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Tanamachi Kaoru

So erm, about my projects…

  • Saki: Kuon/Aesyl quit so now I am looking for an editor to fill in for her (since she even blocked me in Skype I couldn’t ask her anything). Interested ones should check SGKK site either today night or tomorrow.
  • Asobi ni Iku Yo!: Episode 04 goes for a round of QC (which might involve Edit and TLC) today. It should be out shortly. Volume 3 is downloading and goes to encode after that. It will be worked on after I get rid of some backlog and set up a few things.
  • Senkou no Night Raid: BD Volume 6 is downloading and will be encoded. After that it’s just re-time/time shift (masat) and QC again to make sure everything is in order. (Again, yes, we will sub Special 04 that comes with Volume 7. Stop asking. It wouldn’t make sense to sub the 1st 3 specials and then drop the 4th one.)
  • New project, Shukufuku no Campanella: Yeah, I will be working on this as I work on Asobi. Basically, someone will encode (Hologfx or kokus), then masat re-times and I’ll do the rest.

P.S: haters gonna hate.

P.P.S: Tanamachi Kaoru is mai waifu.



Hey guys/gals. I felt like I had to come out and blog what was in mind, just to make some issues clear and stuff, else I can’t work on Asobi 02 (BD) properly.

This is the status of my projects:

Senkou no Night Raid (TV): episodes 12 and 13 are awaiting Edit and Translation Check. He is busy with work and so it’s not easy for him to get the required time to do it properly, bear with it for a little longer, it will be completed soon.

Senkou no Night Raid (BD): we’re waiting for the 5th volume to be released. And yes, we will be subbing *EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING* that comes with the BD volumes (Special Episode 14 that comes with the 7th volume included).

Saki (DVD): now this is what was really bothering me. I will explain the whole thing so you all understand. This was not my project (or not entirely), Bisou wanted to sub it using DVD raws he found. We discussed it and came to the conclusion that we should sub it. He was the timer, I was the typesetter and Hiroto was the QC’er. Let’s face reality, the raws were/are shit and the scripts could be better. What happened? Bisou left after 3 pricks that were staff in Doki back then bothered him enough to make him leave. Hiroto never really did anything, I was (and still am) learning how to typeset. Basically the results could be a lot better. It stalled after Bisou left and it eventually got pushed onto me, Badskater was supposed to be typesetting it and nt was supposed to be editing while Yitram was the one to take care of the timing. Then comes SGKK, with SGKK comes 6 projects… Now that everything is settling down, I have time to work on it, but I refuse to continue using those raws, so I searched for the DVDISOs that are currently downloading. The plan is to release a v2 of the episodes released till now, with a proper encode and severely improved subs/scripts. The ISOs will finish download in 2-4 days, I’ll be updating you about the status of this.

Asobi ni Iku Yo! (BD): now that I finally posted that, I can work peacefully on episode 2. Vol. 2 comes out in two weeks.

Thank you for your time.