Recruiting TLs for Autumn 2010

Next season I plan on doing 2 projects. Pic might or might not be related. My TLs are all unavailable (afaik) next season, so I am recruiting now.
At the moment I am not picky about Japanese or Chinese translators. Japanese translators will get preference, but I won’t be picky.

All applicants must satisfy the following.
1. Your English must be fluent enough so we can talk, and fluent enough so that the editor understands your script.
2. You translate for the entire season. Please don’t get kidnapped by fairies 3 weeks in.
3. You don’t take forever to translate. I aim to release TV shows within 48 (72 max) hours of them airing in Japan, so keep that in mind.
4. You are able to use IRC. You should try your best to idle as much as possible, but if not, at least be on for the duration that your script is being worked on.

Previous fansub experience preferred but not an requirement. Doki TLs get a lot of freedom – I can let you pick your own shows (within reason). A list of shows airing next season can be found at chartfag or at fansubwiki.

If interested, please email me at or join

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