Blood-C - 03

Blood-C – 03

Sorry about the delay, and thanks for waiting.

Edit: Updated with BD versions.

720p: Blood-C (2011) [Doki][1280×720 Hi10P BD FLAC]

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480p: Blood-C (2011) [Doki][848×480 h264 BD AAC]

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21 comments to Blood-C – 03

  • DeadHungryMe28

    At last, thanks for this Holo-sama.. Itadakimasu~

    • PointBlueStarvation

      Is there a special pattern I can apply to get image that looks like yours? I just’ve never got squary one.

      • Tal

        I’m pretty sure the non-custom avatars are generated through a combination of your username and the e-mail address you provide. Keep them the same and the avatar doesn’t change. Modify one or the other and the avatar changes. Or so I think.

  • LunaYoshi

    I hope it’s not another waste of an episode. Thanks for the release.

  • Tal

    To those of you who have seen all three episodes: what do you think of this series? Is it just something to kill time? Is it more than that and is actually pretty good? Is it in fact the best of the season in your opinion? Would you even go so far as to claim that it is Top 5 Anime Ever material? I’d like to know what people are thinking about the series now that three episodes are out. Please reply only if you’ve seen all three episodes that’ve aired so far. Thanks.

    • Koishi

      I expected better, its like watching that Endless Eight thing from Haruhi~

    • anon

      for quality of charakter, cg, song, bgm is good i like it.
      but for story…its so usual/ordinary, i expected better T^T

      maybe in the next next episode will be better…

      but anyway…
      i will still watch this, because i will not lose faith to CLAMP and especially for Mizuki Nana <3 XD

      *sorry for my bad english m(_ _)m

  • Omega

    Yeah, more of the beautiful Saya-chan!

  • shani

    No need to apologize. I gave up on this show already. You can take all your time to release this. Make this your least priority. Thanks for Usagi Drop and No.6

  • I haven’t given up on this show, so thank you very much for keeping up with this 🙂

  • Grim

    Thank you very much, Doki.

  • Relgoshan

    Downloading, but I don’t know why. First two eps had same formula. “Happy morning, friends, mysterious boy. Dad looks serious! Fight random WTF monster. Credits.”

    My big problem is the poor quality of dubbing, I can hear background noise in the mic every time someone speaks.

  • macxxx007

    Yay! thanks for the episode!

  • random

    I dont know if its just me but I think there are two mistakes in the opening:

    1. is in the first french section the subs say “J’ai plus rien a croire, juste qu’il y a a voir” while its actually “J’ai plus rien a croire, sufit que se qu’il y a a voir”

    2. near the end the subs say no play no gain while its actually no pain no gain (like the expression)

  • Noein

    this anime is damn strange random i would say retarted daily saya acting like some 1rst grade school , while at night deadly “assasin ” ? , strange scenario in the blood series ever made lol


    It’s no Blood+ but I never drop anything unless it is undeniable crap. This isn’t the case. However, way below my expectations as of ep4. For the most part, pointless dribble and 5 minutes of sword play. I’m hoping for the turn around but not confident in anything substantial happening to raise my rating lol. All the other shows are great though!

  • afilito

    I think the frukimono said: “Nushi, yakujou wo mamore” and that means “Lord, honour the contract”. maybe I’m wrong…

  • Relgoshan

    Better sound quality this episode, now downloading 4. That will determine if I continue to follow the show.

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