New Game! - Chapter 60-61

New Game! – Chapter 60-61

What a scumbag. Also, THAT.

You might notice that 39 and 40 are back on top of the reader… Nothing changed, just had some server issues and they decided they didn’t want to live.

Nene, when told there are problems with her code:

‘You’re right, I should fix that! And make it even better! With blackjack! And hookers!’

Naru, when shown there’s a problem in her code:

‘Shut the fuck up! Don’t tell anyone! I have an image to keep up!’

– mogu

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25 comments to New Game! – Chapter 60-61

  • ISeeWhatYouDidThere

    Fucking knew it. Why… Kou…
    A have Plastic Memories flashback
    Also thank for the chapter(s)!

    • ISeeWhatYouDidThere

      Also Mogu is not exactly right to completely call Naru a scumbag. You absolutely read the whole ep. So you should see the point that she get pressured form her parent. I feel like you are really bias to Naru. Even some of her action are bitchy.

      • mogu

        I have said many things about Naru, but I wasn’t the one calling her a scumbag. That was ixlone.

        What I have said is that she has serious attitude problems, lacks any goals of her own, acts extremely self-important, and generally didn’t seem like a good match for the company as she was.

        Though I don’t think “she has circumstances” is a good excuse to be a bitch to everyone, because everyone has their own set of circumstances to deal with.

        • ISeeWhatYouDidThere

          Oh so it’s ixone’s word sorry about that.

          Maybe after this her attitude will become better. Best example should be Nene her growth is clearly noticeable volume by volume. (Reason I choose her because Nene first lacks her own goal either) NewGame story progression always be like that. About fitting the company or not we have Hazuki as long as they are cute she likely keep them anyway. lol

          I didn’t mean to called that to be an excuse. My point to bring it up for people to not just completely called her garbage and stuff. Even if her own circumstances in my opinion is a second to worst. Agree with you that it absolutely not a thing to excuse about.

          I really frustrated about my inability to write what I think in my mind effectively.

  • Pawprint

    Well, shit, way to drop a helluva cliffhanger.

  • Kareha

    Damn that cliffhanger, now I’m going to be on edge until the next chapter now.

    Thanks for doing these though 🙂

  • Harry

    So that was meant to be Narumi’s reason for being a garbage person? Not impressed, if anything it just makes her less likeable.

    She’s just a spoilt princess who wanted walk her own path, her attitude towards Nene was no excuse for her behaviour, there was never a matter of one competing against another, yet she still felt she had to demotivate Nene, why? to make herself look better?

    Well that cliffhanger sucks if it turns out to be what is being implied, these two noobs are just not on the same level to replace Kou, I’d have preferred them adding Hotarun personally…she would be a much better addition to the team.

  • woods

    Both ixlone and mogu nailed it. Thanks for the chapters!

  • Soluna

    Thank you for the chapter!

  • Vyrex

    Hey,more reasons to like Nene and hate Naru are good for me. If they add a plotline where Naru is on the brink of being fired and separated from Momo I would eat it all up. It would probably help to fix up her attitude problems.

  • Narumi Defense Force

    Narumi, when told there are problems with her code:

    ‘I hate your guts but I keep those sentiments between us and don’t parade your ineptitude in front of everyone. At least give me that much back’

    Nene, when shown there’s a problem in her code:

    ‘Oh really? Where are the mistakes? And what would you do if you were in my shoes? Could you be more specific? Just for, uh, reference.’

  • Rokudaime

    Aaah, so this (chapter 61) is the chapter where


    Naru finally comes around, apologizes, and she and Nene become friends (thanks to Nene being the great friendly and helpful person she is of course, after learning of Naru’s situation). That’s good. That’s nice. ^^ It’s good to have some characters that go through more drastic character developments sometimes as well I guess.

    But that cliffhangar ending though…Ugh…Not at all happy about that one… 🙁

    Chapter 60, page 6, second frame on the left: “No, way?!”. That comma after “No” feels out of place, like there’s now a pause between “No” and “way”, when there shouldn’t be.

    • mogu

      I agree in that I am really glad to see things finally over, so we can start to see Naru grow as a character (I say, but she’s had minimal screen time in the manga ever since this arc ended).

      However, I’ve written at length elsewhere that the way things get resolved here seems entirely contrived. It was, for the most part, literally deus ex machina. A lot of it doesn’t seem to make sense in the setting, using the story’s own logic. Applying real world logic makes some aspects downright absurd and nonsensical.

      And I don’t say that out of some vendetta against Naru. I wouldn’t demand she lose her job offer. There are just a number of genuine issues I see with the storytelling over this whole arc.

      The anime has tended be able to smooth a lot of those kinds of issues over (and then introduce a number of its own issues, such as a nonsensical timeline), so I’m hoping it’ll be made better there.

      • Rokudaime

        “However, I’ve written at length elsewhere that the way things get resolved here seems entirely contrived. It was, for the most part, literally deus ex machina. A lot of it doesn’t seem to make sense in the setting, using the story’s own logic. Applying real world logic makes some aspects downright absurd and nonsensical.”

