New Game! - Chapter 82

New Game! – Chapter 82

mogu’s rage chapter.

Manga: [Doki] New Game! – Chapter 82 [869928CA].zip

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11 comments to New Game! – Chapter 82

  • gaiar31

    aoba you try so hard TT TT

  • Sooo…..what exactly was the problem here, mogu? I don’t see anything wrong with this chapter at all. :-/

  • Soluna

    Awww… Thank you for the chapter!

  • Kirtash31

    Amazing Chapter. I would’ve loved to see Yun taking the competition, but yeah, Aoba and Momo were at another level. And I agree with Hajime, Momo’s art was slightly better. Now Aoba is gonna have to deal with 3D modeling… perhaps this will finally push the manga towards some more AobaXHifumi?? >.<

    • I don’t think Momo’s art was better, just different. They were both really good, but, as they said in the chapter, Momo’s art was a bit more action-oriented, while Aoba’s was a bit cuter (as was also pointed out, they both also ended up doing what they personally prefer, in the second round). As Hajime is more into action-y stuff, she personally liked Momo’s art better. Like they said, if it had been someone else deciding, it could just as well have been Aoba that was picked. I feel pretty certain for example that Shizuku actually would have picked Aoba’s art if she was the one deciding, like she normally would be.

      With all of that said, since this is supposed to be a game aimed at young boys, if I ignore my own taste and try to look at this objectively, I think Momo’s more action-y art is probably a better fit for this game anyway, so she did a great job.

      • Kirtash31

        Yeah, well said. I can totally picture Shizuku picking Aoba’s designs >.<. Anyway, it's back to work for everybody… I hope things cool down and we can enjoy some cute work-related moments… especially between Aoba and Hifumi :B

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