Hitoribocchi no OO Seikatsu - Chapter 28-31

Hitoribocchi no OO Seikatsu – Chapter 28-31

Okay. So remember when we said we’d be back when volume 3 came out? Apparently someone else decided to start releasing to the shitty quality digital version. So we figured might as well continue with the chapters and keep a decent version going.

So enjoy the shit tier scan quality… Kinda over filtered in some places to try improve some of the stuff, but it looks just as trash without… yay.

Manga: [Doki] Hitoribocchi no OO Seikatsu – Chapter 28 [6FFCF1FC].zip

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Manga: [Doki] Hitoribocchi no OO Seikatsu – Chapter 29 [5C944DD4].zip

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Manga: [Doki] Hitoribocchi no OO Seikatsu – Chapter 30 [D56A18C8].zip

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Manga: [Doki] Hitoribocchi no OO Seikatsu – Chapter 31 [3637A32D].zip

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12 comments to Hitoribocchi no OO Seikatsu – Chapter 28-31

  • gerry

    Always sad hearing of these problems.. thank’you Doki, you rule

    • mogu

      When it comes to manga, there are more series I’d like to do than I (or especially the rest of the staff) have time to even consider, so I can’t really understand the logic of trying to steal a series that has in no way been abandoned or stalled.

      And if you’re gonna steal a series, at least try and do it BETTER than the people you’re stealing it from.

  • Anon

    Thanks, though I think the anons who were working on it were just getting things out and assuming Doki would do volume releases. I think. I don’t know what their actual intentions were.

    Well, I still personally hope you’ll do volume releases; they look a lot better.

    • mogu

      We make it public knowledge our reasons for concentrating primarily on volume scans; volume releases are unilaterally better than magazine scans, and unlike redoing blu-rays for anime, redoing manga is not a simple task, and actually a lot of work, to the point where you’re basically doing the same chapters twice.

      So it becomes a question of either doing only the magazine scans or doing only the volume scans, in which case volume is almost always the better choice.

      But most people only read the first version released, so we’re not going to sit idle while some impatient tosser tries to take over a series we actually care about.

      • Anon

        Yeah, I’m aware of the reasoning of using tankoubon releases (and generally it’s my preference), but I think the people working were being short-sighted/naive rather than trying to nab the series entirely.

        Like, thinking waiting for volumes is “lazy”, or that not working with magazine scans is a “worse job”, even though that makes no sense.

        I read they’d stop translating now, if that’s any consolation.

  • asdf

    Thanks for the work on Hitori Bochi! Are you guys still doing the volume releases?

  • HaikenEdge

    Thank you, Doki.

    I don’t know whether to cuss out the person stealing the series, or to thank them for motivating Doki to do a better job. I think I’ll settle for thanking them with profanity.

    • We were already motivated. Which is why we wait for volume releases so we can release it with better quality.

      If we could get volume quality scans on a monthly basis, we wouldn’t wait. Sadly the magazine is printed on low quality paper, and the digital version is artefact to hell and back.

    • mogu

      Doing magazine releases is in no way a “better” job. It’s a worse job, by all definitions. They look terrible. Since they already look terrible, other things are half-assed because there’s no point in investing lots of time into it.

      And having to work on it has caused other work to stall, delaying those those releases. To do work that we’ll just have to do all over again once the volume releases anyway.

      So yes, thanks for being impatient and getting us to release worse versions all while stalling several other series. This is clearly a win-win situation.

  • Rokudaime

    Yay, more Bocchi! And lots of it! Thanks! ^^

    Chapter 29, page 2, TL note: “Jiiya is a term this for an older man.” That “this” is superficial. Page 6 TL note: “This a pun on ‘oku'” < "This is a pun on 'oku'".

    Chapter 31, page 5, third frame on the right: "Why are you laughing at, Nakosuke?" < "What are you laughing at, Nakosuke?". Page 8, secondd frame on the left: "Bocchi said it makes her feel like she has to keep working, so its ok". That "its" should be "it's".

    Thanks again for all the new chapters, I really enjoyed reading them! ^^

  • Guest

    Thanks you Doki!
    I understand your feelings very well.
    Some times ago I was participate in a group of fans for… well, whatever, it’s not related to anime and manga anyway. We take a lot of time to do things properly, but there is always someone who did it faster sacrificing quality over speed, because they wants to be the first to take all the glory, lol. 😀 So we just decide don’t give a heck about people who wants it faster and work in our own pace. With patience and persistence. And in the end it turns out that we’re the only one group who can do difficult things. This will at once eliminate everyone else, because they didn’t have much skills, but only desire to be “the first”. 😀
    Since then I don’t really care about impatient people, who don’t see the difference between food or junk (for example). 🙂
    I understand that you love the series and want to bring high quality releases. But now you’re doing it for the sake of impatient people who didn’t care if it’s good or bad quality – so why should you bother?
    I think that competing with the bad releases you’re descending at their level (not in terms of quality of course). And maybe that was their goal from the start – engage you into no winning race (for trolling or whatever their reason is).

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