I hope I don’t get killed for randomly posting. I’m waiting for my Maths paper to start in a few hours time, so I went to the computer lap to find a quiet place to study. Instead I got distracted and went online. Then I visited Doki and found out so many releases, and then I saw that Bungaku Shojo Memoire OVA 2 is already released (as in the raw). I feel tempted to do it.

The last time I translated something on a spur of the moment, it was the Bungaku Shojo movie. Then it received lots of criticisms due to the overly flashy karaoke effects at the end, and also some translation errors which I am at fault for. Our release somehow make known to the world of fansubs and possibly the world of anime that there is a movie out there, but it is unsubbed because it is unpopular. So people who only watched HOTD for bouncing boobs noticed and the first thing they do, of course is, to criticise. Well.. I thought since it was unsubbed, I might as well do it fast and release it fast. Apparently people would prefer more quality to it and I don’t blame them. Because my intention is to release it for those who want it fast, and in the process notify other fansubs hey we released a shitty version of the movie, you may want to better us. True enough, it did lead to some wanting to pick it up. The last I heard, Chaos Fansubs are going to pick it up, then Monokage seemed to want to do it since they released the first OVA for it.

Now a few months later, I see that Chaos Fansubs seem to have dropped the plans for doing it citing lack of translators. Monokage seem to have gone MIA, possibly because subbing Break Blade killed them off and they never see the light of the day and found life too depressing and decided to join the military. So the question is who will sub Bungaku Shojo OVA 2?

I don’t mean to be petty or what not, but I saw that announcement on Chaos Fansubs dropping plans for Bungaku Shojo, it was October 10. I don’t know if it is coincidence but our version of the movie got accepted at around the same time October 9 as stated on idiot bt Bakabt. So it was stalled before accepting because Chaos Fansubs wanted to sub it. When they decided not to, they accepted it. This is very disrespectful to us in some ways, but maybe most of you might disagree. The thing is, I never really like Bakabt to begin with. I would not have submitted it to Bakabt if not for one of our staff members. I think most fansubbers out there gunning for quality and hoping to store their work into the holy grail of fansubbing archives, the Bakabt. I think using this as a motivation for subbing is stupid. Rather, I think we should aim to release like CG, Mazui, UTW and Ryuumaru and get shouted at for being shit subs but still get 23000 downloads per episode. I truely think this is much better source of motivation to fansub.

Okay I got to stop now, the paper will be starting soon. My time was well spent. I hope people reading this post do not think too much into this. This post is not in anyway to offend people out there. These are just my general opinions and everyone is entitled their opinions. I don’t force my opinions on others, so neither should you.

Thanks for reading.

Credits: Screenshot was taken from Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (KGNE). KGNE is a great drama romance anime with tragedy as one of the central themes.

Summary: ZeroYuki is thinking in his mind of doing Bungaku Shojo OVA 2.

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  • Invisiblemoose

    You misunderstand Bakabt’s system, I think. Ideally they want to wait and have a few options to compare to decide what to archive — It’s a pain swapping torrents out. Yours still might’ve been chosen — if the competition was worse. No reason to get offended over it.

    Not that I agree with their acceptance decisions a lot of the time anyhow…

  • Paxton

    Well, everyone has different opinions on everything, so it’s normal people would nitpick for this and that. What amuse me the most is people bitching about translation and not posting commentary on a constructive basis, like “this is not meaning this, it means that instead you moron” etc… Well if they’re that great at TLing, why don’t they enroll in fansubing ? Your work (Doki in general, fansub in general) is fan translating anime, for fan. Unless we know it, you’re not a professional so yeah, there surely will be mistakes, you’re human (… I think ?).

    I would gladly look the 2nd OVA subbed by you.

  • TL note: Summary means TL;DR
    TL note 2: TL;DR means too long did’t read

    btw who visits bakabt anyways? ┐(‘~`;)┌

  • OniSamurai

    I dislike the criticism that a lot of the posters on BakaBT give out, because for the most part it is rudely done. You would think everyone would be wanting to help each other out because we all have this unifying hobby in common, but instead it seems to spawn a form of hatred for many people and groups.

    But that is the internet I guess. For the 10 or so years that I’ve frequented message boards and forums there will always be cyber bullying and people who say things they would never say to someone IRL. The internet gives them the privilege of being able to say whatever they want with little to no consequences. That’s why you see so many people scream “Hurry the fuck up!” when you are doing a series. And “You guys suck at fansubbing!” when you release.

    Obviously, if any of these immature children were to say that to one of your faces, they wouldn’t be laughing or saying something like that anytime soon. But you just have to accept the fact that people are going to bash your work on here no matter what. You could release the most perfect translation out there, but there’s going to be many vocal people who will have a problem with it anyways. Because their parents beat them, or they are bullied at work or school, or they don’t have a boy/girlfriend or whatever else might cause them to want to vent anger in that way. It’s going to happen.

