No. 6 – 04

No. 6 - 04

We took longer on this ep due to issues raised last week. Also the ED is the full version this episode.

Coming later today is Blood-C (Ep 3) and Mayo Chiki (Ep 4).

HD: [Doki] No. 6 – 04 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [DEF2C968].mkv


SD: [Doki] No. 6 – 04 (848×480 h264 AAC) [52EC1A06].mkv


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  • #1

    The torrents links aren’t working? o.o

  • Elvin21

    Just take your time doing shows. Thanks for the relase! Will wait for Mayo Chiki, Ohana, & the NBA lolis…

  • LunaYoshi

    Ok, time to watch No. 6. Thanks for the release~

  • solstice

    Special thanks to everyone who has worked on it so hard yesterday, especially Thaerin!

  • forgottensorrow

    Found a link to the ending, like full one or whatever, extended…

  • narco

    Thanks for all your hard work! I really like what you’re doing with the series.

  • anonymous

    Thanks for the hard work!
    Btw, where’s mayo chiki? 🙁

  • LeviathanX

    Thanks for continuing this show after all the critics 🙂

    Well, somehow this paper note bugs me…

    I think the following is read as one word instead of two separate:
    自信なし = unsure, uncertain
    instead of zero(なし) confidence (自信)

    And 13000あたり – “around 13000”?! It somehow sounds strange, but I can’t come up with something better right now..

    Oh and as I made the suggestion about “火” (which is “fire” or short for Tuesday). I don’t want to be blamed for making false statements: After learning the name of his mother I looked up what Kanji they use for her name.

    Well, in the end “火” is like her signature… So it’s better to translate it to her name “Karan” (火藍) as this is what it really stands for.

    Another thing in this episode at 10m07s (backside of the photo):


    ‘With the members of Organisation X’… the “x” is too much

    There is also an alternative translation/interpretation for this:
    “All the founding members gathered”

    Depending what this picture really shows you can interchange “organisation” with “founding” (the Kanji-compound has both meanings)…

    Besides that the translation sounded very plausible this time 🙂

    (Before someone questions my statements: I’m a translator in the scanlation sector.)

  • Eventually, I will address the note in question, but seeing as it was meant to be cryptic, I made a few stylistic choices early on that may sound strange. She IS writing a letter to a fugitive. In the case of 自信なし, I was not reading them separately, but using the English to play against the 3下 line and create a more fittingly cryptic message.

    I appreciated the Tuesday comment and added it, as I had glossed over the fact that it was a character. Hadn’t even thought of the name, which of course is the sounder explanation. This was something I should have looked closer at in editing – it’ll change in the BD. In the meantime, we know it’s from her anyway. And in a message such as this, if a character named 火藍 is signing her name as 火, we would simply shorten the name as “Ka”, etc., rather than spelling it out for people that don’t get it.

    I’ll have to beg to differ on the back of the picture. The text reads 創設X=バーらと共に, which (without knowing more about who all those people in the photo were and what they were involved in) encourages me to think that the group had a name, as indicated by the “X”. This picture was likely notated by Rikiga himself, meaning that we can’t separate the 創設X (in an attempt to say founding year “x”) because he’s not part of the group; he was only there to research. He’s then, presumably, pictured here along with the members of some organization. Anything else is beyond conjecture and requires more episodes of info. Think of the = as meaning の and it makes this theory even more attractive.

    Thank you for the close reading and the insights! This show and I will continue to have critics, but the important thing is whether the people who criticize can communicate their ideas appropriately. You sir, are much appreciated.

    • LeviathanX

      Thanks for your answer 🙂

      About the text on the back of the picture:

      I don’t think the part reads “X=バーら”

      I really think it is “メンバーら” The word “member” (メンバー) written in Katakana and the “ら” as being a suffix for plural. And after that “と” stands which (among other uses) is used to refer to persons.

      It’s just bad handwriting in my humble opinion. I think that makes sense as you see a lot of people gathered on the picture…

      At least I can’t think of a loanword from English which is just “バーら”.

  • Grim

    Thank you very much, Doki.

  • Nisen

    I just watched the first episode. Downloading the second.
    It stinks yayoi.
    But one thing took my attention more than anything, Safu ij the first episode, she looked like a tomboysh Utao (Kamisama Dolls). That’s all, but I’m already aware of the time skip, so meh, no more tomboysh Utao.

  • Thank you very much for this. ^^

    I’m still waiting patiently for Baka to Test Ni! Episode 03 & 04. ^^a

    Good luck~ o/

  • Can you repair the karaoke?
    the line -futari dake no himitsu to chuumon
    I think the word they use there is JUMON not CHUUMON as jumon (呪文 “じゅもん”) means “spell” which is the same as the song’s title.

  • The show is pretty interesting with the sci-fi aspects, but the BL is getting to be too much for me that I’m dropping it. A shame really, it would be better without the random forced BL.

  • He can make even the act of putting on his dressing gown appear as a gesture of defiance.

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