New Game! - Chapter 84

New Game! – Chapter 84

Aoba is a raging lesbo.

Manga: [Doki] New Game! – Chapter 84 [4EDD3111].zip

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11 comments to New Game! – Chapter 84

  • Well, that’s an interesting overinterpretation. 😛

    Personally, the way I see it, she just thinks it’s cute how Momo is more straightforward now ( I agree, she’s acting way cuter now), and she likes being able to finally act like a good senpai. 🙂

    Thanks for the chapter! (^_^)

    • I noticed it in one of my previous posts in a different release post as well, but all of a sudden my smileys are just showing up as squares now for some reason. Is that just on my end, or?…

      • Pikminiman

        Your smiley still looks right (no squares) to me. I have not checked your past comments, though.

      • Guest

        You probably reinstalled your system and/or doesn’t have a proper font. All smiles are Unicode characters actually, not images – if you press Ctrl+U (view page source) and search for text of your comment you can clearly see them here.

        And thanks for the chapter!

        • Hmm, so it’s on my end then. I haven’t reinstalled anything, and in all the years I’ve been visiting Doki, I don’t remember having this problem before, and I think this is the first time I’ve seen this, though of course my memory could be wrong. I guess I might be missing a font then, though in that case it’s weird how it has suddenly disappeared on its own, since I must have had it before when I could see the smileys just fine. Oh well.

          • Crap. Turns out it’s just an Internet Explorer thing (though I don’t know why this has suddenly happened with IE, since everything was fine before…)…I loaded the site in Firefox, and the smileys show up just fine. :-/

          • Why the fuck would you be using IE when Firefox is installed anyway?

          • Mainly because it’s what I’m used too, and because even after transferring all my tons and tons of bookmarked pages over to Firefox, they’re not sorted properly anymore, and going trough all of them manually is just too much of a pain. 😛 I’m lazy. 😛

  • Blubbeh

    Mhm, iunno if it’s just because of the lengths between the releases or the content itself, but… I have no idea where this manga is really going at this point.

    I enjoyed the manga and the anime quiet a bit, pretty much up until what season 2 adapted. Now it’s just… eh, okay?
    Or is it just me? Me not caring about Momo in the slightest could be part of it.

    I knew we were in for some unnecessary drama and we got past that, kinda. But does it get better than this again later on?

  • Soluna

    Thank you for the chapter~

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