Asobi ni Iku Yo! – Poll? Sort of!

Ok guys, I gave it some thought and I can’t seem to get anywhere, so, here’s the deal:

Should it be:

1) 1280×720 H264 BD FLAC @  600-650 MB


2) 1280×720 H264 BD AAC @ 500-550 MB

Use the comments to “vote.” When I am done with the QC and stuff I will “count the votes” and decide. The other version will be 1920×1080 H264 BD FLAC @ 900 MB. No SD version.


1) 1280×720 H264 BD FLAC @  600-650 MB -> 25 votes.

2) 1280×720 H264 BD AAC @ 500-550 MB -> 60 votes.

Thanks for the feedback. Episode 1 will be out in a few hours. The encode for episode 2 is done but I haven’t started to work on it yet, and believe me, there are lots of improvements to be done to the scripts… Took me 9 hours to get this shit done and iirc episode 2 have 2 or even 3 times more signs *sigh*

95 comments to Asobi ni Iku Yo! – Poll? Sort of!

  • Fream#888

    me2 for FLAC

  • Ignatius

    I’m also for FLAC ’cause the audio quality is much better

  • Sound

    FLAC all the wayy itss way better!!

  • A.Crush

    I vote AAC.

    The 1080 is already getting FLAC, so the 720 should get the other audio choice, especially since there is no SD version…not that there should be one for a BD source.

  • martinez

    i vote AAC for 720p….

    because i will download the 1080p XD

    and it’s enough that only 1080p that get FLAC for its audio 😀

  • Fynx

    1) 1280×720 H264 BD FLAC

  • Joshua

    AAC because I’m sure it’ll play on my mac. (Instead of being unsure about FLAC)

  • Sapper

    I vote for AAC

  • oblibion

    mmm FLACbecause the audio is better and i can play the video on mi mac and on my lap whit ubuntu whitout problems XD

  • macgeek417

    Since the 1080p has FLAC anyway, use AAC for the 720p. People who really care about quality (ie: me) will get the 1080p anyway.

  • sekop

    2) 1280×720 H264 BD AAC @ 500-550 MB

  • BloodsReaver

    AAC for 720p, FLAC for 1080p

  • smoked bakon

    AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) has good enough quality for a 720p encode. However, I usually get’em in FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) because the file size difference is minimal forfull quality audio.
    On regular TV speakers you can’t tell the difference, but when you connect your TV/PC to a surround system, it makes a world of difference (depends on your system/speakers, too).

    1080p IMO for most anime is overkill, unless it has great detail and lots of CG. 720p is good enough for space saving and computer (hdd/cpu/gpu) limitations.

  • Guy

    FLAC for the 720p BD.

    Would have to split it into 2 dvds either way, so might as well go with FLAC audio and make the split even @ 6eps per dvd.