The Ones Who Don’t Know About Anime

Imagine if Doki Fansubs disbanded. Everything would become dull. (not that we actually are disbanding XD)
Now imagine poor kids living in the Kenya, Nepal, Cambodia, and Laos (this is where the funds will go). Most of these kids don’t even have computers like us. That means that they wouldn’t have access to the internet, and they also wouldn’t know about anime. Iknowrite? How can someone NOT know about anime? These poor kids don’t even know how to SAY the word anime. /me sighs.
Well, guess what?
You can help these poor children to learn how to speak! “How” you say?
Just Donate. Simple and easy as 1-2-3.
Every $40 raised can help 6 children for one month. I’m aiming to raise $200 or maybe even more.
As a cost for your donations, I will be not using electrical devices used for entertainment,  also eating only a bowl of rice and a slice of bread (All of them plain…. T_T) every meal times (breakfast, luch, and dinner) , and drinking only plain water to quench my thirst (bye bye soft drinks T_T).All this will happen somewhere in 20-22 August. Watch me suffer from no anime! T____T
So donate money (anything will do! E.g. $1 or 1 euro) and make the time I’m not watching anime worth it!!