Asobi ni Iku Yo! (BD) - 01

Asobi ni Iku Yo! (BD) – 01

There we go, episode 1 released & episode 2 to follow as soon as I am finished with it. ETA: only god knows.

P.S: after seeing that pic I need to hug something >.<‘

HD (1080p): [Doki] Asobi ni Iku Yo! – 01 (1920×1080 h264 BD FLAC) [0E4AC2A1].mkv


HD (720p): [Doki] Asobi ni Iku Yo! – 01 (1280×720 h264 BD AAC) [04A7051F].mkv


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  • Jecht

    For the ones that want 1280×720 h264 BD FLAC. I mux’ed it for myself, and I will be posting the link to the file for the ones that also wanted that version.

  • X

    No SD version? That sucks. How come you have and SD Version of the Seikon no Qwaser BD, but not this?

  • ranmachua

    No SD? Uh oh. I’m fearing this coz I remembered Doki once said until the day Eclipse doesn’t do Xvid, Doki will still do the SD version. Just happens that Eclipse has disbanded… No more Xvid from Doki anymore? Hope not…

  • martinez


    BANZAI to 1080p!

  • Jecht

    I just decided that the SD of a BD version is laughable. Most PCs are able to play 720p, the reason to get a 480p is for lolxbox or lolps3 or lolinsertrandomshittyhardwarehere. In any case, everything is softsubs, you have 2 sources that you can use to re-encode and make a SD.

    • nii-sama

      It’s not always whether the PC can/will play 720p or 1080p videos, mine plays them just fine. Sometimes it’s whether the PC has enough harddrive space to store these huge files. I prefer smaller SD files because I don’t like to watch the episode and delete it afterward to free up space to download the next episode, I like to watch them later without having to waste my bandwidth getting it all again. Also, not everyone has the money to go buy TB after TB to store all these HD videos either.

      You have to figure, ~500MB per file multiplied by 12 episodes for 720p and ~800MB for 1080p… that’s alot of space compared to the SD versions. ~6-8GB for 720p season or 9-11GB for 1080p version, I like the ~2-3GB SD versions as I can store 2-4 more full seasons of anime.

      Yeah I know, sucks to be me; FML and all that good stuff. If you guys won’t encode an SD version for the sake of your fans, could someone at least point me toward a group that is encoding an SD version of this show’s BDs?

  • X

    Well, not everyone has those new types of PCs that can play 720p. Just what most PCs are you referring to. The PC I have was made somewhere between 2003-2005. So does that mean no more SD version of the Seikon no Qwaser BDs as well?

  • Anon

    Come on people, 720p h.264 at these low bitrates typically used by anime and tv shows can easily be played on even semi-older computers, provided you at least have a semi-decent video card with up to date drivers. Which can at least handle basic scaling and color space conversion.

    Free options to help performance: Multi-threaded Mplayer and FFDShow(for older P4s with Hyperthreading, and low frequency dual-core cpus), MPC-HC with DXVA enabled(for older computers with semi-decent video cards), DivX7’s H.264 decoder.

    Paid options to help performance: CoreAVC(fastest software H.264 decoder available, has multi-threading and Nvidia GPU CUDA acceleration support) Come on it’s only 9.95$. It will help in all cases(enough to allow smooth 720p playback depends on if your computer is really just too old (pentium3 and older, forget about it)

    Another paid option is to completely bypass the computer if it’s just too old and buy a media playback box: Western Digital WDTV, Asus O!Play, Patriot Box Office, Popcorn Hour to name a few. Some of these like the Patriot Box Office or the Asus O!Play can be bought for around 60-70$ as they routinely go on special. These boxes will play most formats including full 1080p H.264 MKV videos, while consuming ~8 watts of power.

    SD AVIs have no reason to exist anymore. And even if Doki doesn’t make em, there will always be re-encode groups which will do it for them. They always pop-up on “”.

    Just my 2cents.

    • Jecht

      Could not agree more with you…

      • SurferDude

        I don’t see why the existence of an SD avi should bother anyone. As far as I know, there are still DVD versions of anime shows being sold in Japan, which are 480p, right? So there IS a reason for an SD version; after all, it’s STANDARD DEFINITION, implying that not everyone has the ability to play HD. You think it’s laughable to do a 480p avi from a BD source? Fine, use a DVD source. Not so laughable now, eh? And those re-encodes you speak of are shitty, censored, TV versions most of the time.

        TL;DR – No AVI? Fuck you!

    • CSJ


      My old Athlon XP 2500+/7300GT based PC (circa 2003) plays 720p video fine. My old P4+HT/FX5200 based Laptop (circa 2004) plays 1080p fine. My Athlon X2 5400+/9800GT based PC (circa 2008) can play 1080p while encoding a 1080p video at the same time. My Phenom II Quad 3.2GHz/GTX275 (circa 2009) can do a lot more than the rest of them can combined.

