Asobi ni Iku Yo! - 11

Asobi ni Iku Yo! – 11

Teacher? – checked! | Glasses? – checked! | Perfect cleavage size? – checked! | Cat ears? – checked!

┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

HD (h264): [Doki] Asobi ni Iku Yo! – 11 (1280×720 h264 AAC) [453FCDC7].mkv


SD (XviD): [Doki] Asobi ni Iku Yo! – 11 (848×480 XviD MP3) [64F229FA].avi


15 comments to Asobi ni Iku Yo! – 11

  • IceGamma

    you forgot skin tight latex – ^_^ checked!

  • martinez

    wonderful bra? – checked!

  • Jecht

    Well, I listed my fetishes, you’re now listing yours XD

  • Master Shadow

    Can’t DL from Minglong? Check.
    Files from Fileserve not properly downloaded half the time? Check.

    Need to go back to the old tracker? CHECK! Even if I have to manually search for it on anirena it’s still a faster DL and I don’t have to DL eps more than once.

  • Jecht

    His net connection sucks? – checked!
    He probably sucks too? – checked!
    He doesn’t know that Doki is preparing to run its own tracker soon? – checked!
    He should just shut the fuck up, and maybe get a contract with a better ISP or just hop in IRC and download from the bot? – OFC

    • Master Shadow

      I have a great connection thank you. I am also pretty epic if I do say so myself. Future plans don’t change the fact that Anirena worked better than Minglong and fileserve. I have the best ISP available w/out upgrading to a business connection. I have no intentions of dicking around w/ IRC which I know I’ll never actually use and will just collect dust on my hard drive.

      Now how about you woosa for a second and let go of the rage over what was intended to be a light hearted post bringing up a problem with the tracker you switched too while continuing the ongoing joke.

      • Jecht

        There is no rage, you all fail to understand that I’ve not raged in like 5 months and when I did rage, it was not over fansubs nor bitching fans/leechers and no it was not when Commie went to troll in the channel.
        >Dicking around with IRC
        If you are able to make a post comment, you’re able to connect to the channel.
        >Collect dust in my HDD
        IRC clients are around 2 MB, with a good net connection you’re able to download from the bots at least 2 times faster than what you get on torrents.
        I got tired of the seeding at 65 KB/s when posting my last 3 torrents there. MingLong works fine and I will continue using it till Doki’s tracker is finally up.

  • HaloGuy

    The red color (suit) seems kinda odd to me. They could’ve used blue or black. Everything else? – Awesome! XD

  • oblibion

    woa body paint XD ssswwwweeeetttttttt lol

  • Yakov Smirnoff

    In soviet union cat ears wear you!

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