Angelic Lover

Angelic Lover

Wanted to do this. Noise is one of my favourite artists.

Edit: Updated with tank scans since they are less censored.

Edit 2: Fixed a derp on page 4. Grab it off the reader.


  • TL/QC: Ero_Yatsu
  • Photoshoppy stuff: ixlone

Manga: [Doki] Angelic Lover v2 (Original) [4CAED5E4].zip

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3 comments to Angelic Lover

  • Anon

    Maybe this is just me and my obsession with organizing my porn folders, but would it be possible to put the author’s name in the title of the file/folder?
    so long as it’s somewhere there i can figure out which author to put something under. Obviously on this one you gave the author’s name in the description so NBD but it seems like a good formatting idea…
    something like [doki] AUTH, TITLE (Sauce) [crc]
    AUTH, TITLE (sauce) (doki) [CRC]

  • worldendDominator


    Are you going to translate more Noise manga? Because I was planning to work with his stuff, and in fact was mostly finished translating this one too. 🙁

    Also, do you mind if I post my own translation of this story on tankoubon scans when the tank is out?

    • We tend to just do whatever we fancy at the moment. So I really couldn’t say if we plan to or not. Like right now, I have no idea what we will do next. If anything at all!

      Just saw this one had no TL yet and so decided to do it. Cos you know, Noise is awesome.

      And it’s up to you what you do :p

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