C - The Money of Soul and Possibility Control (BD) - Vol 1

C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control (BD) – Vol 1

Masakaki > *

C BD’s. Seems like the releases began pretty late compared to a usual BD release schedule. Anyway, enjoy your lovely 10-bit 1080p. No complaints about lack of 8-bit 1080p please. If you’re DLing 1080p, you want quality, and 10-bit is better quality.

Enjoy your Masaka- I mean, Mashyu.

1080p 10-bit: [Doki] C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control – Vol 1 (1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC)

  • [Doki] C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control – 01 (1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC) [74D1C675].mkv
  • [Doki] C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control – 02 (1920×1080 Hi10P BD FLAC) [6B403E3F].mkv

Batch | XDCC

720p: [Doki] C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control – Vol 1 (1280×720 h264 BD AAC)

  • [Doki] C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control – 01 (1280×720 h264 BD AAC) [B6725A47].mkv
  • [Doki] C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control – 02 (1280×720 h264 BD AAC) [DCCE7061].mkv

Batch | XDCC

480p: [Doki] C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control – Vol 1 (848×480 h264 BD AAC)

  • [Doki] C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control – 01 (848×480 h264 BD AAC) [0007E3D5].mkv
  • [Doki] C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control – 02 (848×480 h264 BD AAC) [7B070238].mkv

Batch | XDCC

108 comments to C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control (BD) – Vol 1

  • – Incase people still don’t know about Hi10P and how to set it up.

  • Kriman

    1. Will 720p releases always be 8bit?
    2. Will your re-releases (I’m mainly interested in Kanon) be 1080p Hi10P only or will you re-release 720p Hi10P too?

  • wesa

    i dun understand y oni 1080 gets 10-bit
    isn’t it better if 720 too is 10-bit?

    • Ixlone

      Ask again in English.

      • Pahndamonium

        If my translator is correct, he’s saying “I don’t understand why only 1080p gets 10-bit. Isn’t it better if 720p is 10-bit too?”

        Wesa, it’d be better if you typed in full English words next time you comment here. This is for the convenience of everyone since they want to be able to understand and answer your question.

        Thanks for your co-operation ^_^

    • Leon-Gun

      That’s because most people who are only after the best quality archive the 1080p. People who mostly just want a complete version of the show (seeing how censored or incomplete some shows have become) just go for the 720p. It’s not like Doki would have used Hi10P to make 720p releases smaller (only better looking) so it would have only served to make the people with old computers angry. I’m sure Doki will start doing 720p in 10bit in the next few seasons once everyone has succesfully transitioned to it.

      • HawkEyeTS

        Or some of us grab the 720p version because we’re aware of the fact that most “HD” anime is actually created in 540p and then upscaled to 1080p for bluray distribution. So there really isn’t any point to having a 1080p version of 540p content. And in that situation I’d like the space saving and banding reduction of 10-bit as well.

        As for the HTPC whiners, you bought a shitty PC, now prepare for it to be almost immediately an antique. Did you honestly think the world was going to freeze so that your silent no-fan system would be able to play new videos forever? How utterly arrogant… this isn’t even a case of the technology not being around. You made the conscious decision when you purchased it to buy an inferior system, now shut up and upgrade the system or live with it.

  • odinigh

    I do believe they are using the 10-bit for more perfect archiving reasons.
    1080 is the archive format.

    the re-release of Kanon,
    I believe will get both 720p-1080p in 10-bit h264

    I may be mistaken, plans may change or w/e

  • FJ

    The same goddamn OP font again. It’s not hard to read or anything, I just wish you’d use a different one here and there. Same with Montara Gothic that’s being used in like every 3rd show.

    Other than that, thanks for a sexy 10bit BD.

    • Dys

      Yeah… no it’s not. We’ve never used this font in any of our OP’s before. I know, because I chose it myself. Try having a clue before making a derp comment.

      • Spinarakk

        Then again, I do wish that Doki would use different main text fonts that suit the show, instead of the same bloody Vesta and Montara Gothic that’s used for every new show.

        I’m just a font addict.

        • Dys

          You know, sub groups that aren’t morons like to stick to a primary font that they know is easy to read and plain as day, but you know what, we’ll be sure to use eraserdust as our default font in our next release, just to make the font freaks happy.

          Because the font REALLY DOES govern the quality of the show, absolutely, totally.

          • Break

            i dotn see what woudl be the point og lots of fonts, i mean come on you can be happy taht you get different fonts at all! im content with eay to read fonts that even have a nice color shceme, i eman if you go for official subs youll onyl get either white or yellow and always the same.

