Swap - Swap - Chapter 34

Swap – Swap – Chapter 34

Another cute chapter.

Manga: [Doki] Swap ⇔ Swap – Chapter 34 [9B267CD2].zip

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4 comments to Swap – Swap – Chapter 34

  • Wanderer

    Too cute for words!

    Thanks for the chapter!

  • Guest

    HHHNNNGGGHHH!.. (drowning in nosebleed) 😀
    Thanks for the chapters!

  • woods

    And another. Thanks for the chapter!

  • Rokudaime

    Woo, two chapters in a row! Thanks! ^^ And this chapter was simply amazing! So cute, hnnnngh! <3 Fuyumi and Akiho sure are close. Love Haruko's hair after Akiho cut it too.

    Not a fan of those sidebuns the author decided to draw on Natsuko's hair this chapter, and on Haruko's hair in the previous chapter though…Don't know why he suddenly has a fascination with them. I myself have never liked them. *shrug*

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