Clannad (Blu Ray) – 01

Clannad (BD) – 01

Due to me fiddling around with x264 settings and .avs filters, the XviD will be out first this time. The 720p should follow tonight. And 1080p hopefully tomorrow.

As for the other shows (KsX, B Gata, Qwaser), I apologise for their delays, but I’m in the middle of exams right now, so they’re kinda on hold atm. Still waiting for a decent qwaser raw to appear anyway, I think.

Update: 720p out. I have made some comparison shots below. The BD is drawn in 720p anyway, so I have only filtered it very slightly.

Doki vs CGi (720p)

1080p (h264): [Doki] Clannad – 01 (1920×1080 h264 BD FLAC) [].mkv


720p (h264): [Doki] Clannad – 01 (1280×720 h264 BD AAC) [A50BBD15].mkv


480p (XviD): [Doki] Clannad – 01 (848×480 XviD BD MP3) [C6787F6D].avi


114 comments to Clannad (BD) – 01

  • martinez

    @Alex…thanks for your warn. i respect it because you warn me with a good words and mannered.

    well…that’s a different story with someone that had a mouth like a sh*t….

  • Zeratul678

    @Alex, Actually, I never installed mpc, I just copied it onto my laptop from my desktop. It’s sort of a plug and play thing… I use a Vista laptop. Also, I never went through any install process for mpc. So, I can’t re-install it literally. =.=”

    @martinez haha, so true. I respect someone like Alex.

    I hope this works, I liked the 720p of Clannad ep 1. It was gorgeous. But, watching it RAW was like eating sushi for me. I can’t understand the beauty of it.

  • Alex

    Thanks guys for the kind words 🙂

    @ Zeratul678 I’ve never had good experience with just copying a reinstalled program. Especially with media players. So If I was you, where at all possible I would properly install a program.

    Try installing MPC-HC from the link I posted and try playing the video with it once its installed. That might fix your problem.

    If your unsure about what version to get (32 bits or 64bits) just get the first one. The 32bits installer.

  • Andrew

    When will after story be blue ray?

  • martinez

    @Andrew…oh yeah…. i thought about that, too…..=_=”

    Will Doki release 1080p of Clannad After Story when the times come?

  • Nakiamiir

    Yes they will, Matinez. 🙂
    We just need Holo to finish his exams and the fansubbing will continue.

  • martinez

    @Nakiamiir….thank you for answering me 😀
    okay…i’ll make sure myself …..must download it….

    the 480p that i have…can’t fulfill my desire T_T

    so Clannad + Clannad After Story…..Double KILL !!!

  • dunno

    Woah Doki appears kind of dead to me :O
    What incredible speed they’re at it.

  • Nakiamiir

    @dunno: People have lives too, Doki is not dead that’s for sure. I see it as a rest before it starts going back at full speed again. Even though I can’t translate japanese, I am willing to lend a hand, with the small spare time I have, if they truly need it. Be a true supporter, not a leecher. 🙂

    @martinez: I know what you mean by Double KILL !!! I feel the same as well, Clannad is definitely the best story ever. Since then, I can’t help but look for my own Nagisa. 😉

  • Zeratul678

    Clannad DOUBLE KILL! > Seconded. Clannad ep 1 480p no seeder…> Killed O_O …~

  • Ushio Dies

    So does Nagisa.

  • Meatrose

    Real mature…

  • None

    I don’t see why anyone would download 480p when it’s native 720p, that’s just awful.

    Same reason I don’t see why anyone would download Xvid or AVI, they’re both terrible lesser quality, and if your computer can’t handle MKV you should go back to the stone age.

  • Papaevil

    Why are you complaining? The DDL link works for 480p. Just use that for now.

    Just use the DDL links until things are up and running smoothly again.

  • Zeratul678

    Actually, even I don’t know why I’m getting the 480p… Probably cos I kind of wanted a triple dose of Clannad, but I guess, it doesn’t work that way huh? Should I stop? But I have the urge to finish it when I start dling something. Now it’s at 76.7%. Just a bit more~

  • Raki

    FYI, Clannad BD currently only avaialbe in JP. the original source. But prepare to burn a RM2.4k hole in ur wallet.

    and thats only clannad, after story is selling in another box.

  • 123

    Hi slowpokes

    Slowbro > Slowpoke

  • Zeratul678

    Oh, no matter. I’ll just use the government’s money to buy the whole set. Limited edition of course. That’s what the malaysian government is for > To blow cash on things that really matter i.e. Clannad and Clannad -After Story- In fact, I have enough money to buy the Clannad BD with my savings, but, maybe not the after story BD set. How much is that?

    No, wait. I have a cheaper solution. Just use Doki to get it subbed in 1080p and I only have to pay my electricity and internet bills~ ^_^ Now, I’m a happier man. Thanks Doki for not allowing me to support the animators…

  • Can someone do something about Zeratul. Now I see why lolipower bans malaysians and Singaporeans, they make us all look bad.

  • CherryHawk

    Hope those finals are doin good! Cheerin’ you on from the sidelines!

  • yoshi

    What’s the meaning of the comparison shots when CGi’s version is clearly superior?

  • 123

    Hello slowpokes

    Slowking > Slowbro > Slowpoke

  • TheWingless

    Some people think that CGi’s release is far too large, and is oversharpened and overcropped.

  • Guys I have a question.Doki 1080p version comes with openings and endings?or not?Sorry for my bad english.

  • Raki

    @South Korea
    no doubt…
    MY/SG user are known to be only leech and never much of a seeder. both have different reason, MY for crappy ISP with crappy upload and throttling p2p. SG is its gov severe punishment on piracy.

    suck to be in these 2 country.

    u attitude is not just a disgrace to ur country but the anime community as well

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