    • Ixlone

      Someone just failed. Hard.

  • Kanade

    Is it just me? Or does this pic remind me of Claymore.

  • Haruya

    I honestly hope we get 10-bit 720p releases soon. With CCCP being able to handle 10-bit decoding, it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

    Other than that, thanks for the release. And just wondering, did anyone else think this series could’ve managed to pull off 24-ish episodes?

  • nescio nomen

    Once again:

    10 bit is NOT supported – and probably won’t be supported – by hardware accelerated devices like most of the HTPCs, media netbooks, WD TVs, pads.

    the only way to play it now is to use a cpu that’s powerful enough.

    this is a real problem, both in terms of upgrade costs (>= 600 ) and in particular in terms of heat and noise.

    It’s incredibly difficult and pricey to build a cpu-based HTPC that’s silent enough.

    Thus – I understand the eagerness to jump exclusively on the hi10 bandwagon BOTH by encoders (less hassle, less bandwidth) and by “consumers” using regular PCs,

    but it’s advisable to not close completely the 8-bit route, since it will be several months

    for many of your watchers before they can shell out the required money and upgrade their system

    btw, still I wasn’t able to find cpu “compatibility” charts for 10bit (with a certain bitrate) content; some experiments done on my hardware – with test clips – show that with 20mbit/s an E8400 is almost completely saturated, and at half the bitrate, still it’s somewhat suffering. does it matches with your experiences?

  • nescio nomen

    not feasible for an htpc, 125W TDP means that requires a monstruos tower heatsink to be cooled down with little noise, and that doesn’t fit anything but a full size tower.

    600 € were made of:
    – aerocool m40 or similar (most htpc cases are either more pricey, thinner and more difficult to cool, or both)
    – shuriken or big shuriken
    – enermax eco80+ 400W or similar (most of the psus in that range are noisy!)
    – i5-2500k (95W TDP, relatively energy-efficient) + board, 4gb ram at least
    – hd and bd rom reader

    and it’s suboptimal at ehe very least (doesn’t look that great, you can’t mount a huge tower heatsink, doesn’t cool easy); if you want something fancier a sugo sg02 might be the right choice, but that case-psu combo is around 200 € alone

    on the lower end, the amd a3850 looks pretty interesting for an HTPC but the cpu cores seem not enough for the kind of encoding we are talking about.

  • Ixlone

    I use this for that CPU.

    Cheap, quiet and keeps it nice and cool. Just not seeing the issue here.

  • nescio nomen

    dys, i believe you when you say that you don’t care, i don’t believe you if you say that 1080p hi10 can be played on an 8 years old pc without loosing frames or desyncs. yet, i believe you again when you say that you don’t want me to say what i’ve got to say, it fits your character.

    ixlone: the artic unit is not quiet enough for an htpc system (measurements on spcr), and while it fits the aerocool (barely) it doesn’t in basically any other htpc case.

    use in the livingroom makes very easy thing very difficult, with regular pc parts.

    • Ixlone

      It’s plenty quiet enough, i use it in the livingroom, with the rest of my regular pc parts just fine.

      Also fits my case just fine.

      Quit whining.

    • Dys

      What would you know about my character? lol

      I like how you’re accusing me of lying.

      Perhaps you should go and troll elsewhere instead of questioning the plain and simple facts.

    • Do you watch your videos without any sound? At any appreciable volume level your not going to hear that. Hell most of the time I can’t hear my desktop (which is also overclocked) when watching anything except for if I am encoding at the time.

  • kliqIMB

    Derp, too bad 10-bit isn’t fully functional yet. Good job.

    • Dys

      10-bit is fully functional. What isn’t fully functional is SOME players’ support for it. They will be soon enough.

    • Ixlone

      Would that be the 10 bit that plays perfectly on my computer that isn’t fully functional?

      Sounds like user error on your end.

        • Ixlone

          Yes really. I have no complaints.

          • kliqIMB

            So you admit that 10-bit encoding is currently flawed, and that you’re okay with it. Yet, you claim that your 10-bit 1080p files are for “archival quality”? Doesn’t seem to make much sense, does it? Especially when you consider that you guys are talking about doing everything in 10-bit.

          • Ixlone

            I believe i said it plays perfectly fine and i have no complaints with it. I don’t recall saying it’s flawed.

            If you don’t like our releases go somewhere else.

            It’s just that simple.

          • kliqIMB

            My link pretty succinctly and blatantly points out that 10-bit is flawed, so regardless of whether you said it or not, it’s still true. It can play perfectly fine all day long and you have no problems with it, but it still doesn’t change the fact that a) You’re wrong & b) It’s flawed.

