The Ones Who Don’t Know About Anime

Imagine if Doki Fansubs disbanded. Everything would become dull. (not that we actually are disbanding XD)
Now imagine poor kids living in the Kenya, Nepal, Cambodia, and Laos (this is where the funds will go). Most of these kids don’t even have computers like us. That means that they wouldn’t have access to the internet, and they also wouldn’t know about anime. Iknowrite? How can someone NOT know about anime? These poor kids don’t even know how to SAY the word anime. /me sighs.
Well, guess what?
You can help these poor children to learn how to speak! “How” you say?
Just Donate. Simple and easy as 1-2-3.
Every $40 raised can help 6 children for one month. I’m aiming to raise $200 or maybe even more.
As a cost for your donations, I will be not using electrical devices used for entertainment,  also eating only a bowl of rice and a slice of bread (All of them plain…. T_T) every meal times (breakfast, luch, and dinner) , and drinking only plain water to quench my thirst (bye bye soft drinks T_T).All this will happen somewhere in 20-22 August. Watch me suffer from no anime! T____T
So donate money (anything will do! E.g. $1 or 1 euro) and make the time I’m not watching anime worth it!!


27 comments to The Ones Who Don’t Know About Anime

  • Marmalade

    You can’t spell Famine without Anime

    Interesting observation

  • 3rd world?

    I’m from what you call the “3rd world”, and we have computers and internet, in fact, we have anime in neutral Spanish and our fansubs are better than in Spain or any European country, actually, a lot of my friend from the “3rd world” follow and LOVE Doki…

    I’ll take this as a joke and move on…

    P.D.: I’m also a “child” so I don’t have a CreditCard ¬¬

    • Roll

      Actually I’m from one of those so called “3rd world countries”, Venezuela, and a lot of people here have access to the net and watch anime too. Now, I don’t agree to the fact that the neutral spanish subs are the best ones out there (In fact, most of them suck.), but yeah, you shouldn’t understimate 3rd world countries :P. I’ll still be looking forward to your good deed!

    • Pahndamonium

      I should actually change 3rd world countries and instead name the countries that the money will be going to XD.

  • Master Shadow

    If you really wanted donations you would say that you will add an hour for every $1 over your target $200. $205 donated = 45 hours. Better yet just do 1 hour per $1, $205 donated = 205 hours.

    I’m not going to donate, I just want to increase your suffering because I’m an ass like that.

  • eh.

    Great now people are purposely spamming their own site. The “3rd World” doesn’t need our help, most of those people are just lazy. In fact studies have proven that “nice people” feeding them is one of the biggest problems they face. It goes with the classic phrase “Give a man a fish he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he say ‘just give me my damn fish, I’m to fucking lazy to prevent my children from dying. I rather spend my little money, which I made selling my daughter to the sex trade, on cheap (wo)men and drugs.'”

    Not to mention that all that food we donate just goes to violent gangs and crocks, who sell it at high price to the people anyways. They need jobs, not food. This is a waste of time, you are only making things worse.

  • imagak

    Maybe if you stopped pirating their anime, they’d have some food to eat.

    • Pahndamonium

      But anime derives from Japan right?
      And I’ll be raising money for nepal and kenya.
      And suffering at the same time….
      Masochistic ain’t it?
      Btw, long time no see imagak.

    • >imagak
      >Maybe if you stopped pirating their anime, they’d have some food to eat.

      Also, long time no see dude :p

  • philip

    does that mean you wont be working on any anime?

    • Pahndamonium

      I won’t since I will finish all of my duties before the 40 hour famine event. It’s just that I won’t be able to watch anime. That’s all. So it will be torture since Holo will release the Air BD’s on the weekends….


  • Mr.Anderson

    lol, what you’re proposing sounds a lot like how I live when I’m too lazy to go to the store to actually buy some food. Just bread and water, if I’m lucky I’ll have some lemonade syrup. Oh, I don’t pay electricity bills so I’m still on the PC, which is a good thing since I use it a LOT to search for a job.

    Anyway, I’ve got nothing to spare, but I wish you good luck with this project.

  • sywex

    i will gladly donate 1 yen

  • Forsaken Infinity

    I am from Nepal and I can bet my life on the fact that I have watched more Anime than you have. You have no clue how popular these things are in Nepal. Piracy is a great thing, we get any and all games and shows and what not for less than a dollar. You’d be fucking jealous of my Anime DVD collection back home. The internet isn’t the best shit out there but its not the worst either. I mean, there are a lot of kids playing DotA and shit, downloading anime and what not in Nepal. Best part about it is how the cost of life is super low and there are literally no rules about piracy and stuff. Its probably the best country to live in as an Otaku.

    That said, good luck. I can’t deny the fact that my country does have some really poor people who could use some help. I doubt things will change for the better unless someone fixes corruption and a long list of other shit that’s going on there. (And I sincerely doubt the money raised by you will ever reach the people who actually need help but w/e)

    P.S: As an irrelevant info, “panda” is a word with Nepali as its language of origin. You may want to spell it right though.

    And thanks for any and all shows I may have watched that were subbed by you.

  • Forsaken Infinity

    I meant cost of living…oh well, w/e

    • Pahndamonium

      Well, thx for commenting…
      And my nick is meant to be the way it’s spelt. In fact, it’s a portmanteau, so i’d really like it if you just stop criticising my nick and leave it alone just like everyone else does. Thank you. ^^; (btw,you’ll never guess what word/s “Pahndamonium” is mixed with ^_-)


  • Shinisaki

    Just want to say good luck. We hope to see you come ot the other side of this relatively unharmed. I know i couldnt do it. i would be a lifeless shell after a day ^ _ ^

    • Pahndamonium

      thx shinisaki ^_^.
      I have 3.5 hours left from now before I start.
      Hopefully when i come back, I’ll see alot of donations in my account. That’ll make every moment of my suffering something more for the people that the money goes towards.


  • I have kindly donated all of my money from my paypal account, 50p I hope it’s used well, somehow.

  • ChrissSpirit

    So… is this it?
    Is this.. the end? ):
    I’ll make sure to never forgett about you!

  • Meh.

    Hell no! Donating means no electricity for you means no releases for the rest of us >:3

  • tikipet

    the fact you are trying to be hungry is enough for me.
    i’ve been poor and hungry and it’s no fun.
    i had a few coins left in my paypal i’m not using so you can have it!

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