New Game! - Chapter 69

New Game! – Chapter 69

Good chapter.

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  • Serenata

    This was a REALLY REALLY good chapter, I didn’t know she was so skilled, thank you very much!

  • woods

    Indeed. Thanks for the chapter!

  • Wanderer

    How did Momo get to Hotaru’s college? She goes to school in France!

    • She does not!

      She went to school in France and stayed where Yagami is staying now.

      • Rokudaime

        I made my comment before seeing yours…I still don’t get it though, did she go to school in France, finish that, and then move on to college in Tokyo after that, after only a little over a year (it’s only been a little over a year since she and Aoba graduated from high school, and Aoba started working at Eagle Jump, right?)? Or was her time in France part of her studies at Houbun Art College in Tokyo, and she spent a year in France as an exchange student? When was this mentioned or explained?

    • Rokudaime

      It says “Houbun Art College” on that sign, and Naru mentions they are in Tokyo, so it’s pretty clearly not in France. I also thought Hotaru was studying at an art school in France though, so I’m confused as well…Did a previous chapter mention/explain this and I’ve just forgotten about it, or missed it or something? Can someone explain/clarify this?

      • mogu

        It has not been a little over a year. It has been nearly two years. She’s been back in Tokyo for a full year, her return being shown in the New Year’s chapter. Or did you think she flew all the way back from France for a single day just to go to a cafe with Nene and play her finished game?

        Also, Nene clearly stated she was going to Houbun college in Tokyo back when she told Momiji and Yagami about her.

        She probably went for a semester through a foreign exchange program at the college. Remember, her and Aoba applied (and got accepted to) to the same school in Tokyo.

        How has everybody forgotten every single other appeared or mention she’s had in the story beyond the one where it’s said she went to France?

        • Rokudaime

          Thanks for the clarification. I probably just don’t remember. For stuff that goes over a long time, and with quite some time between each time I’m exposed to it (with manga there is usually quite some time between each new chapter after all), particular details don’t really stick in my mind. Which chapter was the “New Year’s” chapter? I go by chapter numbers, so the chapter title doesn’t really help me much, and I don’t remember which chapter was the one that was during New Year’s either.

          If it was during New Year’s though, I might have also just assumed that she was just on a trip home for that, and was going to go back afterwards, since that would be pretty normal. Most foreign exchange students I know that study for more than one year go on trips back home once or twice each year (though like you said she probably just went for one semester). So I didn’t forget every other appearance or mention of her apart from when it was said that she went to France, I just made the wrong assumptions some times, and forgot the rest. 😛

          I remember that conversation Nene had with Momiji and Yagami about Hotaru though, now that you mention it. Guess I just didn’t think about it when Nene said she was going to Houbun.

          • mogu

            Here is not only the first chapter she appears in, but also the chapter it’s mentioned she’s back. But maybe she was just back on a break? She also casually meets up with everyone just a few months later, and it seems a bit of a stretch to assume she’d be able to come back to Japan multiple times a year.

            Here’s Nene outright telling Momo where Hotaru goes to college. And just in case you have any doubt that the college mentioned might actually be a school in France (despite having a Japanese name), it’s also explicitly mentioned as the local college Aoba applied to with Hotaru.

          • Rokudaime

            ‘kay, thanks. 🙂 And no, I didn’t have any doubts about the college being in Japan rather than France, “Houbun” was a pretty dead giveaway, and then Naru also outright says they are in Tokyo, so.

          • mogu

            Just figured I’d cover all bases, due to discussions I’ve seen about it elsewhere.

  • Rokudaime

    Great chapter! Thanks! ^^ Minor nitpick: On page 6, in the second panel on the left, it should be “every day”, not “everyday”.

  • Chapter 69. “Good” chapter… Okay

  • asdf

    Momo just holding up the sign for who she was looking for is hilarious.

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