No. 6 – 08

No. 6 - 08

Really into the story now!

We are experimenting with streaming. Click here to test out a 396p stream of this episode. Feedback appreciated (Quality/lag/etc)

The page also has Air OP in 480p and 720p that you could test.

v2 patch for episode 3 released. See here

HD: [Doki] No. 6 – 08 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [D136B524].mkv


SD: [Doki] No. 6 – 08 (848×480 h264 AAC) [D7A72B46].mkv


48 comments to No. 6 – 08

  • Chyvalle

    there is no link for episode 8 in fileserve @_@

  • Chyvalle

    it’s already uploaded, thanks πŸ˜€

  • Daniel

    Hey i tested out the 396p for No. 6 and it kinda looks digusting, the quality you have right now 1280X720p looks fantastic the way its suppose to be

  • anonymous 0.0

    hmm im not fond of streams because of the lack of quality but the 720p air op was not bad it’s just that when i wanted full screen mode i had to also go in full screen mode with my browser, the audio would keep hanging and get quite some lagg and when i tried to rewind the video stopped responding and i had to close the process. well with this u owned most of the streams out there.

  • JackRav

    I can’t comment on the NO.6 stream, but the air OP looked really good. I had problems when it came to fullscreen 720p, though, and I can normally deal with downloaded 1080p with no problems.

    It certainly blows anything else I’ve streamed out of the water, though

  • Clannad Man

    Thats a good stream you have there with #6. Even my junk 90kbps internet can handle it without any lag when it usually would. Nice job.

    As for the quality, its fine. Anyone who doesn’t like it should feel free to donate to Doki so that they can improve their equipment and stream higher quality releases. Or at least DL the higher quality version.

    … and don’t say ‘I can’t donate!’ I’m sure if you insist they will be happy to accept a sizable donation after their donation request has been met for the month.

  • Grim

    Thank you very much!!

  • Velocitas013

    I gotta say, that’s one nice stream you got there! It’s at least on par with CrunchyRoll’s free streaming. Actually I think it’s better since I didn’t see much of the banding that plagues CR’s SD releases. (CR Steins;Gate… ugghhh) It did lag a little by the time it reached the OP, but it’s probably cause I was torrenting all of this weeks releases while streaming πŸ™‚

  • A.Crush

    Geez, another service added. I definitely prefer LQ/HQ downloads via torrent to streams, but it’s an interesting test. I’m for anything that potentially kills off CR or helps towards that end. It might be a great alternative for those with slow torrent speeds or limited storage to still watch the weekly releases.

    Thanks for the release, too.

  • shani

    Air OP tested. Chrome has laggy audio. FF5 works fine. Didn’t see No.6 because yet to see anything beyond episode 2.

  • grebs

    Streaming as well, that would be a great service. Tested all 3, had no problems with any of them.

  • DarkE

    Also tested all 3 streams. No lag whatever, works great. But still I hate streaming because I want to archive all my anime at 720p.

  • ZeroYuki

    The streams doesn’t seem to be working for me.

    With that said, nothing new seems to work for me, like Hi10p and Fileserve.

  • masat

    Works perfect on FF7, make chapters work and get rid of that logo in the corner and it’ll be perfect πŸ˜€

    …but I guess if this is really going to be a thing, we’ll need quite a bit of resources to not let it suck.

  • Rourensu

    The Air OP in HD is fanastic. I don’t see this working with newly released eps though. Everyone’s gonna want them at the same time and the bandwith is going to get raped. For older eps it’d be great! Also, thanks for Ep 8 in 720 guys πŸ˜‰

  • rude

    no problems here either with AIR 720p, looked way better then CR and not jagged. I see Doki gonna do 10bit key anime, any chance of including the BD menu extra for them?

  • DenwaOtoko


    Such a random number..

  • Daniel

    PlZ Doki don’t use Hi10p, the quality is a lie, I have many problem like blurry image, and what so not

  • Nasu

    Well, for no.6 the quality was good for online stream (they’re usually chunky and pixelated). The Air opening buffered good for me (8Mbit connection), but the sound was really low – maybe adding some gain to online stream? It maybe was just a problem with FLAC or AAC in BD i suppose, they’re usually more quiet than TV version (compare Kanon BD and TV). Overally it’s good, but as always it could be better^^

  • SpringHalo

    Streaming quality is great, though the video player you’re using seems to stretch the video to whatever screen ratio you have when you enter fullscreen. It’s fine on my 1080p monitor, but it looked terribly distorted on a 1280×800 screen. If you can fix that, it would be great. Either way though, video quality was excellent for the size, and fully buffered after about 3 minutes.

  • SamRavster

    I think that this is a fantastic idea. Some people don’t like downloading episodes, for whatever reason, so this is definitely an interesting test. I hate it when steaming sites don’t give the fansubbers proper credit for the subbing, and even worse, profit from fansubbers hard work i.e. adverts on the site.

    Whilst I won’t stream personally, I can certainly see people using this. It might be really useful to have low seeded torrents as streams; instead of waiting hours or even days to watch it 720p from their harddrive, they could watch almost 720p directly from the internet at a much quicker speed.

    Definitely pursue this.

  • kingcaner

    I mentioned it somewhere above but I think it’s being overlooked. How about Bittorrent DNA to get some additional bandwith for the streams? It’s like “Stream with torrent power”. It might be worth to have a look at it.

    More info at:

  • xT0RP1Dx

    Just letting you know, your 1080p Air OP stream looks great and loads wonderfully, even on a 3Mbps DSL connection. Any plans for consistently streamed shows?

  • Paul

    Quality fine. Lag problems made watching impossible. Need to have wired ethernet really.

  • Daniel

    whats after uninstalling VLC and installing K-Lite

    • Holo

      use MPC which is included in Klite

      • Daniel

        I cant use VLC, okay heres what i did i installed K-Lite first, then CCCP, and then Haali Media Splitter(is that needed), but something i always get the buzz from the sound,

        • DarkE

          Well Haali Media Splitter is included in CCCP / K-Lite. Don’t install two Codec Packs at the same time, so uninstall all codec pack, reboot your computer, install ONLY K-Lite and it should work.

          • Daniel

            Do i install klite and cccp or just klite

          • Teron

            Just one of them. Both CCCP and K-Lite share most codecs so having both packs installed together will bring problems. Either of them will also install MPC-HC by default. IMO, I always found K-lite to be simpler to install than CCCP, at least for someone with little knowledge on the subject like me.

      • Daniel

        Whenever I use MPC, the subs like freeze and say in 1 place

        • Reiko

          In MPC, go to Options > Subtitles > Allow animation when buffering

          Then in your start menu, choose K-Lite Codec Pack > Configuration > DirectVobSub

          In here, go to Misc > Allow Animation when buffering and press ok

          Now it should work

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