorry to ask such a lame thing and perhaps it has already been answered somewhere but .. I can’t seem to play this hi10p properly .. I’ve installed CCCP latest version possible but it seems to make some video failures regardless of what player I use (tried VLC & MPC) .. anyone knows what can be the problem? .. btw any other video works properly be it 720p or 1080p

  • Jossie

    etoo .. Holo-san … somehow it’s become even worse than with CCCP .. I’ve uninstalled CCCP and the previous version of K-lite I had and installed K-Lite Codec Pack Mega 7.7.0 .. the result is rather disturbing .. got any other idea?

    • Holo

      You sure you haven’t got anything else installed interfering with it?

      • Jossie

        I’d had a win 7 Codec pack installed so I’ve uninstalled this one as well, thus K-lite pack is the only codec pack installed. Now MPC doesn’t play the 10bit vids at all .. it just goes black and remains that way. VLC shows no change from before .. still making video fragments but it at least plays the hi10p. Doushiyoou? :/

        • Jossie

          uwah Yatta! works .. there are some “profiles” when installing the K-lite mega pack so I removed the one I had installed before, restarted the PC and installed K-lite back using “Lots of stuff” profile number 8 .. seems like it works now 😀 .. well if anyone has the same problem try this (though I doubt u do) .. also .. ty Holo for ur advices

  • reply-kun

    About the proposed plans for Hi10P, why not include 720p? I think if their pc can play 720p it should also be good enough to handle Hi10P…

  • IceGamma

    i have all of your key releases and always use Clannad NCED 1080p to test. if i use DXVA hardware acceleration(ATI HD5870) i can play the ending just fine…perfect in fact. but if i try to use my processor (Phenom 9950) it sucks. on the other hand, if i use my processor and run this Hi10p of kanon the picture is perfect and if i use hardware decoding its all blocky and distorted(i know this is because no hardware supports Hi10p.

    so my question….how can i play clannad NCED and kanon hi10p without having to change settings each time?

    i use cccp latest version (7-30-2011) and mpc-hc

    o.O thanks in advance!

    • Meneldal

      If I remember correctly it works well with MPC-HC because it checks if the hardware decoding works and uses it only when it works. If this doesn’t work you have to enable the check. In MPC-HC go to internet filters then H264 DXVA and enable the check (full check). If you’re not using MPC-HC it’s the same but you have to find the ffdshow configuration pannel and enable the check.

  • Invisiblemoose

    まこぴ。。。 あう~

  • do you want the english audio and subs for all the ‘key’ encodes you are re-encoding? i can give you all the series and you can distribute them how you want (if you even want them).

  • Makoto!
    Thxs for the 1080p Hi10P.

    BD Menu, Scan, Gallery for those interested if Doki permits.

  • Omega

    Happy Makoto, that’s good 🙂

  • Thanks for give us the choise between Hi10p and h264. I know Hi10p needs less drive space but with the low prices on external hard drives (i have two with 1tb) is cheaper to buy one than invest on hardware for older pc.
    I think HI10 1020p for people that want the best quality, and h264 720p for people that that rely on hardware acceleration.With your 10bit proposed plans everyone can chose the best option. But is just my opinion.

  • I don’t know what this anime is so i downloaded and watched. And guess what, I feel like I am watching Clannad. Even though both anime are similar, but this is much complicated story. Since Okazaki Tomoya in Clannaed was voiced by Nakamura Yuuichi and Aizawa Yuuichi was voiced by Sugita Tomokazu(also voiced as Kyon in Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu), their voice are really much similar in many way. Both of them are a great seiyuu. Whatever it is, this anime is nice. Thanks a lot.

  • Misteri

    Thank you so much for doing these releases!!!

    For years now I’ve had an old Kanon release. It’s not terrible quality, and back in the day I never thought anything of it, but compared to releases these days it’s really old and blurry and crappy looking and I’ve always wanted a nice crisp version to archive. So happy to finally have that. 🙂

  • Rokudaime

    Btw, while we’re on the topic of Key stuff, how’s the translation project for Tomoyo After going? You should make a Progress/Status page or something, that posts updates about the progress on the game from time to time, that we can have a look at once in a while. Most visual novel fansubbing groups have one of those.

  • JockeTF

    Excellent release! Thank you!

  • IMNC

    I cried so hard. It was so sad, yet so beautiful. Thanks so much for the release.

    BTW, not that I use ddl for any of your releases (currently 25.9 ul/dl ratio and not planning on archiving until all of the series has been released in Hi10P (and watched)), but wouldn’t it be easier to tarball the files so that they can be downloaded all at once, rather than having to wait 9001 minutes to download all of them off of fileserve?

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