[DONE] Recruiting

I’ll keep this short. We are recruiting Editors and Timers. Visit #doki-recruits

We have a tendency to rely on a few staff members and when they are gone, the fansubbing process gets helplessly stalled. Today, I finished tling an episode and waited 12 hours before a timer is available. It is still subjected to more delays.

^Picture taken from Canvas2 ~Rainbow Colored Sketch~ featuring Elis Housen.

Edit by Jecht: positions filled.

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  • Lucian

    I could help with editing if you’d like. I can see a lot of people offering their help in this department though, so I can see this spot already being taken. But if you’d like help with this, I’d be happy to help 🙂

  • AndromedaFlame

    I’m a student still on break, so I can help with some timing, as well. I’d absolutely love to help you guy’s efforts.

    I don’t have any fansubbing experience, but I do have quite a bit of video editing experience, which I can provide examples of.

  • Stefanodm

    I am a student on break and I may be of help with timing and editing.

    However, I’ve never had any fansubbing experience (but I really want to help you out, you’re the best!). I’m currently attending Japanese classes and I also have some experience in video editing.

  • Let me explain the positions that we want.
    Editors: Fix up any grammatical errors, spelling or punctuation.
    Timers: Time the edited script.

    If you have examples, please provide them.

  • BB_96

    What about me ? =P

    Nah, i am still kinda bad, and it is been nearly 2 months with SGKK, XD

    well, NVM, just passed to say hi…

  • ranmachua

    Please don’t let us relive the painful stalling of anime episodes like last season again *keeping both fingers crossed*

    When you have translators, chances of stalling drops by half. That is if they keep producing the scripts weekly.

  • Marmalade

    Fuuuuuuuuckkkkk I got my Higher English qualification and took 3 years study of Latin, and i currently write newspaper and magazine articles as a hobby, so if you need an Editor to check spelling and grammar, fuck you all.

    I’m so tsundereeee~

  • Stefanodm

    I write a lot of articles for the student newspaper (I have been a student journalist for 6 years), therefore I consider myself to be quite an expert on this topic. What kind of example would you like provided for the position of editor?

  • kokus

    @Marmmalade & Stefanodom just visit #doki-recruits channel and apply (Jecht) what you want do.

  • Marmalade

    but nt wasn’t there so i ran away crying ;_;

  • Stefanodm

    Yeah, there is nothing linked there. And now?

  • diabetes

    I hope my script is accepted 😀

  • nt

    If you want to apply as Editors or Timers, join #doki-recruits and ping me (nt) or one of the ops and say you want to apply. We will provide you a test script to edit/time. IRC is required. Feel free to PM me any questions.

    PS. You can also mail Holo (, but since he’s in China atm, IRC is probably way faster.

  • comicozi

    hey nt… i went to doki-recruits and its says that timers are not needed. u may want to update post if thats the case. but if it isnt the case i would like to apply as timer.

  • sonikku10

    So, who were the unlucky few to get selected for the positions? 😛

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