Blood-C - 07

Blood-C – 07

All right, time for the ~LOLSTORY~ episode. Yes, the story finally unfolds. It also gets psycho. Again.
But we don’t mind psycho, do we? After all, each and every one of us is a little bit psycho (Some are more than others. Looking at you, ーCENSOREDー).

We changed this week’s episode title to “Inattentive”. In fact, we we will update all the previous episode titles for the BDs.
They are all extraordinary and impressive since they are from “100 Poems By 100 Famous Artists” (or something like that).
The previous titles weren’t wrong, just modernized.

Also, you might have heard strange rumors about himie, rumors that need to be confirmed.
I hereby confirm that himie is in fact a chick dressing up as a dude who wants to be a chick.
I know, I know, I’m thinking the exact same thing. Wicked stuff.

Enjoy dat episode. Enjoy CLAMP. Enjoy Doki. Do not enjoy ーCENSOREDー as they have meaty saucy balls.
You’ve been informed.

PS. Thank you Azure and Holo. This episode was just too mind-fucking.

Edit: Updated with BD versions.

720p: Blood-C (2011) [Doki][1280×720 Hi10P BD FLAC]

Torrent | XDCC

480p: Blood-C (2011) [Doki][848×480 h264 BD AAC]

Torrent | XDCC

55 comments to Blood-C – 07

  • Zdm321

    Stream of consciousness

  • shani

    You guys are still doing this show?

    • solstice

      No, we aren’t. A certain wizard gives it to us.

        • solstice

          I know, right?

        • AzureHakua

          18:51 Azure: wait
          18:51 Azure: wtf
          18:51 solstice: hm? :O
          18:51 Azure: I was looking at the wrong line or something
          18:51 Azure: Herp derp
          18:52 Azure: I was looking at 83
          18:52 solstice: yes
          18:52 solstice: I meant 83
          18:52 Azure: why did the lines change
          18:52 Azure: oh herp
          18:52 Azure: you put in ep9
          18:52 solstice: 😀
          18:52 Azure: wow
          18:52 Azure: I feel so dumb now
          18:52 Azure: Why you tricking me
          18:52 Azure: lol
          18:52 solstice: WIZARD~!
          18:52 Azure: Solstice.
          18:53 Azure: You’re a wizard!

  • If you really care about the episode titles you ought to be using the Absolutely Official English Episode Titles from the NicoNico subs. And the official English terminology in general. Just sayin’

    • Define official, cave troll.

      • Official as in provided by the authors of the show for the official translators doing the official English subtitles. That official enough for you?

        • himie

          The same official kanji that we get in the official airing that anyone with some basic japanese could translate?

          The official authors of the show do not give the official translator a direct official translation, it’s just someone who knows japanese and translates the same official kanji that we get in the official episode.

    • solstice

      The infamous Daiz is gracing us with his presence. Blessed shall be my heart and soul.

      First of all, thank you for the heads up. I wasn’t aware that those titles were “official” ones provided by the “authors” or whoever themselves.

      Secondly, they might be official, but two of them are badly translated. I had this confirmed by four of our TLs and three native speakers. As you have previously stated before, our job, or the job of our TLs, is to translate, and this exactly what we are doing. They might be official, but they are still kind of wrong. You wouldn’t use official subs if they were wrong either. Therefore, we’d rather translate them ourselves instead of, you know, copying and pasting “official” (wrong) titles, which is not our job, but apparently that is how you do things over there.

      • solstice

        Oh and, learn to RC, Daiz. You know a lot when it comes to anime and fansubbing, but yet so little when it comes to Japanese music and other things. Don’t disappoint me. You are supposed to know everything.

        • Rokudaime

          Aren’t you giving him a bit too much credit? ; ) He’s famous, yes, but not necessarily just for the right reasons. I mean, look at the 5th requirement point in this post Kristen made over at Chihiro:
          :p Also, I heard he’s like the King of all trolls.

          • solstice

            Daiz can be sensitive, or so I’ve heard from various sources. You see, Daiz here, has a heart of gold. He tries to hide it by being the ultimate troll. A hungry troll. We here love Daiz. Hell, we even have someone called “Dys”.

            Also, Kristen doesn’t count. He was trolled by Comfag’s dick. It was a traumatizing and damaging day for him. He’ll never be the same again.

          • Rokudaime

            Alright. One thing though…Kristen is a girl. ; )

    • Holo

      Correct translations > Official translations.

    • Dys

      Correct translation > Official translations.

      * opinions > Daiz opinions.

  • Omega

    Oh Yeah more Saya! Time for bloody action with censor yippie!!!

  • Do I miss anything if I just start with episode 06 where the killing starts? I read that the previous eps. are pretty boring.

    • There is killing and lots of blood in every episode. The first few set up the setting and characters. You basically see the life Saya WANTS to lead but can’t because of her job. You also see how she wants to protect people but fails utterly.
      I personally would advise you to watch the other episodes too, even if it’s just for the stronger emotional impact. Though it’s up to you in the end.

