Swap - Swap - Chapter 14

Swap – Swap – Chapter 14

Rejoice, manga is saved–by Haruko. If you didn’t read volume 1, what the hell are you waiting for?

Should we be drip feeding this one chapter a month to finish volume 2 when volume 3 comes out, or be just doing it at a normal rate and then have months of the cold, lonely, no Haruko times.

[odinigh’s edit]

Satsuki’s ass: A poem by odinigh

An ass so smooth could only butt be compared to that which I O-know all too well to be a phinyr detail of art.
But Natsuko’s thigh gap, oh her thigh gap, equally as lovely, it is.

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13 comments to Swap – Swap – Chapter 14

  • Anonymous

    I love this. Don’t mind the few months without releases.

  • woods

    Yes! Finally more SwapSwap! Thank you!

    Steady rate toward v3 would be nice but don’t hold my vote against those who want their overdose of cuteness immediately.

  • gerry

    Wow, thank’you very much!

  • If there’s something I can do and is needed to speed up things like editing and proof reading, I’m willing to help. I currently don’t have the editing skills since the only thing I’ve really ‘mastered’ is paint for windows nt-xp, so i’ll need to learn whatever programs that are to be used.

    I’m also known as ZdrytchX in freenode/rizon


    If a normal rate is draining on the people working on it I personally would’ve preferred that if possible, even if when it’s done and we’ll have to wait a long time.

  • jrdp_18

    YES!! Normal rate please. Thank you very much!

  • Rokudaime

    YEEESSS!! FINALLY! My favourite Doki manga is back! <3 Even though it would mean another really long wait at the end, I vote normal rate, so as to have the previous chapters more clearly in mind before each new one, but I'm fine either way, so. 🙂

    Page 5, second frame: "I never get to spent my days off how I'd like to." < "I never get to spend my days off how I’d like to.”

    Page 8, third frame on the right: “I would just play games as long as I had free time”. Missing period at the end.

    Page 11, bottom right frame: “Ahiko-san” < "Akiho-san".

    Page 16, second frame on the left: "Natusko" < "Natsuko".

    Thanks so much for the chapter (it was, as expected, lovely)! I'm already really looking forward to the next one! ^^

  • mutopis

    pg 16, “so I remember easier” (shouldnt that be, “easily”?)

  • CameronSaryn

    I’d rather read it in a bulk with the normal release, go months without the update and reread all again when the new volume comes out.
    Thanks for your hard work 🙂

  • reinzalgred

    Yes finally been waiting for a year <3

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