Magia Record: Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica Gaiden - 06

Magia Record: Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica Gaiden – 06

So this episode they deviated a bit from the game in how the events happen and how this particular rumous works. In the game it counted down 24 hours, where as this it’s counting down with every lucky thing that happens? Also in the game, Kyouko is also under the effects of the rumour…

jakeman95: I’m going to apologize right now for this Gossip section
jakeman95: I’ll try improving it in my second pass
jakeman95: but fucking god
jakeman95: oh ffs this ending part
jakeman95: I hate when they do this stuff
jakeman95: take a sentence and split (butcher) it between like 4 – 10 characters
krymsun00: Okay, I feel your pain Jake. Those stupid Gossip familiar things not only talk like they’ve been huffing helium, they also use weird words I wasn’t even familiar with. Makes it a real pain to decipher
krymsun00: I’m not sure this should be strung together as a proper sentence. It’s not in the original. Especially the last part But I guess this reads better
jakeman95: un-strung them together

krymsun00: Are we going with familiar? I asked before but I don’t think it’s been used until now
jakeman95: I think that’s what 使い魔 most often gets TLd to. Zero no Tsukaima > Familiar of Zero
jakeman95: Its been a while since I’ve watched the original series with official subs, but i think that’s what they used as well.
krymsun00: I’m not suggesting it’s wrong. We just have the opportunity to decide what we want to use. If that’s what you want to use, it’s fine.
jakeman95: Is there some alternate that you’d like to suggest?
krymsun00: Clearly we should go with Ojii’s minions idea and have TT overlay the yellow fuckers over all of them
jakeman95: Hahaha
jakeman95: Just imagine that fight at the beginning
jakeman95: Huh, Yugioh uses minion
krymsun00: What? There are 使い魔 in YGO?
jakeman95: Winged Minion
krymsun00: Oh, it’s just some random monster card
jakeman95: Also found a short forum on the debate of using familiar or minion in Madoka.
jakeman95: One point kind of discussed was normally magical girls have familiars, which would kinda be Kyubey in Madoka, so what are what the Witches have… still call them familiars or use minions
jakeman95: The typical thing for witches to have are familiars in a lot of folklore, so I’d say we should probably stick with that.

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