  • Thanks for the episode, but being a huge fan of Nichijou, I can’t help but see that there has been no updates whatsoever… Is it still on schedule?

  • himie

    Wait I’m confused, so in the end what am I?

  • Grim

    Thank you very much!!

  • macxxx007

    I was happy at “psycho” and “mind-fucking” … but then I saw Censored… SAD PANDA!

    Thanks for the episode! I can’t wait for you guys to do the BDs!

  • DarkSpace

    so… Himie is a girl who tries to look like a boy who crossdresses as a girl. Is that correct?

    Also, thanks for the episode!

    • solstice

      Exactly, Latino-Latina. He’s Mexican after all.

      • Rokudaime

        Then why are you still refering to her as a “he”? :-/ No matter what she tries to look like, if she’s a girl, she’s a girl (I always though she was a guy though…). Or are you just messing with us? 😉 This is all rather confusing…I’l follow up and ask then, since I’m curious: What gender are YOU? 😀

  • thank you for the episode. the censorship in the last ep was really an eyesore

  • blargh

    That Daiz person is right, though. The NicoNico ep titles are provided by CLAMP.

    • solstice

      CLAMP personally provides the English titles? Doubtful. Source? And even if they were, my point wouldn’t change.

      • blargh

        Not the English subtitles. Re-read my statement. The translations of the titles.

        For starters:

        There are similar such statements for much of the terminology in the NicoNico broadcast, from the ep titles to the term Elder Bairn.

        NicoNico != CR.

        Also, listen up. You managed to find out that the titles are oldfag Japanese. Great work. Apparently you didn’t understand anything, though. Let’s just use this one ep as an example.


        Obviously you seem to suspect that ukari is 浮かり and keru… 蹴る or whatever. With some effort, that explains how you got to careless/inattentive.

        It’s also wrong.

        ukarikeru is taken from this poem:

        憂かりける 人を初瀬の 山おろしよ
        はげしかれとは 祈らぬものを

        written by Minamoto Toshiyori like a millennium ago or so.

        “The mountain wind from Hase brings grief to men
        That she should be that fierce and unrelenting were not my prayers”

        Kudos for getting it wrong.

        Literally it would be something like “sorrowful”. Note, however, that it evokes the context of the poem as a whole (which is a classic), and therefore makes liberal translations such as “Pitiless as the storms around Hase” very attractive.

        Do you want me to look at all your other episodes too, and tell you what’s wrong with their titles? Can you be trusted with the dialogue itself, at least?

        What annoys me more than that you got it wrong (which isn’t really rare with ancient Jap) is your absolute conviction that what you did was correct and even preferable, when in truth it was just plain bullshitted.

        • solstice

          I’m not even a TL so I don’t see why you are telling me all this (rage issues?). I stated facts that were confirmed by others, nothing more or less. I also only recently started working on BloodC, so yes, I was “unaware” of those poems. Great work being retarded about it.

          And I never said “subtitles” in my post above. Learn to read yourself before you “lrn2rd” someone else. : D

          Hope you got the satisfaction you needed, though. Obviously you are a TL or someone who knows how to JapaneseーI’m not. There is no reason for us to deepen this “LOLIGODUNOT” conversation.

        • Dys

          I’m gonna go ahead and ignore your ENTIRE response and refer to that fact that YOU fail to grasp that you’re talking to the editor, not the translator.

          Holier than thou attitudes should really be reserved for those who are ACTUALLY better and not people who just THINK they’re great.

          • blargh

            Awesome, then you two can go shuffle over to the TLs and tell them.


            Not sure why you’d get so butthurt about a little criticism when it’s not your fault, especially since I didn’t insult you or anything.

            I mean, shouldn’t it just elate you to see someone correct the embarrassing mistakes you make? And in this, to preclude any further annoyance on your part, I mean the plural “you” which denotes the entirety of Doki. Since, I am sure you realize, the entire team is responsible for the mistakes of the individual.

            If what you say is true, mistakes are group effort at Doki at any rate.

            Don’t hide behind your wall of feigned innocence when the going gets tough, particularly not after spouting all that crap yourself

          • Dys

            lol, Blargh, you certainly are verbose.

            The assumption that we’re embarrassed by any mistake would be your own personal faux pas. What we’re getting is not butthurt, but it’s not nice when people presume to know better and question the overall quality based on one or two mistakes.

            There is no perfect release, and we won’t feel some bizarre sense of culpability for making a small mistake while giving our time and effort to provide a free service for fans.

            Note: Everyone makes mistakes.

            The second part that does annoy some of us (i.e. me) is when people act holier than thou and question our work when they clearly have no need to be watching our work to begin with. In those cases, we like it when people apply as TL’s instead. 😀

        • And is that poem an Official translation or something you took from wikipedia?

          • blargh

            What? The translation I put there is my own.