            I never even said I was getting your releases (I worked on the show myself, so why wouldn’t I mux my superior scripts to BDs), just merely pointed all that all the clamoring around 10-bit as “perfect archival quality” is stupid and pointless as it doesn’t even work properly yet.

          • Ixlone

            Why not encode a superior BD encode and add your “superior” script to it.

            And then release it for all to see.

    • Dys

      Get lost and troll someone who cares.

      Also, if you have no intention of getting our releases, get lost and stop making a mess in our comments.

      Also, lol, superior scripts. Right.

      • kliqIMB¦Mobile

        I plan on releasing my version of [C] when 10-bit is fully functional, or I might release as a normal encode and re-release as 10-bit later so mine can actually be perfect archival quality. Also, don’t give me this “lol superior script” bullshit. You guys know yours is better than mine, and I think mine is better than yours. We both put a fuck ton of effort into releasing this shit so of course yours is going to be the best version.

  • OniSamurai

    I think the people who can’t get 10bit to work properly should just be left in the dust. It’s time for an internet version of “natural selection”. The morons can be weeded out by these methods.

    I’ve installed the codecs on various computers for myself and others, even on a laptop that was 7 years old and could still run 10-bit flawlessly. I don’t know what kind of ancient cereal box giveaway computers some of you are running your Anime on, but one would think it’s about time to upgrade to something post-2005.

    • Leon-Gun

      Some people are just tricked into buying overpriced and underpowered machines. That’s all that really happens. Sadly most people were sold machines with crappy CPU’s yet convinced that they were able to handle all the video needs thrown their way just because the seller told them they were Home Theather Personal Computers.

      • Dami

        no its not in the matter of being tricked, if the PC cant handle it then the pc must be from the stone age..i mean my netbook can play 1080p videos smoothly if not streamed, didn’t try 10bit 1080p yet on it but 8bit-1080p works fine. Karaoke might lag it up sometimes but its not a problem. I will make a vid to prove it when i have some free time..

  • Daniel

    Whats in the bluray version is it just better stuff or something not meant to be shown in the unbluray version

  • Sid

    I love you guys, I hope all of you find wonderful life partners and have tonnes of children with them 🙂

  • Tomoe

    But CoreCodec doesn’t support 10bit yet… yes, i mad

  • Holo

    People, you do realise that manufacturers add support FOR new technologies when their use becomes widespread? Why do you think h264(8-bit) is now supported by so much hardware? Because some people took a leap of faith and went from XviD to h264 in the first place. If no one dares to venture out into the unknown, we’d still be watching shitty .rmvbs.

    For now, only 1080ps are 10-bit. Give it a couple of seasons, both 1080p and 720p will be 10-bit.

    Oh, the 10-bit Key re-releases will have 10-bit 1080p/720p.

  • Crimson

    Encode 720 into Hi10 too, damnit!

  • shiro

    theres a QR-Code at the end of C.
    can anyone ss and upload on image hosting.?

    i just want to know what message on that qr code.

    there are 2 QR-codes.


    • shiro

      the link are damage.
      here another sample..

      • kishii

        Contents of QR-Code, I can’t translate.

        こんばんは。2話の当欄で「卑疑好奇心」についてお話ししましたが、これについて定義があいまいであるとの声or念がありました。文章中「解明するのに迷惑がかかる好奇心」という箇所についてです。「迷惑がかかる」とはいったいどのような状態のことなのか、その定義を明確に規定せぬまま文言にしておりました。この点についてわたくしは、声or念を全面的に支持いたします。声or念に感謝しています。それにしても定義とはじつにうつくしいものです。たとえば現在=これが放映されている「5月」の定義は、「太陽暦で4月と6月の間にある年初から5番目の月、二十四節気の旧暦では概ね 第9番目の芒種から第11番目の小暑までと重なる期間」となります。大変うつくしい物言いですね。

  • Rangi

    Nice release. Good idea to change the OP font to something more distinctive. One complaint: Masakaki says “Midas Bank” at one point and “Chaos Bank” later; it should just be “Midas Bank” throughout. Will you release a patch for this?

    • Dys

      I did a search and replace for Chaos Bank, quite clearly I didn’t search hard enough. O_O

      There will be a v2 in the batch to fix this once all volumes are released.

  • required

    I’m just curious. Did you use Hi10 to lower the file size or to raise the picture quality?

