New Game! - OVA

New Game! – OVA

Devil Aoba best Aoba.

Track 1 anime names. Track 2 manga names.

anonymlol has helped me out with a new encode (the hevc one).

HD: [Doki] New Game! – OVA (848×480 Hi10P DVD AAC) [CDF9877A].mkv

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HD: [Doki] New Game! – OVA (848×480 HEVC DVD AAC) [141864F2].mkv

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23 comments to New Game! – OVA

  • Tetsu-nii

    So: “Devil Aoba saiko” or “Devil Aoba psycho”? ;p

    Both work for me. ;D

    Thanks so much! XD

  • Phukkitt

    Not to be all negative, but why is the video quality so low?

    I made a 2x zoom comparison between Doki and FFF here:

    (FFF was in 576p so I scaled it down, seems most fair that way so the Doki screenshot doesn’t get stretched)

    Not only is the resolution lower, but the image is grainier with some white ghosting around the black lines (whatever they are called).

    The aspect ratio is 15.9:9 instead of the normal 16:9, so I get thin black bars on the sides when viewing in fullscreen, wouldn’t 854 pixel width be better? Then again I don’t know what aspect ratio the source material was at.

    • Some Guy

      I can’t speak to the others issues such as aspect ratio, but FFF (Fallacious Fan Fiction ™) releases are notorious for having a crap-ton of filters/after effects added. That would explain why the lines in the FFF release seem more defined and the overall picture less grainy, whereas the Doki release is likely more true to the original source (which in this case is most likely a DVD, hence the quality.)

      Someone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

      • Phukkitt

        Yeah the source is DVD, they both have it in the title. (No idea why they still release OVA’s on DVD in the age of BD, but that’s another topic).

        The ghosting/white glow appears in both releases, but in FFF’s release it’s very minor and only in some areas, while in Doki’s it’s much more severe and almost everywhere. I don’t know if it’s an issue of FFF somehow filtering it out or Doki amplifying it, but FFF just looks hands down better in this case.

        Made another .gif:

        If you look at the legs and shoes, in FFF’s release you can see the glow only when it contrasts the tree’s shadow, whereas in Doki’s it eappears around the whole leg, both on the inside and outside as well as around the tree branch etc.

        As for the aspect ratio, I did some googling and found out 848×480 is preferred over 854×480 when you want Mod16 compatibility, though I have no idea what that means but I’d guess it keeps the filesize down slightly.

      • A_Blind_Man

        “More true to the original source”
        Tbh I don’t think the creators of the show meant for us to watch something in 480p with all the aftereffects of the DVD encode. When the lines were penned, they weren’t ghosted and blurred, they were straight and and drawn at a much higher resolution. So pretty much anything that can be done to remove that and clean it up is an improvement.
        This does not hold true for shows that were made originally on film where the conversion over to digital retained film grain, many films used this to their advantage. Anymore shows take into account that they will be watched in HD on bluray or some kind of high bitrate stream and so they draw the show to that. it’s only natural that an OVA would be drawn to the same standard.

        • mogu

          I can tell you the creators of anime give heavy consideration to how the final product will be viewed when they are creating it.

    • shamil11

      Are you comparing Doki’s HEVC or Hi10P encode? Despite its unfortunately growing popularity as a format, x265/HEVC processing is generally more destructive to the quality of the original source and still less efficient than 10-bit x264 (nomenclature notwithstanding), which may help to explain some of the quality discrepancies you’re noticing.

      If you are actually using Doki’s x264 encode for the comparison, then the above paragraph obviously does not apply and should just be read as a more generic anti-HEVC rant.

      As for the resolution differences and its possible relation to the quality effects you’re noticing. It’s a fairly common practice for some to upscale DVDs and other SD sources to 576p because some consider it easier to do typesetting at that resolution compared to 480p. Not all agree, but that’s neither here nor there. However, upscaling from an SD source almost always corresponds with a more heavy-handed filtering/effects routine on the encode to mask the damage done by the upscale processing, which more likely explains some of the differences you’re noticing.

      I haven’t compared them myself (except a glance at the scripts to know that I prefer Doki’s translations on the series), so this is mostly theoretical.

    • trumpet205

      The best way to preserve aspect ratio for DVD is to actually keep the anamorphic on. Which means keeping it at 720×480 and stretch it to 853×480 during playback.

      If you really want to ditch the anamorphic but also keep the aspect ratio exact you can do like some Chinese scene releases did by upscaling them to 1024×576.

      The quality is low for this OVA because the original DVD was shitty to begin with. They overcompressed this OVA.

  • Elvin21

    Thanks for the release!

  • woods

    Thanks very much!

  • Stalker Fairy

    I was worried you guys werent doing both the OVA nor S2.

    ….I dont follow the manga: can I have an example of what are “anime names” and how they differ from “manga names”

    • jakeman95

      These are the ones I remember (Manga > TV):

      Kou > Ko
      Hazuki > Haduki
      Hajime > Hazime

    • Check out episode 1 release post of season 1 for details on why.

      • Stalker Fairy


        …omg….that guy was an ass.
        Am honestly not sure why the spelling was made such an issue.
        I personally dont and I do have actual issues and cases with people spelling my name wrongly(my name ends with a “k”. But people keep writing “c” )
        It’s not hard to learn to live with it unless it directly affects.

        • mogu

          Neither version is technically incorrect, but some people are very obstinate and will only accept their preferred way as the only correct one.

          If one version’s spelling being slightly more different from standard English pronunciation really bothers people that much, I just hope they never have to deal with Chinese. Or Russian. Or Hindi. Or any other language that uses a non-latin writing system. Or really even any other language that DOES use the latin alphabet.

  • heyman

    07:32 “I’m glad Aoba didn’t get caught up in it.” -> Aoba-chan
    20:26 “I wonder if Aoba’s taking a bath around now, too.” -> Aocchi’s

  • Rokudaime

    Woo! Cool! 😀 Still holding off for the S1 BD batch before watching though! 😛

  • 50ShadowsOfRei

    PS. This anime reminds me of Lucky Star, don’t really know why.

  • any news about S1 batch ?

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