Clannad (Blu Ray) – 01

Clannad (BD) – 01

Due to me fiddling around with x264 settings and .avs filters, the XviD will be out first this time. The 720p should follow tonight. And 1080p hopefully tomorrow.

As for the other shows (KsX, B Gata, Qwaser), I apologise for their delays, but I’m in the middle of exams right now, so they’re kinda on hold atm. Still waiting for a decent qwaser raw to appear anyway, I think.

Update: 720p out. I have made some comparison shots below. The BD is drawn in 720p anyway, so I have only filtered it very slightly.

Doki vs CGi (720p)

1080p (h264): [Doki] Clannad – 01 (1920×1080 h264 BD FLAC) [].mkv


720p (h264): [Doki] Clannad – 01 (1280×720 h264 BD AAC) [A50BBD15].mkv


480p (XviD): [Doki] Clannad – 01 (848×480 XviD BD MP3) [C6787F6D].avi


114 comments to Clannad (BD) – 01

  • At last.I will wait for 1080p.You are our hero Holo.:)

  • SakiFan

    XviD-fans gonna be happy! xD coz it’s really boring and i feel myself little angry reading tons of their complains everyday in chatbox >_<

  • Plagous

    Don’t worry about delayed episodes; focus on your exams. That’s far more important.

  • martinez

    exam is more important, you know…..

    don’t worry. we can wait for it. This is Clannad. We just want to get best of the best.

    Keep ur good work, Doki! i will alway cheer on u !!!

  • ApaticMan

    Thnks man, don’t worry… Exams first (health second) but when you have some free time, i realy loved Haruhi-chan!!!, see ya!

  • wman

    I hope you’ll release Clannad as fast as Kanon when you’ll be done with your exams of course 😀

    And good luck on exams Holo.

  • Dongs

    1. good luck on exams, i just took my first final today. shit’s gonna suck.

    2. clannad, fuck yeah.

    3. your kanon (2006) release was stellar, i hope the clannad is like that.

    4. will all releases go xvid, 720p, then 1080p? For ep 1 only, probably

  • Azerik

    @Dongs: 2nd point is the best point XD.

    I’ll download the whole series from you guys once its done, but for now I’ll hold onto the original SS-Eclipse files.

  • philip

    I hope the video quality is good for 1080p. Good luck with the filtering. Hoping for some comparison shots as well.

  • Demontaco

    >delayed shows
    >B Gata

    you guys are doing B Gata?

  • Cyberkuro

    Did you guys buy the blurays for this, found the BDMV or went hardcore with avs on the raws?

    I’m asking ‘cuz I’ve been looking for the BDMV for this show too >O<!

  • SakiFan


    check the previos news under ‘Clannad’ tag… everything were answered before you asked xD

  • FattyBucha1080

    Thank you very much for all the releases, and of school comes first because right ow I got exams too >x< but when you have the time do what you can no one is rushing you.
    And if you can do Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou I don't know if Ryuumaru might stop subbing, maybe as a side-project, well up to you all. Thank you very much m(_ _)m

  • Nakiamiir

    I don’t understand this “Doki vs CGi (720p)” and how it applies here? CGi appears clearer (lines are well drawn and all), can we get it?

  • Holo

    I personally think CGi oversharpened the lines. If you look at screenshot 3, the artifacts in the shadow of her hair are more pronounced than in my version. Too much sharpening does that.

    My point was that the BDs were drawn in 720p anyway, so applying too much sharpening to it is silly. If KyoAni intended for the picture to be that sharp, they would have sharpened it themselves.

    So it boils down to:

    Doki: No ordered chapters, lower filesize, picture looks closer to the source, AAC.

    CGi: Ordered chapters, 200 MB bigger, (over?)sharpened picture, FLAC.

    If you don’t mind the sharpness, and have spare disk space, don’t mind OC, CGi is the one for you.

  • Eri

    I totally agree with you holo. I hate sharpness, it kills the details.

  • Gyzome

    Hmmm yeah sharpness, but in pic 1 the eyes are a little bit blurry in your release, while in CGi’s, well, it was sharper.

    But, that’s only, like, a minute difference. It’d be far worse if it’d be like THORA’s “Ghost in the Shell: SAC”. (link )

    So good job, Hologram.

  • Perfect Chaos

    Hm…looks nice. I kind of like the colors of CGi’s more, but it’s hardly noticeable, only so when you’re really looking for the differences, so I don’t mind. Plus, CGi crops a few pixels off the borders, and that bothers me more than the colors, so once again, I’m sticking with Doki! 🙂

  • SakiFan

    just checked the comparison. almost every rip made by CG got few pixels cropped on borders and then this frame upscaled back to original size (720 or 1080 whatever). and now i see this again. i don’t understand that and i don’t really know how this process called or why it is needed, but i do really hate it >_<

    but i don't care bout 720 and in any case i won't get CG for this coz you and Thora making it. i'm waiting for your 1080 to compare it with TA. hope you are better ^^

  • SakiFan

    @Gyzome: what are you talking about? Thora’s way better than other overburned and oversharpened crap. imo at least.

    @Perfect Chaos: glad to see i’m not the only one pissed off by CG’s cropped borders xD

  • TheWingless

    “That’s because we are the only group that cut off the edge noise. That is not supposed to be on the visible image (overscan cuts it off), so it is not an effect, it’s a flaw in the BD itself. Cropping is proper.”

    That’s because they think it’s proper if you didn’t read it yet. Not that I care for a few pixels anyways. I have still yet to determine which group I’ll get.

  • wakusuru

    question, why did the screenshot of ur OP in ur previous post looks unnatural, but it looks like it was fixed in this version?

    I used the wrong type of “source” in my avisynth scripts in the those encodes. I corrected the mistake once it has been brought to my attention.

  • shani

    Did I say I love you?

    Thanks so much for CLANNAD.

  • Codesterz

    Looks like ill be watching Doki’s version. Coalgirls 700mb per 720p episode is a little overkill to me. Even if they are releasing faster. Thanks for Clannad bluray love this show and hope that Clannad After Story gets a bluray release someday as well.

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