  • nescio nomen

    8-bit hardware support is here because it had an established base, the corporations pushing for Blu-Ray – and the user base that comes with it.

    from what I’ve read around, at least for nvidia cards (dunno about the others), extending 8-bit support to 10-bit probably would require hardware/firmware modification; everything is still foggy enough, our favorite gpu providers are not exactly talkative about it.

    10-bit hw support is dubious: it depends if nvidia, ati, intel see 10-bit as a very small niche thing or a popular need. yes i’ve done my part and already asked a feature support request to nvidia; maybe someone else could do the same if interested.

    remember how conservative/slow the silicon providers are: intel sandy bridges still cannot do properly 23.9whateverP, only 24P, even if it’s clearly a very common standard refresh rate.

    software codecs are “almost there”, probably the situation will stabilize in a couple of months max; if it’s a problem now, it won’t remain a problem for very long. that’s the only good thing about software decoding.

    if by netbooks you are talking about Atoms and similar, 1080p (plain old 8-bit) in software is basically no-go.

    if you are not experiencing problems, it’s most probably because you’re using dxva (ion, fusion, and some rather underpowered Z atoms have a rather good powervr unit instead of the usual intel crappy gpus)

    • required

      Stop complaining. If you don’t like how Doki do their releases then just go and get it from another fansub group. No one is forcing you to take Doki.

      It’s not Doki’s fault that your hardware can’t play Hi10 properly.

      If you ask me I would prefer a 1080p without any compression. Just a 1:1 BD rip packed into a playable container like mkv. I don’t care about file size. HDD’s are cheap.

      • nescio nomen

        I’ve never said I was using Doki’s subs myself. not my intention to blaming them for anything, btw. they’re of course free to do whatever they want when and how they want.

        wanted to point out the problem with hw support since nobody seems to notice it but the users ARE there. I just hope someone else is going to pick up recoding duties (as now there are hi-10 recoding groups).

        the only plain blunt thing I said was against the 8 years old wonder claim, for – I think – very obvious reasons.

        • Ixlone


          Which is why they can clearly use the 720p version or go some place else.

          Same point worded differently in another post != new point.

  • nescio nomen

    on other topics:

    for what concerns the 8-year old supercomputer I’d prefer to not delve further into the details (especially, the bitrate) – but to the interested – I stated some rough measurements on a E8400, done first hand, with plentiful of details for anyone to repeat the tests if willing (I’ll add that I did it with MadVR xor ffdshow-tryouts xor mplayer2), and I tend to believe repeatable tests (if they are off, you can discover it very easily) and being very skeptical of mythical “facts”.


    it’s only natural for someone to “whine” if it’s going to be forced to choose to pay big bucks *and* discard the already done investment – or quit doing something. If you tell me it’s a fact of life like rain or death, and I must live with it, I get it. But it’s still natural to whine about rain you know 😉

    What case are you using (the one that fits the Arctic)?

  • nescio nomen

    software performance:

    one last thing that could be useful to who is topping “tight” cpus:

    in my case the worst performer was madvr (no idea why), with the cpu “flat 100%”, with the video skipping quite a bit, while ffdshow-tryouts and mplayer2 were roughly on the same boat (not surprisingly) with moments in which the cpu went down to (min) 70% and much less framedrops.

    k-lite and cccp should be roughly in the same league than mplayer2 or ffdshow-tryouts, or slightly better.

    people blessed with really powerful cpus might consider picking up madvr, not for its 10-bit capabilities but for the quality rendering it’s capable of.

    • Ixlone

      No one is forcing you into doing anything. If you can’t play 1080 10 bit, get the 720p.

      Or go elsewhere. It’s just that simple.

    • Dys

      Stop posting the crap in Doki’s anime release threads. No-one’s reading your verbose posts except those of us who have a good reason to.

      Go and find a valid forum to talk about it in, instead of somewhere that you’re just annoying people, please.

    • @nescio nomen
      Stop saying bullshit, 10-bit use almost the same CPU power as 8-bit, and madVR needs at least 128 MB of dedicated GPU power, so if you don’t have the necessary GPU power, madVR will rape your CPU, just like that, even tough I have only 64 MB, everything plays smooth, even 1080p.

      CPU ins’t always the problem, i’m pretty sure it’s codec issues, well, if you still can’t play anything, just stick with 480p or get the hell out here, I don’t think anyone needs that type of complaining anymore.

      Obs: a single-core of 2.20 Ghz is enable to play 1080p with madVR, I tested myself.

    • Petrushka

      hmm?what?ur preaching has finished?
      can i go home now?

  • Is Lucky Star going to get worked on any time soon?

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