Swap - Swap - Chapter 30

Swap – Swap – Chapter 30

Yume such a raging lesbian, she so wants to kiss someone so badly.

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7 comments to Swap – Swap – Chapter 30

  • Wanderer

    Two chapters in one day? What did we do to deserve such a treat?

    Someone really needs to let Yume try swapping so she can find out one way or another if it works for her. She’s starting to seem pretty thirsty.

    • OromisMasta

      Considering the fact that other girls are already taken, and their overall relationships, i think the best candidate would be Satsuki… But she seems reluctant about that idea, we can only hope that something makes her change her mind :3

      • Wanderer

        Haruko hasn’t seemed opposed to the idea of swapping with Yume in the past: she just isn’t willing to do so when she’s in Natsuko’s body, since it isn’t “hers” to hand off to someone else. Whether or not her personal willingness to try it with other people has changed since those earlier chapters is a different question.

        Still, it’s true that Yume and Satsuki is the obvious other pairing. Whether or not Satsuki, who has repeatedly insisted that she’s satisfied with being herself, would ever be willing to give it a shot is something we’ll have to wait and see.

  • add

    What are your plans for anime for the spring season?

  • Rokudaime

    Haruko’s comment about diving into a pile of snow before getting into the outdoor bath made me remember that some of us actually kind of did that in Hakone during Doki’s Japan trip two years ago. 😛 Thanks for the chapter! ^^

    Btw, in the top left panel on the last page, since Satsuki is talking to Natsuko when she says it, wouldn’t “We need to thank your dad.” be better than “We need to thank Natsuko’s dad.”?

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