Recruiting Cappers

As Holo hinted at a few days ago, we plan on releasing shows quickly next season. However, one major time drain is acquiring raws, which can take days to show up on Japanese P2P networks. To alleviate this, we’re looking for a few cappers that can provide us with fast, quality transport stream (.ts) raws. The job itself is fairly easy (it can even be automated!), and has only one major requirement: you (or just your capping equipment) must be located in Japan.

We’re looking for these channels in particular:

Tokyo Region: TV Tokyo, Fuji TV, TBS

Osaka Region: TV Osaka, MBS

Aichi Region: TV Aichi

Prefecture-specific: Tokyo MX (Tokyo Prefecture), Chiba TV (Chiba Prefecture), TV Saitama/Teletama (Saitama Prefecture), Sun TV (Hyogo Prefecture)

Satellite: AT-X HD

Feel free to email us at if you receive any of these channels and are willing to cap for us.

Chances are, you are already capping shows on these channels and only have to set up a script to push the .ts onto our server.

16 comments to Recruiting Cappers

  • Why don’t you just borrow some of Kristen’s ludicrous amounts of donation money and buy the caps from CapitalistFags?

    I mean, the likelihood of getting cappers via a website recruitment post is practically zero.

    • Holo

      I know, that’s why I haven’t done it for like a year. But if you don’t try, you won’t succeed, even though the chances are practically zero.

  • CapitalistFag

    I know a guy who can cap for you… 🙂

  • paul

    i live in japan, but i dont know anything about “capping”. How much work is it?

    • Holo

      You would need equipment to do it. Like a Friio, satellite dishes…

    • Zdm321

      After the capture device (like a Friio or a PC TV Tuner) is set up, there isn’t that much “work” to do (the capping and uploading processes can be done automatically).

      A satellite dish is only needed if you want to get AT-X HD (which will also require a separate satellite TV subscription), but if you just want to get the traditional, over-the-air terrestrial channels, a standard antenna would do the trick.

    • Holo

      If you are interested, you can always come and have a chat with us on IRC, and im sure people will talk you through it.

  • Rokudaime

    While we’re on the topic of releasing shows quickly, are you guys sure you’l be able to release SHUFFLE! and Haruhi in time for Lucky Star and Clannad After Story later this year, like you mentioned? Because it doesn’t look that way to me at this rate. Are both shows “stalled” or something? :-/ I’m not trying to be ungrateful; I have a TON of stuff to get through, so I’m in no rush to watch them again any time soon, but I’m just curious. There’s been no development on either of them for quite some time now. Both are way more important to me than any of all these new shows you guys are doing, so…

  • Deathwatch1

    For any who haven’t caught on yet, “capper” is code for “contract killer”. “TV Tuner” is a knife job (insert, then adjust frequency). “AT-X” is an ax job. “AT-X HD” is, well, let’s let that be a surprise. It’s a job where you get to meet a lot of interesting people, briefly…

    Most of the work is pro bono, involving whiners who complain about not getting free goodies as fast as they want them.

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