Swap - Swap - Chapter 45

Swap – Swap – Chapter 45

And we are back with this – shitty magazine scans included.

Sad news. Swap-Swap ends in one more chapter (7 chapters for us). The final volume comes out in March/April so we will be updating the vol 4 chapters and finishing 🙁

Manga: [Doki] Swap ⇔ Swap – Chapter 45 [DA9C7346].zip

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9 comments to Swap – Swap – Chapter 45

  • IceKirby

    This manga is finishing without an anime adaptation? Now not only I’m convinced God doesn’t exist, I’m also sure the Devil does.

    Unless they somehow announce an anime with the last chapter, since the two next Carat issues are going to have announcements.

    • You know they can just announce an anime later, right? There’s no reason why a manga has to be adapted into an anime while the manga is still running. In fact, surely it’s way better if it comes out after the manga is done, so it can be fully adapted instead of having fillers and/or a non-canon ending? I don’t know why you’re so impatient, man.

      • mogu

        That is almost never done, though, for promotional reasons. They want to be able to release new volumes while it is airing to get those sweet crossover sales. They also want to have as active a reader base as possible, to have a larger starting base of fans to watch it.

        It tends to only happen in very specific situations with certain circumstances.

        • Fair enough. I really wish this wasn’t the case. I hate how they ruin so many of my favourite manga series with shitty anime adaptations (complete with getting various characters’ personalities and defining traits wrong) that come nowhere close to the source material, and have garbage non-canon endings. I feel like it’s only been getting worse in later years in that regard, actually.

          That said, I can think of quite a few series that were adapted from manga to anime after the manga had ended. Or maybe I’m just misremembering, and most of them were actually visual novel or light novel adaptations, or anime originals.

  • Awww, no, this is my most favourite Doki-manga ever! T_T Oh well, all good things must come to an end I guess…still wish it had gone on a bit longer though…Here’s hoping for an anime adaptation!

    Just curious, why was there such a long hiatus on this one anyway? I know you guys love this manga, so, was it a lack of available magazine scans?

    Anyway, thanks so much for the chapter! 🙂

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