Mousemats (2016)

Edit: Boobmats found here: Assume they are in stock. Boobmats are in limited quantity. I will remove images as they get sold out. Taking orders on these until August 8th.

Orders for mousemats are closed. Taking orders on boobmats though.

As promised, I am selling mousemats once again to raise money to fund our operations.

Our financial situation is currently very stable, such that I am comfortable with upgrading our main distro server (nanoha) to a more powerful Xeon one with a 4 TB HDD and 250 Mbps bandwidth.

This year, I am offering a greater flexibility with the mousemats. Essentially, every mousemat is a custom mousemat! You can go on and use any of their images. For a number of shows, I have taken a selection of images from and put them here to make it easier for you to choose. I don’t have the time to select more images from other shows, so if you would like something from a show which I haven’t put up, you can simply browse and give me the ID of the image, which you can find in the image filename.

I am also offering mousemats in 3 sizes (dimensions are exact, picture above demonstrates their sizes):

  • Normal (24cm x 20cm) – Image resolution should ideally be above 1200×1000
  • Large (34.5cm x 30cm) – Image resolution should ideally be above 1725×1500
  • X-Large (59cm x 40cm) – These are huge! Image resolution should ideally be above 2950×2000

Cushion covers are 40cm x 40cm, resolution should ideally be above 2000×2000. I’ve decided to do custom images for cushion covers too.

Bear in mind that some cropping will be necessary for certain images to maintain aspect ratio, so not all images may be suitable for use.

Unfortunately there does not seem to be any new boobmat designs, so I’ll simply stock some of the more popular ones from last time next week. Check back soon. I will also put up some cushion covers for sale then as well.

Check the rest of the post for further details.


Mousemat (Normal) = 7.00 GBP each
Mousemat (Large) = 12.00 GBP each
Mousemat (X-Large) = 17.00 GBP each
Boobmat = 17.00 GBP each
Cushion covers = 12.00 GBP each

Discount (excluding postage)
2 items = 5% off
3 items = 10% off
4 items = 15% off
5 items = 20% off
6 or more items = 25% off

Seedbox subscribers get additional discounts on top, depending on the total length of subscription.

Once again all items are posted by airmail. Pricing will depend on total weight and destination. On average, posting 1 normal mousemat will cost between 1.50 GBP to 2.00 GBP. Obviously, the more items in the order, the postage becomes more economical.

Every item is individually wrapped, and the entire order is packaged strongly, like 2014.

Payment Methods:
Paypal is preferred. Be aware that Paypal may deduct a fee (like always), so you may have to send a little more.
If paying by Paypal is not an option (even paying as a Paypal guest), I also accept payment via IBAN (BIC/SWIFT).
A direct bank transfer is preferred if you’re in the UK, just to avoid transfer fees!

I would prefer payment in GBP (UK Pounds). This is probably good news for most people since the value of GBP has fallen off a cliff (damn Brexit). If your Paypal is unable to convert your local currency into GBP before sending to me, I will accept USD or EUR (Google exchange rate applies). Do let me know in your email if you are unable to pay in GBP.

Send me an email at stating the following:
– The image number (found in the filename on or
– Normal/Large/X-Large for mousemats
– Your method of payment
– Your address

I will then get back to you confirming your order.
I am taking orders until 1st August.

I will update this post with boobmats and cushions next Tuesday. Feel free to send in an order now and amend it with more items later.

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