Goblin Is Very Strong - Chapter 14

Goblin Is Very Strong – Chapter 14

Sad chapter, poor Granite. We barely knew her.

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8 comments to Goblin Is Very Strong – Chapter 14

  • Guest

    I already miss her. T_T
    Thanks for the chapter!

  • Rokudaime

    Dammit, why do you guys keep saying stuff like that from time to time? I hate “jokes” like that, it’s not cool. Tricking people into thinking characters are going to die in a chapter they haven’t read yet, when in fact said character doesn’t die (at least not in that cahpter), is just mean. -_- Thankfully I didn’t believe you this time anyway. I think you and mogu have pulled that joke one too many times, so now I never trust you when you say stuff like that anymore. Though I imagine next you’ll start flipping it around, and claim that/pretend like a character survives, when in fact they are going to die…

    Anyway, so she’s actually a ridiculously strong ice mage, with a natural affinity for the element, but she hates it so much that she uses weak fire attacks instead, even when bot her and her friends are in real mortal danger, and she only uses her true power in emergencies when she absolutely has to? I’d go furher than Gobu. She’s not just selfish. She’s an idiot.

    Oh well, that’s enough ranting from me. I definitely enjoyed the chapter! Thanks!

    • Wanderer

      Mortal danger in this world usually doesn’t mean much more than inconvenience to a hero and her party. So technically, it’s not actually “mortal” danger. This situation is the first time Aki and Granite have truly been danger of ACTUALLY dying for real, and thus Granite finally gave in and used her true power.

      • Rokudaime

        I know all that, when I said real mortal danger, I meant it. I was refering to this specific situation only. I just think waiting until there was no other option (she didn’t use it until after both Aki and Goblin had been put out of commission, and after she had tried all her fire and explosion attacks on the enemy first) before using her true strength was a bit risky when their enemy had the means to actually kill them for good is all. But oh well, maybe it wasn’t that much of a risk.

        A couple of other random thoughts that hit me:
        – That scorpion really shouldn’t have survived that.
        – Granite was level 21 before this battle, and Befronse had a recommended level of 49 to beat, so we can assume he was quite many levels above them, yet Granite only levelled up two levels, to level 23, from beating him? Weird. I would have expected a much more significant EXP boost from beating an enemy so many levels above her. Oh well.

    • Guest

      Come on! Why so Serious? 🙂
      I mean it’s not so rare Doki staff trolling in descriptions from time to time and (you should note that earlier) never actually spoils anything – because that’s what really ruin the fun. And that’s why I go with the flow and leave my comment above.
      I just take some time to dig out this:
      Regardless manga itself its description still funny as hell.
      So just relax, think positive and have fun! 🙂

      • guywhooverreactstostuff

        oh noes! someone trolled someone! and ON THE INTERNET of all places!!! shock!!! horror!! it’s the end of the world!!!!

  • MrFoxxie

    What’s the original text for her name?

    I wanna know how the name of a stone turned into an environmental adjective.

    • mogu

      It’s a common misunderstanding, but her name is not meant to be the english word. It’s actually supposed to be read as “grani teh”.

      And until they show an official romanization for it, there really isn’t a non-confusing way to write that in English. Outside of maybe putting an accent on the “e”.

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