Magia Record: Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica Gaiden - 08

Magia Record: Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica Gaiden – 08

So, they changed a number of things again in this, and also added this whole Kaede being a recluse thing… Why the changes, Shaft?

Also, I don’t think TheThing will ever trust me when I say there won’t be much TS in a show again…

krymsun00: I have to say, the way they’ve gone completely off the rails with the story development is kind of annoying.
krymsun00: Like Iroha chasing Tsukuyo in there alone.
jakeman95: Or that Mami showed up in there…
krymsun00: I still want to know wtf is going on with Kaede too
jakeman95: Yeah, that’s out of left field… unless somehow they’re going to bring in stuff from ch6 & 7…
krymsun00: They’ve been dragging this Kaede stuff out like 3 or four episodes now
krymsun00: Hell, they keep throwing the random Ui, Nemu, Touka stuff in there too
krymsun00: Still waiting for the glorious return of Kuroe too
jakeman95: Yeah
jakeman95: Or did they just sideline her at this point… I hope not.
jakeman95: Don’t need her being the sacrificial lamb, either… but I suppose if need be…
jakeman95: Maybe she got to Kaede and they’re both going weird…

jakeman95: Random question. The lines at 4:40ish, When she says Rena never responded… does that seem odd to you at all?
krymsun00: The fact that Rena doesn’t seem aware that she didn’t respond to Iroha? Yeah, it’s a little weird
jakeman95: Yeah
krymsun00: It’s 5:40 btw
jakeman95: That’s what I was wondering about
jakeman95: I’m kinda wondering if none of her texts are going out or something
krymsun00: But she can call Yachiyo?
jakeman95: Yeah… but that’s calling… ?
krymsun00: Technically, but why would Iroha’s phone being broken be a plot point… That would be werid
jakeman95: I dono… something about the AI and how it contacts her…?
jakeman95: I mean, how did the AI find out about her in the first place?
krymsun00: Hmm, maybe it’s not that her stuff isn’t going out, but that nothing is coming in
krymsun00: Cuz Yachiyo says she tried to contact her after getting the message but couldn’t
jakeman95: Hmm. Could be.
krymsun00: It would also explain why Rena was confused. If she did actually respond
krymsun00: Still why though
krymsun00: Obviously something to do with Ai, but a bit weird
jakeman95: It’s also weird that Iroha would even say you didn’t respond… wouldn’t someone normally say I messaged you or something?
jakeman95: Or is that just a normal Japanese-ism?
krymsun00: I’m not sure the way she said it is important. But she did say it was the same with Kaede and she explicitly told Kaede she was transferring. So maybe she did try to tell Rena and it didn’t get through, making it a general failure to communicate in any direction properly
jakeman95: AI’s tapping her phone
krymsun00: And cutting her off from her friends

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