    Though for every 1 asshole who’s bitching about all the work you put in, there’s at least 100 people or so who do appreciate you taking the time to do what you guys do. Even if they aren’t posting it.

    BakaBT is a great site for Anime in general, but for a site that seeks perfection you are going to find people for whom which perfection isn’t even enough for them. The best thing to do I think is to not take what they say as offensive, but try to pick apart what they might see as wrong and maybe use that as a suggestion of what you might like to change on your next release. If you are 100% satisfied with what you released and don’t care to change it at all, then I would literally just reply to them with “I don’t give a fuck what you want. You can take what I’m offering or get it somewhere else”.


    Anyways, I appreciate the hard work as always. Keep it up!

  • Nikita_Khrushchev

    i can’t speak Japanese….

    i can’t write in Japanese….

    so i wanna say thanks to the ppl that helps me understand the wonderful things of ANIME….

    So as i pray…. Unlimited Thanks Work 😀

  • AP

    Well, I’d look forward to your subs for the 2nd ova if you decide to do it btw.

  • Holo

    Wow random long post O.o

    Anyway, you know that if you want to TL it, we will do the rest, as usual.

    BakaBT is alright, it’s just that some of the users on there need a peg or two taken down.

  • wanted45

    Well i think u should do what u feel like doing and dont give a damn shit about what other people may think.if people dont like it then they should not download it.Do what u guys want and what make u guys happy/enjoy in doing it.

  • Yamisquall

    I usually never write comments, because I just watch your release without any complaints or so but…
    Don’t worry too much about that.
    It’s true that the comments of people are (somewhat) important but … isn’t fansubbing something you do in your FREE time? Something that should not make you THAT worried?

    I’ve seen a french fansub team dropping a whole anime (when they were at 7th on 24) because they were getting hundreds of comments like “WHEN IS COMING THE NEXT ONE?????”
    This is just sick…

    By the way, I’m very satisfied with your releases (and I go directly to Doki website) and I was surprised to see Bungaku Shoujo the movie. I liked the OVA and forgot about the movie, but you made me remember it.
    So, whether or not you want to make the second OVA, it’s your choice. If you want to do it, then it’s fine. If you don’t, I won’t die that soon, Promise.

  • Narru

    First of all, I only hope you have done well in your exam before anything else. After that, if you still have the thought of doing it, just do it. Everyone make mistakes and others can point it out with advices of how to correct it, other than that just ignore them. I rather be a keyboard sage then a keyboard warrior.
    Of course I would personally prefer you to continue on OVA 2 but take it slow this time, even if some other group releases it first.

  • BW

    For God’s sake, please take your exam’s/studies more seriously. Everything else (teh internets etc.) comes after that.

  • choco

    […]I think we should aim to release like CG, Mazui, UTW and Ryuumaru and get shouted at for being shit subs but still get 23000 downloads per episode. I truely think this is much better source of motivation to fansub.[…]
    I don’t know about the standard of a good sub. But I do like their releases. And of course, yours too.

  • Nikita_Khrushchev

    Anyway….Nice bikinis 😀

  • Zanz

    You sub, we watch, i fap.

    Free fansubs are free, i think people are forgetting that this is a voluntary thing.

  • Breedo

    I just want to say thanks for bringing some of the best shows from off the beaten path, Campanella is one of my all time favorite anime and that Bungaku Shojo movie was one of the best I’ve seen. You have a talent for pointing out soulful peices in my opinion, things with something extra.

  • MrTRanCeEviL

    Ganbatte!!.. :3

  • Nakiamiir

    Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien sure is awesome!

  • Iron Sand G

    I have to say that BBT itself is great,it’s just that there are many nitpickers and for once people actually want to seed 😀

  • BW

    And sometimes (actually quite often) there are torrents with 50 Seeds and 1-2 Leechers, so it’s hard to upload anything to get good ratio >_<

  • Kosakai

    Do what ever you need to do to make people happy Zeroyuki-san..

  • Kosakai

    Oh and Btw faggot GG subbers might sub it …..

  • legmaco

    Thank You! I am sick at the moment and this text actually cheered me up, it was a joy for me to read and i thank you for sharing your thoughts this in sweden rather snowy afternoon. Let me just end withn a broader thank you to anyone supporting or working with doki. I almost don’t follow any of your shows, but i still visit the homepage since i like the site and the community. So a big thanks from sweden for another day with u guys!

  • Stilzkin

    I watch alot of doki’s releases but dont always post comments because i also watch without complaining, and i’d love to see the ova subbed by you guys

  • b3hind4ll

    DO IT!!!!!!!! And people will aways crizise. Why? Cause they are board too. The circle of life…

  • Bob

    Do eeeeet!!! Please! 😀

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