Koutetsujou no Kabaneri - 02

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri – 02

As I promised, here is episode 02, and it has been less than 2 days!  Do note that after some additional deliberation, we decided to change Armoured to Ironclad to better suit the idea here, integrate the “official title” to some extent, and use an actual term for armouring military vehicles.  A v2 will go out for episode 1 in the TV batch.


  • QC: heyman

ED Song credits

  • Translator/Editor/KTimer: jakeman95
  • TLC: Krymsun00
  • Effects: Jocko

720p: [Doki] Koutetsujou no Kabaneri – 02 (1280×720 Hi10P AAC) [9FB86676].mkv

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480p: [Doki] Koutetsujou no Kabaneri – 02 (848×480 h264 AAC) [1845D0DC].mkv

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33 comments to Koutetsujou no Kabaneri – 02

  • elmaton

    I hope you guys release episode 3 quickly after airing. So is this now an original translation because jakeman95 is taking all the credit now?

    • Kuuhaku

      that is the ED credit

    • jakeman95

      I’d almost say half amazon prime and half me for TL. I do grab the Amazon Prime source, but I have to transcribe it (hard subs) and it’s easier to just translate from audio than look at subs half the time (I also grab the CCs provided in the .ts we use to ensure as much accuracy as I can). And then after that, Krym does a final check after I edit just incase my poor spelling and spell check don’t correct things into wrong words -and despite that, ep one has a “piece” instead of “pierce” in the release version… =(

      Also, I’m planning Friday releases… but depends on raw. Luckily it doesn’t have much TS so it shouldn’t really get delayed anywhere.

  • Max

    OMG I really love You guys!!!

  • elmaton

    This is way better than the amazon version, the audio is much more robust and louder. Better timing too, great job as always.

  • Pat

    Mumei and Kabaneri, yeah, now I can enjoy this understandable gibberish. You never learn, Doki, do you?

    • Understandable gibberish your comment is.

    • Pitchblack

      Sounds a bit ungrateful

    • jakeman95

      Are you going to try to tell me that I should be translating her name? A name she is proud of since her brother gave it to her? Seriously? Second, while it is possible we could translate Kabane to corpse, they liken this to a curse or more like a virus than them actually being “corpses”. They also say they may be able to help them eventually, so to call them corpses (aka dead), when they can be cured… Not to mention, I take this as almost more of a different race or parallel species to that of humans… (TBH they seem like a weird mix of vampires & zombies)

      Please do try harder when you make up reasons to hate.

      • Kuuhaku

        Never mind him, dude. You are doing a great job, keep it up.

      • jakeman95

        BTW, I also want to point this out. If we did translate Kabane as corpse, which by definition is dead, then “killing corpses” ranks right up there on the lulz TL items as “People die when they are killed”. Yes, let’s kill or “slay” things that are already dead. (Do note, tho, that Ikoma actually uses taosu (倒す), which is better translated as like “take out” or “defeat” than kill really, so that may be one plus point to those wanting it translated to corpse).

        • Rokudaime

          I agree with everything you said, but “People die when they are killed” is a bad example, since in FSN, that is literally what Shirou says, however funny it sounds (when not taken out of context what he says also makes sense in his case). 😛 It’s not a wrong translation.

        • QQwerty

          That’s actually a very interesting argument you make, since if I’m interpreting it correctly, you’re saying that “killing/slaying corpses” sounds absurd (and I’ll get to that later) and yet “killing/slaying Kabane” is much better? So simply by hiding the meaning of the word by leaving it untranslated, there’s no longer this supposed disconnect?

          And yes, of course “killing corpses” sounds utterly ridiculous… until you realise that in the context of this show, which is, you know, fictional, there are these animated corpse-like beings which very much can be put down in a way most humans would probably call “killing”. Surely you don’t complain every time a game or show calls zombies the “living dead” or “undead” because, as we all know, dead things simply can’t be living!

      • Bunny

        Thank you for the explanation! It’s fascinating learning about the thought proccesses behind different group’s and editors’s editing choices.

        I’m curious though. How would it be handled if, at some point later in the series, we find out her actual/original/whatever name?

  • Pitchblack

    I’m liking this show more and more!

  • Elvin21

    I’m glad you took this show. Thanks!

  • PapaDoki

    .TS from Amazon is kinda bad. I do hope you can get a better video source for your releases. Thx!

    • We’re not using Amazon for video, as there is no known way of ripping the raw video from Amazon. We’re using Tokai TV, as evidenced by the station logo in the top-right corner. This is the best we’re gonna get until the BDs come out.

  • Kymophobia

    If you release ep. 3 today, you’ll be my heroes btw!

  • rude

    Thanks for episode 2 Jake and Doki!
    That ED karaoke effect takes a lot of CPU.

  • cave_guard

    Sorry but I really can’t get behind these subs.
    I had to look up what Kabane is with a translator
    Kabaneri doesn’t even show up as a proper word with a translator.
    Mumei is a person’s name so it’s fine leaving it as it is.
    But imo Kabane and Kabaneri should really be translated to give someone who doesn’t know much Japanese an understanding of what’s going on. Before I looked it up I had to guess what they were talking about, some kind of ghoul or zombie was what I had in mind

    • Jakeman95

      Yes, sure, Kabane could be sort of translated, but again, the MC likens their condition more to a disease or curse than actually being “dead”. Besides, they seem to act like a zombie & vampire hybrid more than anything else.

      Second, Kabaneri is a made up term, thus it won’t be found in a dictionary. While not indicative of this, it’s written in katakana in the title, which, as it is not an actual Japanese word, but yet has a base in another Japanese word, the intent behind it is that it is to be taken as a made up word.

  • angelic_betrayal

    Been waiting for a group who does karaoke for OP and ED since I’m quite an Egoist and Aimer fan and not do silly things like translating Mumei literally as “No Name”, so thanks for the release Doki! On the note of karaoke I’ve noticed a small inconsistency following you guys’ decision to change the translation for Koutetsujou to Ironclad Fortress, in that the OP karaoke still says Armoured Fortress. This is still true as of ep3. I’m wondering if this would be addressed within the next couple of releases or perhaps in the final TV patch.

    Cheers for the great job so far!

    • jakeman95

      I updated it for episode 2. However, I pulled from the original OP kfx file for episode 3 and had not saved the updated style names nor that word change, so yes, episode 3 did get released with Armoured despite it having been updated in episode 2 (I noticed this the next day as I was listening to it for BGM at work). Future episodes will have Ironclad, and I’ll *likely* have a v2 in the batch for this since it’s easy enough to patch.

  • tanstaafl

    Don’t see this mentioned in these comments, so I’ll point out that the Japanese audio track in this episode (2) is mislabeled as ‘English (eng)’. Not major, but might be worth fixing in the batch (made my MPC turn off the English sub-titles).

    Episodes 1 & 3 audio tracks are labeled correctly; haven’t watched the others yet.

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