            Also, what are you talking about, the author is a thousand years dead.

          • solstice

            Apparently CLAMP themselves provide those (unconfirmed) “official” translated episode titles to Nico². Those so-called “official” episode titles are then being posted on wikipedia. It might be true, so I won’t deny the possibility, but I’m heavily doubting that Nico², or their management, is telling the absolute truth. Some are just that gullible.

          • solstice

            @Blargh I’m not butthurt, not at all. Don’t read too much into it. I understand you think I am because, well, you don’t know me. Little or nothing about me will ever make any real sense to you until you have a serious one-on-one conversation with me—like an interview, except neither side is trying to prove or expose anything. This isn’t an invitation though, as we both probably have better things to spend our time on than discovering why we shouldn’t be annoyed with each other. The reason I tried to cut the conversation was because I’m no TL. I have absolutely nothing to say to you nor am I able to defend myself here.

            And I’m not trying to “hide” so stop trying to judge me or accuse me of doing shit I’m not, sweetheart. I bet you get far with those judgment skills of yours, though. :p

            Anyhow, feeding time over. Come back tomorrow again for more delicious food.

          • blargh

            All right, whatever floats your boat.

        • Thaerin

          Ok, let’s get started here. I’M the translator that changed the titles for this show. I am not, however, the translator of the show itself.

          I did use the 百人一首 for my translations. You seem to have made an assumption based on the kanji I used for my translation. Let me point out to you though, that regardless of how much 憂く you have, an 憂かりける人 (as it appears in the poem itself) is in fact a 自分の思いにこたえてくれない冷たい人. This is supported by numerous Japanese sources. I would describe this reference as “inattentive”, or, more specifically, someone who does not attend to the pleas of others. Any attempt to misinterpret this because of your lack of English/Japanese ability or lack of depth as a human being should be avoided.

          Secondly, I don’t believe that the English titles being referred to as “official” were in fact provided by CLAMP. Assuming this is true, however, I still feel that they are poor and misleading. The “official” version of the aforementioned title is “As Pitiless as the Storm”. Go watch the episode: Which title makes any actual sense to what you’re seeing and hearing. Which might be more correct and in tune with artistry?

          Furthermore, a fansub group does not exist to create more of what is being made available commercially, but to create an alternative experience and discourse.

          • blargh

            First of all, 憂かりける refers to 山おろし, not 人.

            Next is your explanation:


            You say this means “inattentive when it comes to others”. That is wrong. Do you actually understand what 自分 means? 自分 is 人’s own, as in, someone who won’t act on or “reply” to his own emotions. The emotions are treated as a separate party, so it has くれない in there.

            Do you understand what the ~かりける does? If so, why don’t you try explaining it?

          • Dys

            Blargh, if you’re so awesome, a: stop watching fansubs, you don’t fucking need them b: come TL/TLC for us officially instead of trying to make us look bad in our comments sections.

  • 憂かりける=憂くありける btw

    Remember what I said about interpretation? There’s poetic ambiguity as well as duality in terms of the subject. You see this in analyses of these poems all over Japanese sites. Furthermore, if the mountain is so important to you in this case, you can consider that the mountain doesn’t care about people’s suffering: Translation doesn’t change. Magic.

    • blargh

      That there is pretty much a synonym, yes. So what’s ありける according to you?

      The mountain? The mountain isn’t the point, 山おろし is a wind that blows down the slopes of a mountain. The wind is the po– actually, look. This will never get resolved unless I cite Japanese people, so here you go:


      “Someone is treated heartlessly by others, and though [I] prayed to Kannon, the wind that blew from Hase [where Kanon resides] gradually made that person rageful and bitter, which was not what [I] prayed for.”

      That makes perfect damn sense for Blood-C, because what happens to Saya embitters her and causes her grief. How you decide to translate this phrase – literally, or liberally – is your own decision, but your TL is simply wrong and misleading.

      Especially in the context of Blood-C, there is practically no ambiguity. Japanese is certainly ambiguous, but often “translators” hide behind the ostensible ambiguity of Japanese to justify having mistranslated something with some supposedly alternative meaning.

      • Dys

        It’s from a poem, it’s not “in the context of Blood-C”

        Clearly you have an inability to admit you’re wrong and no-one wants to argue with you any more.

        If you can’t understand what’s being said to you and insist on failing to comprehend the simple way it’s been explained, your obstinate attitude will be faced with us taking a stance of “ignore the ass”.

        • blargh

          It’s from a poem. It’s used for an episode of Blood-C.

          We agree on this, I guess.

          So obviously the creators must have had some connection between the two in mind.


          That would be… the poem in the context of Blood-C.


  • Despite all of the “bantering” above, I enjoy the show greatly and intend to download every episode. FYI, at 22:53 of the episode, evanescent is misspelled (may be slightly different time depending on which episode is being played)

  • Stalydan

    Quick question, when will the next episode be out? It’s probably on here somewhere but I’m new to the site.

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