New Game!! - 03

New Game!! – 03
That mole though.

Karaoke updated to official lyrics.

Four chapters in this ep!

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SD: [Doki] New Game!! – 03 (848×480 h264 AAC) [4CFA83D8].mkv

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34 comments to New Game!! – 03

  • Thank you for the timely and quality release!

  • Jon Doe

    How come you guys don’t do 1080? Just Curious

    ALSO, is it Hajime or Hazime?

    In the manga you guys do use “Hajime” which is the correct spelling for はじめ

    • Barnahadnagy

      Both spellings are correct, depending one how you romanize it. And there is no exact rule on how you should do it. Both “ji” and “zi” have upsides and downsides. NG officially uses the “zi” type romanization so thats why that is in the anime. If I remember correctly, the manga uses “ji” because it is closer to the pronounciation, and it would confuse people there (while in the anime you hear it so its not a problem).

      They probably don’t have an 1080 version because the TV raws are 720, and their quality is not exactly on BD levels.

    • mogu

      They’re just different ways of writing the exact same thing. There are numerous “correct” ways to spell things, none of them perfect. Each way has certain advantages and disadvantages.

      But I’d rather not get into that discussion again. Just think of it as something akin to British vs American spellings.

      It’s kind of apt, as people who insist one method of romanization is more correct than another tend to be every bit as obnoxious and juvenile as people who insist that either British or American word spellings are the more correct ones. Over something equally arbitrary.

      • Rokudaime

        I don’t think it’a big deal which spellings you go with, and as you say both are correct methods. I do however believe in consistency, so when you chose one way to spell things in the manga, you should probably have stuck with that in the anime as well, to avoid tripping people up. I doubt there would have been this many complaints if you had gone with “Hazime” etc in the manga as well, from the start, for example.

        That said, there’s also the fact that to most westerners (America and most of Europe anyway), when we hear the characters speak, it sounds to us like they say “Hajime” more than “Hazime”, and since most of your audience are westerners, sticking with “Hajime” would probably have been more effective and practical. So while I understand your reasoning, I’m not sure it was the best decision, in terms of getting the message across, and avoiding drama, even if it is what you as a group want.

        Personally, if it was me, I would have avoided the “Hazime”, “Iizima”, “Haduki” etc spellings for no other simple reason than the fact that I knew it would cause alot of annoying complaints and comments that I would have to respond to, which would be a pain. 😛

        • mogu

          I don’t entirely disagree about consistency, but there were reasons for both decisions. Either way I wouldn’t be entirely satisfied with the outcome. So I ended up going with the decisions I could be more satisfied with.

          I like the stylized effect of the official versions, and would have liked to consistently use them. But I also realize they would not have really been feasible to use in the manga version.

    • bip bap

      I’m more concerned by the fact that they spelled “color” wrong.

  • Elvin21

    Thanks! Yeah! That mole…

  • Kuroko

    You guys are awesome!

  • Harry

    I never noticed the mole until mentioned, now checking back it’s always been there, both in the manga and anime. the health check and hot spring visit being two that came to mind, I’m pretty much going to notice the mole from now on.

  • GaryTheGoat

    Thank you!
    Is the RSS feed for entries broken?

  • heyman

    05:41 – “You can create a similar affect without using them.” – “effect”
    18:46 – “So this is the flavor Ko-chan likes, huh?” – “flavour”

  • allelujahhaptism

    Poor rss feed, – instead of – confused it. Thanks!

  • 50ShadowsOfRei


  • Pawprint

    Now THAT was an acceptable amount of Umiko. And Shizuku. I feel bad for the Hajime fans, though. She was virtually non-existant.

  • Lily

    Why not translate Yun’s folders or include the conversation that was clearly audible in the background during Aoba’s little freak-out internal monologue? I really dislike the notion that CR’s subs are in any way superior to Doki’s, but it’s unfortunately unavoidable when you leave out obvious things like this that even they bothered to do.

    • mogu

      The signs WERE all translated, but apparently our typesetter is a piece of shit and ignored more than 3/4 of the work I did translating signs for the episode. And the rest of the staff barely had the time that night to complete their own work, much less finish his.

      And “audible” does not necessarily mean “intelligible”. I don’t get an official script to translate from like CR does, so I can only do so much. But if you think it’s so easy to hear, maybe you can help fill in the gaps:


      • >Implying I had the time to do all that

        • mogu

          You’re absolutely right. How could anyone possibly expect you to do the work you agreed to do at the time you agreed to do it and not just decide on your own that none of it actually needed to be done without asking or even telling anyone about it?

          That’s totally unreasonable!

        • Kyouma

          Quality needs time. And no other group is doing New Game anyway, so a delay wouldn’t even hurt imo.

          • Lily

            I’ll agree with that. I wouldn’t mind waiting another 24 hours for a release with signs actually typeset (especially the Aoba arrow gag that is completely ruined if you have no bloody idea what the arrow even has written on it. I mean, really?)

          • mogu

            He can claim he didn’t have time all he likes, but he submitted it as finished. And said nothing about not having enough time.

          • Kyouma

            Doesn’t look like ix will scold him, though.

          • Oh, how little you know

          • mogu

            Not in public, he won’t.

            I’m only being open about why those signs got left out. Not trying to start drama. Any actual handling of the situation is going to be done in private.

  • da3dsoul

    Assuming no gets distracted and starts watching moe loli shows, I imagine episode 4 is coming in the next day or so?

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