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Remember I made a anime DDL site a while back but it had disappeared? That’s because I had abandoned that design to come up with something completely new.

And here it is! I am pleased roll out v1 of my new anime DDL site, which I have named “Anime Index”.

On it has DDLs for all Doki shows, and DDLs for all airing shows from this season on. Check it out!

I have reseeded the majority of torrents which died along with anirena. Updated links are on Anime Index.

At the moment, it is a pretty simple site, but I will be adding a lot more features to it in future versions. Many thanks to AvidElite, who helped me with coding and Pahndamonium, who will be maintaining the database for the site.

72 comments to Anime Index & Reseeding

  • stream

    Once you’ve added more groups it will be useful as hell.♥

  • fakenamestar

    Thought. You should organize it like the season charts from /a/ or the like. So the thumbnail could lead to the shows list of eps. But each show could have a good synopsis. And it would be organized.

  • Someone

    Idk if its just me, but I cant seem to DL the entire batch.. It says I have to be a premium member to do so. And you can only DL one file per 660 seconds. x_X Help please?

    • It’s as it says. You’ll have to be a premium member in order to download the whole batch in one go.
      If you don’t have a premium member account, you’ll have to download them one at a time, and also wait the countdowns.

    • hikaricore

      If you install JDownloader you’ll be able to (almost) “automatically” download the batches.
      I believe Fileserv uses a capchca system so you’ll need to be sitting at your computer while you download but each time a new one starts the entry box will pop up so you can surf around or work while it’s occuring.

  • Elvin21

    Nice one! But it will take more time of the “updating” on the info of the show. And its easier for getting downloads on either torrent or DDL.

  • DaftMink

    Just saying since I saw the title.
    [UTW] > [Ayako]..

    Or not what do i know.

  • mehrun

    i hoped that DL section be with resume!like Mediafire or your own server or space!
    but that’s good,thank you
    seeding is cool!!

  • Bradin

    Thanks. I thought that I want to let you know that fileserve is out of question right now. I’m having hard time to acquire the shows that you guys subbing.

    Have you guys tried I really like it and it works pretty nice. Maybe once fileserve stops being an bitch to me in near future, then I will go back to download again.

  • mehrun

    so what about MediaFire?

    • Mediafire does not pay us for the number of downloads they receive, and nor do they allow to upload files that are over 200mb. Making files into parts for our downloads is something we’d prefer not to do.
      So our verdict for using mediafire, would be a ‘no’.
      Thanks for trying to help anyway. 🙂

  • jmaeshawn

    Odd how you have gg’s version of Madoka up instead of Chihiro’s…

  • A.Crush

    It seemed kind of pointless at first since there are already decent anime torrent and DDL sites…but dang, a clean, organized listing of downloads with torrents, DDLs, and only by the popular groups. Pretty awesome stuff.

    Once it gets bigger, there’s going to need to be a search bar though.

    If it stays organized, which might be easy by sticking to only certain groups, it might become pretty popular. Not that I like ads or anything but maybe some banner ads to bring in some income might work? If it gets popular enough, a few bucks a day adds up after awhile, and might be a great supplement to donations.

  • Fufufu

    Are you fucking SERIOUS holo? You’re downloading other group’s work, which is already on FS. Re-uploading it to FS, and then proceeding to MAKE MONEY ON IT. Jesus fucking christ, what a douche bag.

    SAME FUCKING FILE. Instead of using the link to support GG, you want everyone to support your little indexing money grab. Numerous other examples on this shitty anime index site. Welcome to

    • Holo

      Sup fu. I do what animetake does. They don’t use my fileserve links either. You’re acting like I’m gonna retire off the money make off this. You do realise money goes into making payments for the server? Servers aren’t free you know. Bandwidth is expensive. Anime index also host xdcc bots.

    • Index

      not drama again….. 😐

      can u just gtfo beside pretending to be superman?

      it’s better for you to spend ur time jerking off in your dark room instead bitching here, you f*cking hikikomori….
      ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

    • A.Crush

      Eh…he’s got a point.

      But it’s only an issue if other groups bitch about it.

    • Fufufu

      Money that should cover those groups server cost. Why should their work cover your server cost? You’re not honestly spending shit on the webhosting. You’re not spending shit on the FS either.

      • Holo

        You should bitch at AnimeTake then. They’ve been doing this for over 2 years.

        You haven’t got a clue on how much I spend on what. If you think that a profit is being made, you’re either trolling or you really are that stupid. If you want to take this issue further, take it up with me over IRC.

        One is gg’s link and the other is AnimeTake’s. I rest my case.

      • FFms

        @fufufu: You know Doki is different, right? Just the electric bill for encoding all those 1080p animes that remain churning all night 24/7 cost Holo and the Doki encoders more money than server costs. Open your ******* brain. You know other groups use rubbish ultra-fast encoding options on cheap transport sreams, right?

        • FFms

          s/server costs/bandwidth costs/

        • Fufufu

          My issue is, and always has been, taking support from those groups. It has nothing to do with you making money on this. I don’t support animetake either.

          Doki’s work supports Doki, other group’s work should not. The cost for Doki to encode, use bandwidth, and release anime is a true cost. For this reason Doki has it’s own FS links, and their own donation goals(which they meet, and exceed. If this isn’t enough, raise it perhaps?).

          The cost for them to download some other group’s work and post it on FS with a link from their site nears $0. Even if those groups use so called ‘rubbish ultra-fast encoding options’ (obviously not all of them will, your statement is too sweeping, doki will do the same things to groups similar to them), they still have costs. If you want to make a wonderful anime indexing site, fine, support it with ads and donations. However, try not to simply take support away from the groups who actually did something.

  • XyuVaIiwD

    With the old links gone… Guess we should be able to wait for new torrent batches to be placed within the index, ne~? 😕

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