Swap - Swap - Chapter 37

Swap – Swap – Chapter 37

THAT was interesting, wasn’t it? Also, she’s nice.

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3 comments to Swap – Swap – Chapter 37

  • Wanderer

    What sort of cruel monster chose to seperate this obvious pair of destined lovers?!

    Also, sensei, wtf! You can’t just leave on that note!

  • Rokudaime

    Holy shit, she knows!? How!? Why!? Will be interesting to found out!

    Also, it just occurred to me, but I think Akiho is cuter now that she has longer hair. I agree with Fuyumi, it looks good on her.

    I never could understand why they change the classes like that in Japanese schools. There’s none of that nonsense in my country (Norway). It’s so dumb. All it does is tear friends and classmates apart from each other for no good reason. Just let the classes stay the same, so people who have become friends can stay together.

    So are there only two chapters left of this volume now?

  • woods

    Thanks for the chapter!

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