      Time to get out of the dark ages and get a PC that _can_ play 720p and 1080p video. You don’t even have to buy new, many small computer shops sell older/refurbished systems for next to nothing (around $100) that are new enough to handle playing 1080p video. LCD computer monitors that can display 1080p resolution are dirt cheap these days too.

  • Sahna

    Um does anyone else have a problem getting the torrents

  • Buffaloman

    Thanks so much for the speedy release!!

  • X

    Where do I get this DXVA?

  • Big Mata

    Hello , I am known as “Big Mata” I run Big Mata’s fido BBS and am the main supplier for FIDONET mail for botswana.
    I do not have the extra CPU power to view this anime in those new exotic formats like divx , xvid or fli , since my 386 spends most of it’s time sorting the mail. Hence I would like to ask , if it would be possible to encode this anime in 320×240 anim5 format , and span it across multiple 880 kb floppies so me and all the villagers can watch it on the amiga 500 I inherited from my uncle Quintisha.

    BIG MATA thanks you !

  • Firminus

    So 720 or 1080? Do you have comparison Screenshot? I do not ever doubt the ALL MIGHTY POWER OF DOKI~!!! Though I would like to see if the 1080 is worth the get for the file size

    Thank in advance,

  • Jecht

    If it were not worth it I wouldn’t have bothered in releasing it.

  • Narru

    Well, I’m fond of SD versions due to my limited HDD size and money but this 720p version’s size is just roughly 490MB so it’s considered small enough for a BD quality anime. Go take a look at THORA’s releases, those are what you call as monster size(no offend to THORA) even when it’s a 720p type.

    • According to X(no name will be provided here) encoder, their releases use too much bitrate than required. Therefore, it creates a bigger file size.

      • Jecht

        You have the source -> you encode to a smaller file.
        When doing so, there is a “imaginary line” that separates a “perfect” bitrate encode from a bloated file. Bloated? yes, bloated, because there is no real gain in increasing the bitrate and therefore the file size past that “line” I mentioned above.

  • Krisnan

    I recall that the serious had a lot of while blinding light as censoring, is this gone in the blu ray? Or do we still have the censoring like they had when they aired it on tv?

  • sekop

    my vote..

    lovely size, thx mate

  • Holo

    If you read the FAQ, the release of an SD version is dependant on either the encoder or the project leader.

    Qwaser is done by me, so it will still have SD. Besides, why would I stop releasing SD randomly a third of the way through?? XD

  • Layton

    can you upload that 1280×720 h264 BD FLAC version to torrents?
    I don’t have the premium filecerve
    it really worth to watch with FLAC

    • Jecht

      I don’t want to make a torrent because that would mean making the release an official one and I personally want to avoid “trouble.” And for the record, you don’t need premium FileServe to download the file. If you really want to download and you don’t want to use FileServe, hop in IRC and I will find a way out.

  • NomNom Delicious Cake

    Couldn’t see much difference between BD and TV broadcast in this episode, unless I somehow missed something.

    Requesting 4320p version of this ep lololol

  • Ah, thanks! Now I have to figure out how to quickly encode this without having to use quicktime. If only Handbrake would recognize soft subs.

  • Layton

    Okay I’ll try to download from fileserve,
    thanks for mux FLAC to the 720p version
    I though I’ll download both 1080p and 720p, then mux FLAC in 1080p to 720p, then I visited this website and found your Link.

  • Elvin21

    Thanks for this one! Its a long wait, but the wait is worth it! 🙂 To the SD the thing, I think the other possible reason other than older pc is that they want to watch it on their mobile phones… so they will not have a long time converting it from a SD version…

    • Jecht

      And because I know that I won’t waste my time with a SD encode, I also made sure everything is softsubs, so for the ppl who want the damn SD no matter what, learn how to encode and do it yourselves.

      • Elvin21

        If there’s a DVD for this one, it will be on a 720p, am I right on that one? And all TV broadcast in Japan are in 720p/1080p right? So, if there will be SD, its the time to downsize it that counts… I know its hard if your are doing at least 4 things to make an episode of this project and doing this almost by yourself… Besides, you already announced on the poll and I remember the last for words there, that there will be no SD… I think there’s no reason to complain on that one. Oh another, is it better to watch the 1080p on MPC, or on the DivX player? I know VLC sucks big time… Or do you have other suggestion where to play it?

        • CSJ

          No, DVD format is 480p not 720p. Blu-ray Disc is 720p/1080p.

          The original broadcast of this show was in 1080i/720p, upscaled from a 480p source. There is no broadcast 1080p at this point, that is strictly a Blu-ray disc format right now.

  • Buffaloman

    Will the extra’s be subbed as well?

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