        Not saying you’re wrong, but I didn’t notice any of that, care to elaborate?

        • Go read Dynasty.

          It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this. [Popcorn]

          • mogu

            Actually, on the topic of how this story arc resolves, I wrote more on reddit than there. The discussion on dynasty was… mainly me amusing myself. For for longer than I should have.

          • Rokudaime

            Should I know what Dynasty is?…’Cause I have no idea… ( ^_^’)

        • mogu

          Yeah, when I said “elsewhere” I meant… not here. Writing it all here would turn into an insanely long post, but to sum up a few of the key points:

          Previous dramatic arcs only had a single chapter of build-up, and then resolved in either a somewhat ambiguous (character design) or an outright negative (key visual) fashion. This one spent half the volume building up, and is resolved with a perfect, extremely convenient “everything is completely fine and they became best friends and lived happily ever after” fashion, with no consequences. Its resolution is so perfect and convenient that Umiko even comes out to say there was never even actually a problem in the first place.

          Umiko also makes the claim that Naru got by entirely on her skill, despite the story never showed her actually demonstrating any skill. (In fact, her code is outright stated to be totally shoddy.)

          Umiko being as much of a hard-ass as she’s known for, it seems kind of out of character for her to be so nice to someone causing that big an issue. And due to a conscious decision, not an honest mistake.

          Also, the debugging scenario presented doesn’t seem to make any sense. How can you debug without testing your code?

          • Vyrex

            True, it does seem unlike Umiko to do so. Also, the whole thing was resolved not because Naru became a “better person”, but because her family situation caused Nene to go easy on her. That is basically the definition of a Deus Ex,introducing a last-minute development to solve an ongoing conflict.

          • mogu

            Umiko also later makes a statement implying she was aware of Naru having some attitude problems, but apparently thought it was fine to just let things work out on their own (with no guarantee they would, outside of a last-minute turnaround like that).

            While the character team spends multiple chapters worrying over Momo and trying to get her to fit in better. And Momo is just a bit awkward, while Naru is outright standoffish.

            Naru’s backstory also doesn’t really excuse or explain her actions, seemingly only introduced to make people completely overlook everything she’s done out of pity. Heck, a lot of the choices she made seem to be ones that would pretty clearly either be risky or would actively work against her, despite her stakes apparently being so high.

          • woods

            No wonder this volume hasn’t been as enjoyable as the previous ones.

          • Rokudaime

            I agree that Umiko’s claim that Naru got by entirely on her skill is pretty crazy. I don’t think it’s entirely true that the story never showed her actually demonstrating any skill though. Page 1 of chapter 55 does exactly that. I also agree that Umiko is surprisingly forgiving of Naru, but then she’s shown that kind of nice side with Nene more than once as well, so I don’t think it’s entirely out of character. But yeah, debugging without testing the code does seem nonsensical.

            But, as for the way things were resolved, I don’t think they are unrealistic or too convenient, since I could totally see myself reacting the exact same way Nene did. Maybe I (and Nene) are just too nice, but oh well. Also, although it was as a result of Nene being so nice and forgiving and helping her, I don’t think we should forget here that Naru did actually apologize in the end. I wouldn’t have just forgiven Naru for the things she said because of her circumstances after learning about them (although it would make me more symphatetic of her), but I would forgive her if she apologized, which she did. I think it’s important to not hold long grudges and be able to forgive people for their mistakes if they come out and honestly apologize. I’m simple like that.

            Semi-unrelated sidenote: I randomely found a small mistake in the top left frame on page 7 of chapter 58 while re-reading it: “Shinoda-san starting doing planning work just recently, so she’s not used to dealing with that stuff yet.”. “starting” should be “started”.

          • mogu

            I should have clarified that she never actually showed any skill on on the job. During the actual course of the story. Being shown something she did in the past (and as a student project, so there was no doubt a certain amount of aide from instructors) doesn’t really seem like enough of a reason to forgive her entirely based on skill, when she has never replicated anything near that level of skill while on the actual job.

            From a hiring manager’s perspective, you’d more likely think their portfolio was falsified if that happened. Not have full confidence that they can fix everything.

            Which is part of my issue with Umiko’s reaction. Sure, she shows a soft side, but only when people are deserving. If she’d just said something nice once they’d finished fixing everything, of if this had been the result of some honest mistake on Naru’s part, then sure, I could see it, but Umiko goes beyond that, stating she never had any doubts in Naru to begin with, despite Naru having only shown pretty terrible work ethic up to that point. And doing so as a conscious decision. And despite Naru only really actually getting it done with Nene’s help.

            I’m not saying that Naru should end up not being hired or that she should never become friends with Nene, but such a long and drawn-out bit of drama where she makes some very major bad decisions is a bit unnatural to end so quickly with “and then everything turned out perfectly fine, with absolutely no consequences!”

            Even more so when none of the other dramatic story arcs in the series have ever gone that way.

          • Rokudaime

            Fair enough.

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