New Game!! - 06

New Game!! – 06

Catching up to manga pretty fast.

HD: [Doki] New Game!! – 06 (1280×720 Hi10P AAC) [D22BEC6B].mkv

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SD: [Doki] New Game!! – 06 (848×480 h264 AAC) [70FFB6CD].mkv

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11 comments to New Game!! – 06

  • Kareha

    So many feels in this episode, but glad it’s all over now 🙂

  • Elvin21

    Thanks! So many volumes to catch up…

  • OromisMasta

    So, do you think it will completely catch up to manga? Is volume 6 the latest so far, or is there vol.7 already? I’m asking also because i’m curious how much manga do you still have to do.

    I’m guessing next ep will be the rest of vol.4 and first 2-3 chapters of vol.6. There is no time to squeeze in anything from vol.5, considering that the new characters are on the Opening.
    Would be nice if they considered doing vol.5 as a separate OVA or something though.

    Anyway, good job and thanks for the ep! :3

    • mogu

      It is most likely to end with volume 6 finale, because that is the most conclusive stopping point.

      Just like how they finagled things to end season 1 with the volume 2 finale. Because that was the only really conclusive point in the plot they could finish on.

      By the time season 2 ends, the manga will be 4 chapters (about 1/3 a volume) past that.

  • Darius

    You might already know but 15 minutes and 50 seconds it says: “You we’re looking rather gloomy.” and I am pretty darn sure it shouldn’t be we’re here.
    Thanks for the subs btw

  • Hawky

    Sorry if I missed it in another post but BD Volumes 5-6 of ‘New Game!’ after ‘New Game!!’ finishes airing or dropped?

  • Kyouma

    How about this for the next poll:

    “Who’s best girl in New Game?”

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