R.I.P Onemanga + Status?

Onemanga will remove scanlations in a week’s time.

I actually read from Onemanga from time to time. I follow two shounen romance mangas; Kimi no Iru Machi and Good Ending. I wonder if any of you do too.

In anycase, I seriously doubt the closure of a couple of online manga sites will stop the piracy of manga. As far as it’s of concern, the scanlation groups still goes on doing their translations. It’s the same situation as with animes, even with crunchyroll or FUNimation licensing, irresponsible fansubs still pick them up. (Oops, we do crunchyroll animes too, lol)

Well, if any of you are wondering what the hell this random post is about, it’s just another random post. (I know I’m not answering the question) I think we seldom see such posts on Doki, I don’t know if this will waste server bandwidth or anything. But I got this urge to write something here to “reward” those who come visit our site.

I also might as well do a status update. Seitokai 03 is at TLQC. This is to ensure that the jokes are fully conveyed and shit will not be left out. It may (not) be out soon.  Asobi 02 is at Edit. (It’s supposed to be slow right?)

I also heard that Black Rock Shooter is going to be out in 2 days or so. Tony-san, our tler who agreed to do it is M.I.A for 18 days, 11 hours, 21 minutes. So you can probably guess our progress with B.Gata H Kei, and also in no way related Mayoi Neko Overrun.

^Pic from campanella. Can you tell if it’s Ritos or Salsa?

By the way, if you guys want to chat, come onto #doki, don’t loiter at the shoutbox.

TL;DR: Read it when you’re free.

34 comments to R.I.P Onemanga + Status?

  • Tristdomosan

    kimi no iru machi is like the #2 series i keep up with (only second to mahou sensei negima) so this really makes me a sad otaku.

    it seems that the scanlators are all taking heat from the publishers so it might hit all online manga sites by the end of the fall. if thats the case its back to boarders for me

  • Armitage

    I’m so disappointed about the fall of Onemanga! Seriously, I read all the time there, that they’re going out sucks! I read manga (and the occasional manhwa) on there which never make it to the States. Crudpuppies.

  • C.R.

    Please you need to be very careful with a post like this (there tracking them down) you never know who might be searching for it[then the ones in red will come to get us] your doing a very good job but still be careful.

  • Akira Scarlet

    To bad it goes R.I.P
    Is there any other site thats similar to One Manga?
    Always liked One Manga, because its fairly easy to see the updates each day ^^

  • the guys at thora dont have time to be idling away with nonsense posts.

  • Tristdomosan

    just have to say it, went and checked out ge- good ending just for fun. now im kickin myself in the ass for not finding out about it on my own. its a badass story. any1 got more slice of life comedy romances for me let me know

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