New Game! - Chapter 71

New Game! – Chapter 71

Man, actual tits in New Game! who saw that coming?

Manga: [Doki] New Game! – Chapter 71 [054CAF8D].zip

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16 comments to New Game! – Chapter 71

  • Serenata

    Aoba is good at teasing them… be careful Hifumin!
    Oh man that cliffhanger… Still thank you very much!!!

  • Soluna

    Yay, thank you for the chapter! Poor arrow 🙁

  • Guest

    Thanks for the chapter! very slow now (it took about 1 minute to load a single page for me), so I decide to load a whole chapter from IRC.
    1) I clicked to the XDCC link in this post.
    2) Enter “Doki New Game 71 zip” in filter.
    3) Join (as it says at the page top).
    4) Type “/msg Doki|Michiko xdcc send #367” in chat room and got this:

    Notice from Doki|Michiko: ** XDCC SEND denied, you must be on a known channel to request a pack

    What I did wrong?

  • woods

    Thanks for the chapter!

  • Juan

    It’s all about squeezing tits.
    Thanks for the chapter!

  • Kurausukun

    Dem titties.

    Also did they just straight up drink raw milk without pasteurizing it? That’s not sanitary.

  • Rokudaime

    Lol, well played on the “tits” part. Had me fooled.

    Also, if I was Naru, not only would I tell her Mom off and refuse to work since I’m on vacation, I also would never agree to the whole nonsense of having being accepted to Eagle Jump as a condition for “being allowed” to follow that path, and having to inherit and work in the inn if I didn’t get accepted, in the first place. I would simply tell my parents that I’m a grownup, and can decide my future on my own, whether they like it or not, and tell them to sod off. They’re against it? Too fucking bad.

    Japanese are too compliant and too keen to follow what their parents say even after growing up…Being too proud and independent can be bad, but this is taking things too far in the other direction…Have some damn backbone, and stand up for yourself! Don’t let your folks boss you around when you’re an adult!

    • A_Blind_Man

      Just looking at the having to work whenever she got back to the inn, I kind of looked at it more as. “Oh good you brought friends home, now go clean up and make sure they are comfortable, dinner is in an hour”
      Not sure, maybe it’s just my experience but the few family run businesses I’ve had the pleasure of being a guest of it was usually very similar.

  • Pawprint

    “There’s no way.” “Oh, I see where this is going.”

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