New Game! - 02

New Game! – 02

Another great ep. Really liking the Hifumi x Aoba.

ED now included.


You guys are absolutely right. Japanese long vowels are never, ever abbreviated in English. People certainly don’t eat ramen or wagyu beef or tofu. There certainly aren’t Japanese people known in the west by names like Ichiro Suzuki or Yoko Ono. And that would certainly never happen in the anime community. There definitely aren’t people like Murata Yusuke, Miura Kentaro, Kanno Yoko, pretty much anyone else named Yoko (or Ryoko!), including the voice actress who plays Ko herself, Hikasa Yoko. And it’s not like the studio animating the series is known as Doga Kobo.

There’s certainly nobody known in the West by alternative romanization styles, like Noizi Ito or Nisio Isin. Or anyone who completely ignores all romanization styles altogether, like Kubo Tite, Oh! Great, or Dowman Sayman.

Some of those are stage or pen names? They’re still Japanese-style names (or words / phrases) being rendered into English! (Though you’d never be able to tell for Oh! Great, because what the fuck dude?)

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106 comments to New Game! – 02

  • Tetsu-nii

    Wow. I was just going to post a generic “Thanks for all your hard work!” and let it go, but… DAYumn.
    ( º_º)
    ( >__<)
    ( O_O)

  • Kurausukun

    I’m going to chime into this nonsense because I have nothing better to do with my life. Before you read anything, keep in mind that in my opinion, it’s such a small issue that it really doesn’t even matter. My only opinion is the same one I’ve always had: most Japanese people can’t Romanize for shit. And why should they? It doesn’t matter to them how to spell it in some foreign orthography; it’s only our problem. That said, these are not the Romanizations I personally would have used, but I am going to respect Doki’s decision to use the author’s (somewhat misleading) Romanizations. Why? Because it really doesn’t matter. If you care that much, it’s not too hard to open up the .ass file and change the names yourself.

    • …but the Japanese author’s romanizations aren’t wrong. They’re just using a different, yet still officially recognized, romanization system.

    • mogu

      I can understand that. And respect it. The fact that it would be more difficult for some people to read was taken into consideration when we made the decision.

      I disagree about Japanese people being bad at Romanization, though. They always use formalized and widely accepted rules, they’re just not always the ones English-speakers are used to.

      Authors in particular seem to pick their romanizations based on how they think it looks, like an English author deciding whether to spell “Catherine” with a C or a K. That may be the case here, and that may be why “Hifumi” does not follow the same Kunrei-shiki as the other names and become “Hihumi”: the author may think “Hihumi” doesn’t look good, but prefers the looks of the other names.

      Which would make his chosen romanizations a part of the artwork.

      I can understand how it could look lazy or half-assed to some people, though.

  • Sad

    Just watch the CR release if the names bother you. It’s pretty much exactly like Doki’s release but with proper names. The only thing it doesn’t have is translated songs. It’s not as if Doki is using their own source either, so the quality is the same.

    • Z4ST1N

      Doki released before Crunchyroll both times. It would say “Crunchyroll” in the categories if it wasn’t an original translation

  • Jestery

    I love you guys Doki, keep up the awesome work and don’t pay mind to the soccer moms

  • HaikenEdge

    In an unrelated, related note, when can we expect the next chapter to be translated and released?

  • 4Head

    from what I gather you went with “official” names which I guess is not the way you pronounce them?
    you fuck’d up in that case
    (i didnt watch anything, i wait for shows to end)

    what a cancer this comment section is

    • mogu

      But it IS how you pronounce them, if you know the rules of pronunciation.

      Just pretend it’s like a name from some European country, where if you try to read the name based solely on English phonetics sounds different from how it’s actually said.

  • 4Head

    Just make a second subtitle track with other version of names?
    Doesn’t seem like much of a problem, idk

    • Kurausukun

      People have suggested that, to which Doki replied that it would unnecessarily bloat the file size. Scripts don’t actually take up that much space, though, so I’m not sure why they said that, but the final decision rests with them.

    • Llian

      Or if a name bothers someone so much they could simply open it in aegis sub, use ctrl+F to find and replace the name choices they dislike, save the new subtitles and then merge the new subtitles with the original file with mkvtoolnix and enjoy it as they want. It can’t bother them too much and I can imagine if doki did it themselves you’d then see complaints that it is not the default track.


    The cartel won’t let you in but at least you have the honour of being one of the elite few subbing groups on my feed.

  • hotcakes teamu

    Is this what comment section suppose to look like? I thought it is for posting thanks, and its variation. dang been doing wrong all this time.

  • No

    The only thing worse than kunrei-shiki romanisation is inconsistent kunrei-shiki romanisation. These names are cancer.

  • Whale Slippers

    This comment section is hilarious. It’d be so much easier to just add in the occasional ‘extra’ o or u to a name when appropriate than to whine and fight with the idiots for hours.

    I don’t really care either way, but food for thought.

  • As fun as it may seem educating vegetables will make zero progress.
    Vegetables will still be vegetables.
    Don’t give in pedantic vegetables.
    ( ˘▽˘)っ

  • noodle

    I am very happy to see doki picked this show up !

  • Rokudaime

    All I know is “z” sounds sound nothing like “d” sounds, even in Japanese (the “d” sound in “Doki” being a good example), and the characters clearly pronounce Hazuki’s name with the former, making reading “Haduki” in the subs feel pretty weird and wrong to not just English speakers which these fansubs are primarily aimed at, but also for most people from other Western-European countries. With the audience in mind, and the goal presumably being to make the show as understandable as possible to non-Japanese speakers, this seems a bit counterproductive to me at first glance.

    It’s not like it’s a big deal though, and people can always just extract the subs, edit them, and re-add them to the episodes using mkvtoolnix, if the names are too much of an issue for them. I do think adding a second subtitle track with the names written the same way they were in the manga scanlation would solve the problem for everyone though. The scripts aren’t even 1 MB, so bloating the filesizes as a result of adding a second sub-track is a non-existent issue after all.

  • tuxedobob

    I haven’t watched this series yet, just in case it gets dropped (doubtful), but as far as romanization goes, I for one would appreciate a difference in spelling if there’s a difference in phonetics, mostly because I learn Japanese solely through watching anime and it’s easier to hear a difference if I can see a difference too.

    I couldn’t tell you the difference between Japanese long and short vowels, but when I see “minna” vs. “mina”, I can hear it more clearly, too.

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